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This is a second class thikana of Mewar, and it is the Patwi thikana (elder house) of the third class thikanas of Kankarwa, Pahuna, Jaiwana, Turkiya etc. These thikanas belonged to the descendents of Maharaj Shri Viramdev (Viramdeo), the younger brother of Maharaj Shri Sagat (Shakta) Singh, head of the Shaktawat clan and half brother of Maharana Pratap Singh of Mewar. They are known as Veeramdeot Ranawats, and have the title of 'Baba (Maharaj)'. The younger son of Baba Sangram Singh of Kherabad, Kunwar Shambhu Singh, received the thikana of Sanwar. Veeramdeots have the privilege of holding the post of Kiledar of Kumbhalgarh, 'kiledar' meaning 'officer in charge of the fort'. Shambhu Singh participated in the war against the Maratha, Malharao Holkar, when he attacked Jaipur. When Ajit Singh of Bundi assassinated Maharana Ari Singh II (1761-1773), Shambhu also died fighting for his master. At the battle of Harkayal against the Marathas during the reign of Maharana Bhim Singh (1778-1828), Shambhu's grandsons, Daulat Singh and Kushal Singh, took part, with Kushal Singh ji dying on the battlefield.

The Thakurs of this thikana, are descendants of Maharana Udai Singh II of Mewar (founder of Udaipur) through his third son Baba Veeramdeo, the younger brother of Rana Sagat Singh (founder of the Shaktawat-Sisodia clan). This thikana is a Baba Ranawat thikana (that is, a thikana from which male children were adopted to the ruling house of Mewar, in the absence of a male heir). The descendents of Maharana Udai Singh II were the first branch of Sisodias to carry the patronym of Ranawat. Other Veeramdevot Ranawats are found in Gosunda, Kherabad, Hamirgarh, Kankarwa, Jaiwana, Turkiya, Pahuna, Ranawaton-ki-sadri and Ranawaton-ka-bangla.

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  • Maharaj SABAL SINGH, 3rd Baba Saheb of Gosunda. Married 5 wives: 1stly Rathorji Rai Kanwar, daughter of Raghodas, 2ndly Chauhanji Kesar Kanwar, daughter of Bhagwandas, 3rdly Sankhlaji Kesar Kanwar, daughter of Raghodas, 4thly Jodhaniji Anop Kanwar, daughter of Chaturbhuj, 5thly Sankhlaji Raj Kanwar, second daughter of Raghodas and had sons:
    • Gaj Singh, died in infancy.
    • Devi Singh, died in infancy.
    • Sangram Singh, given the jagir of Sanwar.
    • Shyam Singh, given jagir of Saleria.
    • Ram Singh, given jagirs of Amba and Chandia.
    • Jogidas
    • Gopaldas (morganatic)
  • Maharaj SANGRAM SINGH, (1705-1720 CE) 1st Baba Saheb of Sanwar. He fought on the side of Maharana Sangram Singh II of Mewar (1710/1734) defeating the Mughal Ranbai Khan in the Battle of Badanwada in 1711 CE (sent by the Mughal Emperor Bahadur Shah I). He married 4 times: 1stly Chauhanji Joma Kanwar, daughter of Vijay Singh, 2ndly Mertaniji Shringar Kanwar, daughter of Jujhar Singh, 3rdly Jhaliji Bal Kanwar, daughter of Jet Singh and 4thly Mertaniji Kalyan Kanwar, daughter of Sanwaldas. He built a fort and palaces at Sanwar. He had issues.
    • Fateh Singh
    • Bharat Singh, given jagir of Kherabad (Khairabad).
    • Prithvi Singh, given jagir of Bada Mahua.
    • Sardar Singh, given jagir of Haled.
    • Maharaj Shambhu Singh, given jagir of Ched Amli, later adopted into Sanwar.
    • Sawant Singh remained at Sanwar.
      • Takhat Singh, died fighting the Maratha forces under Mahadji Scindia at Fort Seedadiyas.
    • Baisa Suraj Kanwar
    • Baisa Chand Kanwar (Chatra Kanwar)
    • Baisa Guman Kanwar (Amrit Kanwar)
  • Maharaj FATEH SINGH, (1720-1742 CE) 2nd Baba Saheb of Sanwar. In his time, the revenue of the thikana increased to Rs 3,00,000. But due to internecine rivalry with his brother Bharat Singh, the thikana lost several villages to Khalsa. Married six times, 1stly Chauhanji Dev Kanwar committed sati upon his death at Dabar. He adopted his younger brother, Thakur Shambhu Singh of Ched Amli.
  • Maharaj SHAMBHU SINGH, (1742-1773 CE) 3rd Baba Saheb of Sanwar. He fought with the forces of Maharana Raj Singhji II in 1748 CE, against the combined forces of Maharaja Ishwari Singh of Jaipur and Maharaja Surajmal of Bharatpur to ascertain the rights of his nephew Maharaja Madho Singhji I for the gaddi of Jaipur. The combined forces of Mewar and Malhar Rao Holkar were able to force the Jaipur forces to a truce. He also fought for Maharana Ari Singhji II in 1769 CE, against forces of Mahadhji Scindia and the pretender to the Mewar throne Ratan Singh; son of Gogunda Jhali Rani (w/o Maharana Raj Singhji II), defeating them. He then accompanied Maharana Ari Singhji II to quell the revolt by Devgarh Rawal Raghodev and Bhindar Maharaj Mokham Singhji. He, along with Maharaj Daulat Singh Veeramdevot of Bavlas and his younger brother Thakur Anop Singhji Veeramdevot were present at Amargarh when Maharana Ari Singhji II was treacherously assassinated by Rao Raja Ajit Singhji of Bundi (1773 CE). Maharaj Shambu Singhji and Daulat Singhji were killed defending their liege, as was Rao Raja Ajit Singhji. Anop Singhji was wounded in the skirmish. He married four times: 1stly Narukiji Ratan Kanwar, daughter of Thakur Sawai Singhji, 2ndly Chauhanji Raj Kanwar, daughter of Thakur Sobhag Singhji, 3rdly Panwarji Maya Kanwar, daughter of Thakur Padam Singhji and 4thly Kachchawiji Maya Kanwar, daughter of Thakur Durjan Singhji Khangarot and had issues.
    • Kunwar Nathu Singhji (son of Ratan Kanwar), died in infancy.
    • Kunwar Rodh Singhji (son of Ratan Kanwar), died in infancy.
    • Kunwar Jait Singhji (son of Ratan Kanwar).
    • Kunwar Shiv Singhji (son of Raj Kanwar), died in infancy.
    • Kunwar Surtan Singhji (son of Ratan Kanwar), died fighting the Marathas near Satiya in 1772 CE. His descendents received Kooncholi as jagir.
  • Maharaj Jait Singhji,(1773- CE), 4th Baba Saheb of Sanwar. He married thrice: 1stly Chauhanji Chandan Kanwar, daughter of Thakur Fateh Singhji, 2ndly Rajani Kanwar, daughter of Thakur Ratan Singhji and 3rdly Jhaliji Roop Kanwar, daughter of Thakur Ram Singhji, and had issues, six sons.
    • Kunwar Sobhag Singhji, was killed fighting the Marathas at the Battle of Harkyakhal c. 1788 CE (between Neemuch and Mandsaur)
    • Kunwar Daulat Singhji, fought at the Battle of Harkyakhal.
    • Kunwar Zorawar Singhji, received Sadri as jagir (Ranawaton-ki-Sadri).
    • Kunwar Kushaal Singhji, was killed fighting the Marathas at the Battle of Harkyakhal c. 1788 CE.
    • Kunwar Devi Singhji, died in infancy.
    • Kunwar Bhopal Singhji, died in infancy.
  • Maharaj Daulat Singhji, (-1788CE), 4th Baba Saheb of Sanwar. He fought for Maharana Bhim Singhji’s forces against Nana Sadashivrao, capturing Nimbahera, Jeeran and Jawad. Jan 26th 1788 CE was at the Battle of Harkyakhal (between Neemuch and Mandsaur) where Mewar forces were defeted by the Holkars and Daulat Singhji was captured and imprisoned for 2 years. He married thrice: 1stly Jodhaniji Jas Kanwar, daughter of Bhagwat Singh Rathore, 2ndly Chauhanji Meena Kanwar, daughter of Zorawar Singh Purbia and Jhaliji Chandan Kanwar, daughter of Rodh Singhji and had issues.
    • Kunwar Bhairon Singhji
    • Kunwar Bhawani Singhji, given the Kiledari of Kumbhalgarh and received Peepaliya as jagir near Kumbhalgarh.
    • Thakurani Ajab Kanwar, married (as his third wife), daughter of Thakur Bakhtawar Singh of Auwa.
  • Maharaj Bhairon Singhji, (1791-c1850s CE), 5th Baba Saheb of Sanwar. He met Lord William Bentinck at Ajmer in 1832, accompanying Maharana Jawan Singhji. Passed away at Vrindavan. He married twice: 1stly Chauhanji Daulat Kanwar, daughter of Devi Singhji Purbia and 2ndly Jhaliji Bakht Kanwar, daughter of Zalim Singhji and had issues.
    • Kunwar Girdhari Singhji (son of Daulat Kanwar)
    • Kunwar Laxman Singhji (son of Daulat Kanwar), adopted as Maharaj into Sanwar.
    • Kunwar Ram Singhji (son of Daulat Kanwar) given jagir at Khera
    • Baisa Chaman Kanwar (daugher of Bakht Kanwar) married Kunwar Pratap Singh Mertia of Ghanerao.
  • Maharaj Girdhari Singhji (c.1850s-8th August 1866), 6th Baba sahib of Sanwar. He was part of a force sent by Maharana Swaroop Singhji to Neemuch during the Sepoy Mutiny of 1857 CE to rescue the British garrison stationed there. He married twice: 1stly Mertianiji Abhay Kanwar (committed sati on his death), daughter of Thakur Veeramdev of Nimbahera, 2ndly Chauhanji Gulab Kanwar, daughter of Sardar Singhji of Kucholi. He died qv.
  • Maharaj Laxman Singhji (Aug 1866-3rd July 1872), 7th Baba sahib of Sanwar. He married twice: 1stly Bhatianiji Anop Kanwar, daughter of Madho Singhji of Mohi, 2nd Chauhanji Ram Kanwar, daughter of Thakur Gokuldas of Khatoli and had issues.
    • Baisa Man Kanwar, married Champawat Rathore Thakur Lal Singh of Ahor. She died sp.
    • Kunwar Nahar Singhji
    • Kunwar Prithvi Singhji
      • Kunwar Goverdhan Singhji, adopted as Maharaj in Sanwar.
      • Kunwar Zorawar Singhji
  • Maharaj Nahar Singhji (July 1872- 1925 CE), 7th Baba sahib of Sanwar. He was educated at Mayo College. He repaired the fort and palaces at Sanwar. He built the Naharsagar lake. He married daughter of Thakur Amar Singji Rathore of Nimbahera and had 6 daughters.
    • Baisa Nath Kanwar (born CE), married Rathore Udawat Thakur Fateh Singhji of Ras, Jodhpur.
    • Baisa Uday Kanwar (born ), married Nathawat Thakur Ram Singhji of Raisar, Jaipur.
    • Baisa Fateh Kanwar (born ), married Jhala Rajrana Dalpat Singhji of Gogunda, Mewar.
    • Baisa Dhaap Kanwar (born ), married Champawat Rathore Thakur Shivdan Singhji of Sarthal, Kota.
    • Baisa Bakhtawar Kanwar (born ), married Naruka Thakur Kalyan Singhji of Ladana, Jaipur.
    • Baisa Jodh Kanwar (born ), married Khangarot Thakur Narendra Singhji of Jobner, Jaipur.
  • Maharaj Goverdhan Singhji, (born /r.1925 -CE), 7th Baba sahib of Sanwar. Married Jodhaniji, daughter of Thakur Anand Singhji Rathore of Ladnun (Nagaur) and had issues.
    • Kunwar Ekling Singhji
    • Kunwar Raghuveer Singhji, given jagir land in Sanwar.
      • Kanwar Bhairon Singhji, adoped into Sanwar.
      • Kunwar Chandan Singhji, married to Tara Kanwer, daughter of Thakur Saheb Shri Bhopal Singh Ji of Sopra.
        • Kunwar Abhimanyu Singhji
    • Baisa Keshar Kunwar, married Nathawat (Kachchawa) Thakur of Doongri, Jaipur.
  • Maharaj Ekling Singhji, (born / -1976 CE), 7th Baba sahib of Sanwar. Married 1stly Mertianiji Maharani Keshar Kanwar of Falna, 2ndly daughter of Thakur sahib of Kundiya (Bada) and had issues.
    • Baisa (name unknown), married son of Thakur Sahib Ladu Singhji of Karunda.
  • Maharaj Bhairon Singhji, (r.1976- CE), 8th Baba sahib of Sanwar. Married daughter of Thakur sahib of Soniyara and had issues.
    • Kunwar Abhay Singhji
    • Kunwar Mahendra Singhji
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