Rajput Provinces of India - A catalogue of all the Rajput Princely States and Thikanas from Rajputana

Khamagani and welcome to this new website for information on all the Rajput Provinces, Royal Families, Princely States, Thikanas, Jagirs etc. from India. This website was created to keep a record of all Rajput provinces of India. Rajput communities and families around the world can request to add a new province, request changes to existing ones along with adding pictures and map locations. This is a bifurcation of the Indian Princely States site created by Mr. Henry Soszynski from Brisbane, Australia. Mr. Henry's site is the best source for information on Princely States and have data for provinces other than Rajputs.

I wanted to take his effort one step further and add better user interaction to support and grow the knowledge base for Indian Rajputs only. I have planned out many great ideas for this site which I will be rolling out slowly as we progress. You might find some broken links or incorrect content initially but please support me to get everything creased out. My vision is to provide a free and up-to-date source of information for Rajput Provinces from India so the world can see the rich culture, lineage and heritage we belong to. The thing I need most to fulfill my vision is your kind love and support. Please feel free to contact me and send me any ideas that you have to make this site a success. Click here to learn more about me and the ideas I have planned out for this site.

Abhinay Rathore ~ Gratefully yours
Author: Abhinay Rathore
Thikana: Bajekan & Dhingsara

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