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Rawal Sangram Singh Ji, present Thakur Saheb of Jobner, married Asha Singh of Chandelao (Marwar) and has issues, one daughter and a son.
  • Baisa Vaidehi Manohar, married to Siddharth Singh of Thikhana Naulana (MP)
  • Bhanwar Vasudev Singh
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Jobner was earlier ruled by Hameer Dev Ji Son of Raja Kuntal ji of Amber or Jobner was ruled by Hameerdeka Kachwaha. In 1611 (1554 ई.) Rao Jagmal Kachwaha with his son Rao Khangar killed Tej Singh Hameerdeka the ruler of Jobner and conquered Jobner. In year 1640 after death of Rao Khangar his elder son Naraindas become the ruler of Naraina and his 2nd son Manohardas ruled Jobner. After Manohardas's death Rao Jait Singh, elder son of Manohardas and elder brother of Raja of Naraina Bhojraj become the ruler of Jobner, he on his name settled a village near Jobner named as Jaitpura. After the death of Rao Jait Singh Vijay Singh son of Kalyan Singh and grandson of Rao Jait Singh become ruler of Jobner. After Vijay Singh Banshi Singh's elder son become the ruler. Banshi Singh's elder son Bhawani Singh was killed by his step brothers, and in battle of Mandwa Mandoli against JAT Jawahar Singh in 1767. Banshi Singh with his 3 sons from 2nd wife received heroic rate. After this son of Bhawani Singh, Rao Umed Singh become the ruler and in 1768 at the age of 25 he died and his son Dev Singh become the ruler of Jobner. He died in 1798 and after his death his elder son Bheru Singh become the ruler of Jobner, he was among the most trustworthy chiefs of Maharaja of Jaipur Jagat Singh ji. Bheru Singh had two wives, from first he had 1 son Bhom Singh and from 2nd 3 sons Moti Singh, Lakh Singh and Maheshdan Singh. After death of Bheru singh, his elder son Bhom Singh become the ruler but he died in at very small age and because he had no heir Maheshdan Singh become the ruler. He was very close to Maharaja Sawai Ram Singh ji. In 1878 due to a train accident he got injured and could not recover and he died in . After his death Jaswant Singh become the ruler of Jobner at the age of 33 he ruled for 11 months and in 1879 he died . After him his son Karn Singh become the ruler, he was born in year 1867 and at the age of 9 he was sent to Mayo College for education. In 1876 during his studies in college his grand father Maheshdan Singh and father Jaswant Singh died and he become the ruler of Jobner at the age of 11 in year 1879, in year 1891 he opened a school in Jobner and he died in . After him, his son Rao Bhadur Thakur Narendra Singh (born ) become the ruler. In 1925 he become the education Minister of Jaipur State for 17 years. In year 1933 he was assigned as the kiledar of Jaigarh Fort. In the same year HH Maharaja Sawai Man Singh II of Jaipur gave him the tittle of RAWAL. He was the only Khangarot Sardar to receive the tittle of Rawal and was the only Indian member in the team of guardians of HH Maharaja Sawai Man Singh II of Jaipur. In year 1947 he contested in elections against Kamla Beniwal of Congress and won the election by the difference of 8000 votes. The biggest achievement was opening of 1st Agriculture College of Rajasthan (SKN College of Agriculture). He was a good writer and he wrote books like "A Brief History of Jaipur" and "Thirty Decisive Battles of Jaipur". He died at the age of 74 in year 1967 on 27th January. He had no heir so he adopted Major Jai Singh ji his brother's elder son Umed Singh who later ascended the throne as Rawal Ajit Singh.
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  • Rao JAG MALJI, son of Raja Prithvi Singh I of Jaipur (Amber)
  • Rao KHANGARJI, ancestor of the Khangarots, which comprised one of the Bara Kotri (12 chambers) of the Kachhawa Royal Family; married 19 wives and had issue, 15 sons. He died in .
    • Naraindas Ji
    • Manohardas Ji (qv)
    • Hameer ji
    • Raghavdas Ji
    • Bagh ji
    • Bersal ji
    • Sujan Singh ji
    • Uday Singh ji
    • Amar Singh ji
    • Kishan Singh ji
    • Raj Singh ji
    • Bhakar Singh ji
    • Jaskaran Singh ji
    • Keshavdas ji
    • Sawaldas ji
  • Rao Manohardas ji, married and had issues, 4 sons.
    • Jait Singh (qv)
    • Pratap Singh
    • Ratan Singh
    • Bhojraj Singh
  • Rao Jait Singh of Jobner
  • Rao Kalyan Singh
  • Rao Vijay Singh born in , married twice and had issues.
  • Rao Banshi Singh ruler of Jobner main pana, Manda, Bhadwa,and Sanodia. Married twice and had issues, 4 sons.
    • Kr Bhawani singh, killed by step brothers.
    • Kr Rann Singh, died in war against Jats.
    • Kr Bharat Singh, died in war against Jats.
    • Kr Sangram Singh, died in war against Jats.
  • Rao Bhawani Singh, married daughter of Jagram Singh, Udawatji and had issue, 1 son.
  • Rao Umed Singh, ruler of Jobner, married and had issues, 2 sons.
    • Kr Dev Singh (qv)
    • Kr Devi Singh
  • Rao Dev Singh, married and had issues, 2 sons.
    • Kr Bheru Singh (qv)
    • Kr Hanuwant Singh
  • Rao Bheru Singh, married twice and had issues, 4 sons.
    • Kr Bhom Singh (from 1st wife)
    • Kr Moti Singh (from 2nd wife)
    • Kr Lakh Singh (from 2nd wife)
    • Kr Maheshdan Singh (from 2nd wife)
  • Rao Bhom Singh, died in 1831 without heir.
  • Rao Maheshdan Singh, married in 1844 to daughter of Indra Kanwar, Udawat Thakur of Deh (Nagaur) and had son.
    • Kr Jaswant Singh
  • Rao Bhadur Th. Jaswant Singh, ruled for 11 months, married Jatan Kanwar, daughter of Th. Bheru Singh Kesarisinghot of Gorau ( Nagaur) and had a son.
    • Kr Karan Singh, born .
  • Rao Bhadur Th. Karan Singh ji, married in 1883 to Suraj Kanwar daughter of Th. Ramnath Singh of Idwa and had issues, 3 daughters and 1 son.
    • Kundan Kanwar, married to Kishore Singh of Karansar in 1885. Kishore Niwas is a Karansar haveli named after her in Jaipur.
    • Sringar Kanwar, married to Th. Indrakaran Singh ji of Natwara.
    • Navnidhi Kanwar, married to Rawat Sajjan Singh of Bhatkheri.
    • Kr Narendra Singh (qv)
  • Rawal Narendra Singh Ji Saheb of Jobner, married 1stly to Thakurani Ranawat ji Sahiba Jodha Kanwar ji, daughter of Th. Nahar Singh and 2ndly to Jodhi Ji Sahiba Ratan Kanwar, daughter of Th. Jawahar Singh of Paatodi (Jodhpur) and had no heir from these wives. He later adopt the elder son of his younger brother Major Th. Jai Singh Ji whose name was Bh. Umed Singh and later he ascended the throne as Rawal Ajit Singh Ji Saheb of Jobner.
  • Rawal Ajit Singh Ji, Thakur Saheb of Jobner since 1967, married in 1953 to Thakurani Suryaprabha , daughter of Raj Rana Duleh Singh Ji of Bari Sadri and had issues, 2 sons.
    • Kunwar Sangram Singh ji (qv)
    • Kunwar Youdhveer Singh ji, married to Baiji Lal Krishna Kumari, born , daughter of Th. Mohan Singh ji of Kanota and has issues, 2 sons.
      • Bhanwar Aditya Singh, married to Keerti Singh, daughter of Thakur Saheb of Pipalda.
      • Bhanwar Anirudh Singh, married to Shruti Kumari Rathore, daughter of Thakur Vikram Singh ji of Sankhu.
  • Rawal Sangram Singh Ji, present Thakur Saheb of Jobner (see above)
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