Himachal Pradesh




15th April 1948


127 Square Kilometers km²


8,968 (1901)

Privy Purse

INR 16,500

Hindi Name


Last Updated

5th Oct, 2016

Present Head

Thakur LALITINDRA CHAND, present Thakur Sahib of Mahilog since 22nd January 2011, married Thakurani Krishna Kumari, daughter of Thakur Kesri Singhji of Jojawar, and his wife, Thakurani Laxman Kanwar, and has issue.
  • Tikka Jatindra Chand
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Traditionally, the ancestor of the family was Bir Chand, Raja of Ajudhia. The state was founded before 1600. Rulers were..
  • Raja KANDOSI CHAND, 6th Thakur of Mahilog
  • Raja UTTAM CHAND, Thakur of Mahilog, he named his state Mahilog, married a sister of the Raja of Keonthal.
  • Rana AJIT CHAND, Thakur of Mahilog, he lost much of his state to Kangra.
  • .......
  • Thakur NAHAR CHAND, Thakur of Mahilog -/1801, married the daughter of Raja Bhup Sen of Keonthal, and had issue. He died .
    • Mian Khushal Chand, married and had issue.
      • Thakur Sansar Chand (qv)
  • Thakur SANSAR CHAND, Thakur of Mahilog 1801/1849, fled to Nalagarh when the Gurkhas invaded his state in 1803, received a sanad confirming him as ruler of Mahilog on 4th September 1815. He died .
    • Tikka Jagat Chand, died vpsp.
    • Thakur Dhalip Chand (qv)
    • Kanwar Bir Singh, died sp.
    • Kanwar Ganesh Singh, born , died .
  • Thakur DHALIP CHAND, Thakur of Mahilog 1849/1880, born , married and had issue. He died .
    • Rana Raghunath Chand (qv)
  • Rana RAGHUNATH CHAND, Thakur of Mahilog 1880/1902, born /1866, succeeded 16th May 1880, he was granted the title of Rana as a personal distinction in 1890, married 1stly, Rani Rudar Devi of Raipur-Rani, married 2ndly, Kumari Draupadi from Theog, married 3rdly, a daughter of Raja Bijay Singh of Dada-Siba, died , married 4thly, a Kumari from Sirmur, and had issue. He died .
    • Thakur Durga Chand (by Rani Rudar Devi) (qv)
    • Kumari Darshan Kumari (by Rani Rudar Devi), married Capt. Rao Krishanpal Singh of Awagarh, and had issue. She died .
    • Kanwar Shiv Singh (by 2nd marriage), born , died , married Kanwarani Kusum Lata and had issues, two sons and two daughters.
      • Kanwar Sudarshan Kumar
      • Kumari Sabita
      • Kanwar Suresh Kumar
      • Kumari Ranjana
    • Kumari Prathiba Kumari [Rani Prathiba Kumari of Nalagarh], married Raja Jogendra Singh of Nalagarh, and had issue. She died .
    • Kumari (name unknown), married Capt. Kanwar Shamsher Singh of Bilaspur. She died .
  • Thakur DURGA CHAND, Thakur of Mahilog 1902/1934, born (1900), educated at Aitchison Chiefs' College, Lahore; married 1918, Thakurani Purnima Manjree, daughter of Raja Bir Sher Jodhi Singh of Barpali, born , died , and had issue. He died .
    • Thakur Narendra Chand (qv)
    • Kumari Amar Manjree Devi, married Maharaj Raghubir Singh of Jodhpur.
    • Kanwar Mohinder Singh, born in Shimla, died unmarried March 1945 in Shimla.
    • Kanwar Ravinder Singh, married Kanwarani Yashoda Kumari, daughter of Kanwar Gopal Singh of Baghat, and his wife, Kanwarani Deviwati, and had issue.
      • Kumari Durgesh Nandini, born , married Rajkumar Rajendra Singh of Jodhpur, and has issue, two daughters.
  • Thakur NARENDRA CHAND, Thakur of Mahilog 1934/2011, born , educated at Aitchison Chiefs' College, Lahore and a graduate of Cambridge University; granted full ruling powers in 1942, former President of the Doon Congress Committee for several years and non-official member of various boards and corporations; married 1stly, 6th April 1942, Thakurani Parkash Devi, daughter of Thakur Nachint Chand Katoch of Alelal-Bijapur, and his wife, Thakurani Har Devi, married 2ndly, 30th July 1963, Thakurani Sabha Devi, daughter of Kanwar Mangal Singh of Koti, and his wife, Kanwarani Padmawati, and has issue. He died .
    • Thakur Lalitindra Chand (qv)
    • Kunwar Karaminder Singh, married 1stly, (div.), Kunwarani Chattar Kumari, daughter of Thakur Kesri Singh of Kanota, married 2ndly, Kunwarani Bimla Devi, daughter of Kanwar Baldev Singh of Behli in Kunihar, and his wife, Kanwarani Ram Devi, and had issue.
      • Kunwar Kurminder Singh, married Kunwarani Dimple Kumari, born , daughter of Raja Krishen Singh of [?Kotkhai], and his wife, Rani Pushpa Devi, and has issue.
        • Hitendra Singh, born in Solan.
  • Thakur LALITINDRA CHAND, Thakur of Mahilog (see above)
  • Kanwar Narender Singh, married Kumari Shanta Devi, daughter Kanwar Fateh Singh of Rawingarh, and had issue.
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