Himachal Pradesh


15th April 1948


INR 30,000


85 Square Kilometers km²


9,490 (1901)

Privy Purse

INR 80,000

Hindi Name


Last Updated

19th Dec, 2014

Present Head

Raja KESHVINDER SINGH, Raja of Baghat since 27th April 2004. (Baghat House, Solan-173 212, District Solan, H.P., India), born at Maharaja Rajendra Hospital, Patiala, Punjab; educated at St. Mary's School, Kasauli and later at St.Luke's School, Solan; graduated from Government Degree College, Solan; married in 1995, and has issue, a son.
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Founded in the late 15th/early 16th century. The Ranas claim descent from a Rajput family from Dharanagri in the Deccan, though different authors, state the founder of Baghat was Raja Vijay Dev, a younger brother of Raja Ajai Dev, the founder of Baghal. In 1893, the Rana maintained a military force of 25 soldiers.
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  • Rana FATEH PAL, Rana of Baghat 1777/1787, married and had issue.
    • Rana Raghunath Pal (qv)
  • Rana RAGHUNATH PAL, Rana of Baghat 1787/1810, married and had issue. He died .
    • Rana Dalel Singh (qv)
    • Mian Dhiraj Singh, married and had issue, three sons. He died .
      • Rana Umaid Singh (qv)
      • Mian Jit Singh, born , married and had issue.
        • Mian Gopal Singh, born , married Kumari Deviwati, daughter of Kanwar Lakshman Singh of Kuthar, and had issue.
          • Kumari Durga Devi, married (as his first wife), Kanwar Murat Singh of Tharoch. She died sp.
          • Kanwar Ishwari Singh, succeeded as Raja Ishwari Singh (see below)
          • Kumari Chandra Prabha Kumari, born , married in October 1950, Kanwar Bhupinder Singh of Jubbal, and had issue, two daughters.
          • Kumari Sita Kumari, born , married Kanwar Gyan Singh of Kotkhai, and had issue, one daughter.
          • Kumari Yashodha Kumari, born , married 1963, Kanwar Ravinder Singh of Mahilog, and had issue.
        • Mian Bhim Singh
      • Mian Sobha Singh, born , married and had issue.
  • Rana DALEL SINGH, Rana of Baghat 1810/1821, during the Gurkha wars of 1803-1815, the conduct of the chief was unfriendly, so on the expulsion of the Gurkhas in 1815, five-eighths of the state was sold to Patiala for 130,000Rs and the remainder was granted to his successor, married and had issue.
    • Rana Mahendra Singh (qv)
    • Rana Bijay Singh (qv)
  • Rana MAHENDRA SINGH, Rana of Baghat 1821/1839, the state lapsed to the British authorities in default of a direct heir. He died sp on 11th July 1839.
  • Under control of British India 1839/1842
  • Rana BIJEY SINGH, Rana of Baghat 1842/1849, the state again lapsed to the British authorities, died sp in January 1849.
  • Under control of British India 1849/1861
  • Rana UMAID SINGH, Rana of Baghat 1861/1861, born , claimed the throne of his cousin, Rana Bijey Singh, petitioning the directors of The East India Company in London, England, and it was to him restored for good and loyal conduct and was recognised just a few days before his death in 1861, married and had issue, four sons. He died .
    • Rana Dalip Singh (qv)
    • Kanwar Amar Singh, born , married and had issue, three sons.
      • Kanwar Devi Singh, born .
      • Kanwar Shiv Singh, born , married Kanwarani Krishna Kumari, daughter of Col. Kanwar Shvraj Singh of Sirmur, and his wife, a Kumari from Tehri-Garhwal, and had issue.
        • Kanwar Virendra Singh, married and has issue.
      • Kanwar Hari Singh, born , married Kanwarani Rama Kumari, daughter of Thakur Amar Singh of Dhinari, and had issue.
        • Kanwar Randhir Singh, married Kanwarani Madhu Kumari, daughter of Kanwar Rajendra Singh of Kotkhai, and his wife, Kanwarani Rajpriya Kumari.
        • Kumari Manju Kumari, married Shri Hemender Shekhwa, son of Shri J. A. Shekhwa, and his wife Kumari Indu Wala, daughter of Darbar Shri Surag Wala of Vadia, and has issue.
    • Kunwar Hira Singh
    • Kanwar Ratan Singh, married and had issue, one son. He died .
      • Kanwar Sundar Singh
  • Rana DALIP SINGH, Rana of Baghat 1861/1911, born , C.I.E. [cr.1895], recognised as the successor to Rana Umed Singh on 31st January 1862, married (a), a daughter of the Rana [?Fateh Singh] of Dhami, married (b), 1888, a grand-daughter of the Rana of Mangal, married (c), another grand-daughter of the Rana of Mangal, married (d), the daughter of Kanwar Kedar Singh of Sirmur, and had issue, two sons. He died .
    • Raja Durga Singh (qv)
    • Rajkumar Bhawani Singh, born , died .
  • Raja DURGA SINGH, Raja of Baghat 1911/1977, born , succeeded to the throne on 30th December 1911, formally installed on 23rd May 1913, and granted full ruling powers in September 1922, educated at Aitchison Chief's College, Lahore, C.I.E. [cr.1939], elected Member of the Chamber of Princes in 1933, granted the hereditary title of Raja on 4th June 1928, married 28th November 1917, Raj Kumari Sashi Prabha Kumari, born , died , daughter of HH Raja Kirti Shah of Tehri Garhwal, and his wife, HH Rani Nepaliya, and had issue, a daughter. He died .
    • Rajkumari (name unknown), died as an infant.
  • Raja ISHWARI SINGH, Raja of Baghat 1977/2004, born , as Kanwar Ishwari Singh, son of Mian Gopal Singh of Baghat, a cousin of the late Raja Durga Singh, who had no sons or brothers, married 1stly, 1949, Kumari Gita Kumari, daughter of Kanwar Mangal Singh of Koti, and his wife, Kanwarani Padmawati, married 2ndly, 1957, Kumari Nirmala Kumari, daughter of Kanwar Jivan Singh of Koti, and his wife, Kanwarani Parvati Kumari, and had issue, four children. He died at Solan, Himachal Pradesh.
    • Raj Kumari Madhu Kumari, born in Jabli, District Solan; educated at St.Mary's School at Kasauli; married 17th April 1981 at Solan, Captain Satish Kumar Singh, son of Colonel Dinanath Singh from Jullunder City, Punjab, and has issue, two children.
      • Nitya Singh, born .
      • Vikul Singh, born .
    • Tikka Keshvinder Singh Panwar, he succeeded as Raja Keshvinder Singh (qv)
    • Raj Kumar Digvijay Singh Panwar, born at Jabli, District Solan; educated at St.Luke's School, Solan and later at the Government High School, Solan; married in 2000.
    • Raj Kumar Karan Singh Panwar, born at Jabli, District Solan; educated at St. Luke's School, Solan; presently serving in the Indian Merchant Navy.
  • Raja KESHVINDER SINGH, Raja of Baghat (see above)
  • Kanwar Tikender Singh, born , educated at St.Edwards School, Shimla and graduated from Government College, Sanjauli, Shimla; Member of the H.P. State Secretariat, C.P.I. (M) [Communist Party of India (Marxist)]; married and has issue, one daughter.
  • Kumari (name unknown), married Raja Fateh Prakash, Raja of Sirmur, and had issue.
  • Kumari (name unknown), married (as his first wife), Kanwar Pratap Singh of Sirmur, and had issue.
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