One of the largest zamindaris in Bihar at Independence. Estate holders were....
  • Raja AYODHYA PRASAD SINGH, 1st Zamindar of Kursela, he left his family's original zamindari of Barh-Rupas in Patna Districtm in 1881 and acquired 32,000 acres of land in Kursela, becoming a major landowner in the area, he was subsequently acknowledged as the Zamindar of Kursela; he married and had issue.
    • Rai Bahadur Raghubansh Prasad Singh (qv)
  • Raja Bahadur RAGHUBANSH PRASAD SINGH, Zamindar of Kursela, born , he was granted the title of Raja Bahadur, which he later rejected in favour of Rai Bahadur. He was a great philanthropist, and administrator. He was the largest land donor in Vinobha Bhave's "Bhudan movement", wherein he donated 4,000 acres of land. He sponsored the opening of two schools and a hospital in Kursela. He also donated many houses and land to the congress party including "Kala Bhavan" in Purnea. He also had a love for life and living. He was one of the few people of the era to have a private aerodrome and planes; he married Rani Sampati Devi, and had issue. He died .
    • Awadhesh Kumar Singh, MP, married to Rajkumari of Rajabazar Raj (Jaunpur) and had issue.
      • Ashok Singh, married Rajkumari Nivedita Rana from Meqlekxigunj (Ranchi) and has issue, two daughters.
        • Shailaja Singh
        • Anandita singh
      • Prakash Singh, married Bhagendra Singh (Nalini) of Narauli, and has issue, one son.
        • Gaurav Singh
    • Akhilesh Kumar Singh, married Sumitra Devi of Enai, and had issue, three sons and three daughters.
      • Amresh Singh, married Kuwarani Abha Raje of Vijaigarh, and has issue, a son.
        • Avinash Singh
      • Sri Brajesh Kumar Singh, married to Smt. Neeta Singh, daughter of Sri Nagendra Singh of Beehat, and his wife, Smt. Rajkumari Vimla Devi (see Daiya), and has issue, two sons.
        • Shiladitya Singh
        • Divyaditya Singh
      • Pankaj Singh, married Sanyogita Singh, and has issue, twins.
        • Advaitya Singh
        • Shambhavi Singh
      • Madhavi Devi, married Ajay Kumar Shahi of Dumaria.
      • Pratibha Devi, married Dr. Mritunjay Prasad Sinha of Shambhu Patti (Samastipur), Bihar; and has issue, two sons.
        • Ripunjay Sinha, due to marry on 24th Jan 2007 to Rajkumari Radhika Shahi, daughter of Raja Ramanuj Pratap Singh of Deara Raj, and his wife, Rani Brijraj Kanwar.
        • Abhishek Sinha
      • Kunwarani Kanchana Singh, married 11th December 1982 in Patna, Kunwar Aditya Vikram Singh of Athadama, and has issue, one son and one daughter.
    • Shri Dinesh Kumar Singh 1980/-, born in Kursela, Purnea, Bihar, MLC in Bihar since 1960, Cabinet Minister in Bihar Government 1968/1981, Ex Chairman Jute Board of India, a Licensed Pilot and an avid wild life enthusiast, married July 1948 in Summha Deorhi, Smt. Vibha Singh of Summha Deorhi, Darbhanga, Bihar, and has issue.
      • Dr. Gautam Singh, married 14th February 1975, Smt. Sarala Rajya Laxmi Devi, born , eldest child of Col. Shri Jay Prakash Shumsher Jung Bahadur Rana of Nepal, and has issue, two sons.
        • Yashwant Singh, born .
        • Yashraj Singh, born ,graduated with a finance degree in 2002 from the Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland, returned to India in 2005 and married on the 22nd of May 2006, Maharajkumari Vidita Singh, daughter of HH Maharana Sahib Manvendra Singhji of Barwani, and his wife, HH Maharani Renuka Devi, and has issue.
          • Prithviraj Singh, born
      • Harsh Singh, married Dr. Yasmin Wadia, and has issue, one son.
        • Zorawar Wadiasingh, born , presently pursuing his Doctorate in Cosmology and Quantum Mechanics at RICE University, Texas, USA.
      • Udayan Singh married Rajkumari Shobha Raje of Ramnagar Dhameri Raj, and has issue.
        • Devyani Singh
        • Hanumant Singh
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