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ARINDAM SHAHI, Zamindar of Dumaria since October 2009. born , businessman and agriculturist, married 1985, Rajkumari Praveen Kumari, daughter of Raja Kushal Surendra Singh of Narauli, and his wife, Rani Indu Kumari, and has issue, three children.
  • Arimardan Shahi, he is a graduate from Delhi University, and is helping his father in managing the affairs at home along with pursuing his Trap Shooting career. He represented India in the Junior category in the 11th Asian Clay Pigeon Shooting Championship held at Kuwait winning a Team Silver Medal for the country.
  • Kritika Shahi, educated at Welham Girl's School, Dehradun and is presently pursuing a course in Mass Communication in Delhi.
  • Ripumardan Shahi, educated at the Ryan International School, Greater Noida and is presently pursuing a Graduation Course in Animation and Games at Delhi.
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The founder of the family was Jagat Bahadur Shahi, who was a wealthy landlord living in Dumaria with his family, consisting of three wives and many daughters, but was still longing for a son who could succeed him. One day, another zamindar who originally belonged to Gorakhpur in Uttar Pradesh shifted with his family to a village called Navendrapur (which is half a km from Dumaria). The latter had five sons, the youngest of whom was, Ranadhwaj Singh who was adopted by Jagat Bahadur Shahi at a very young age but the adoption became legal only after Ranadhwaj turned 18 in 1921. After being adopted he was named Shattru Mardan Shahi. He was single handedly responsible for making Dumaria into what it later became. He owned about 5000 acres of land, a considerable amount in those times.
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  • SHATTRU MARDAN SHAHI, Zamindar of Dumaria -/1983, born as Ranadhwaj Singh in Gorakhpur, son of the Zamindar of Gorakhpur, a politician who shaped the politics of Bihar, lived lavishly like any other Zamindar or Maharaja in the Pre-Independence era. His interests were no less than the ones of any Maharaja at that time, particularly with his fondness for imported luxury cars. He was elected as a member of the Bihar Legislative Assembly in 1964 and became the Education minister of Bihar in 1969 after declining the post of Chief Minister and offering it to B.P. Mandal. He married Chandra Ketki Devi, died , the daughter of the Zamindar of Panchgachhiya in Saharsa Distt., who was one of the wealthiest landowners in Eastern India, and had issue, three sons and three daughters. He died .
    • Ripudaman Shahi, born , died unmarried 1954
    • Ran Vijaya Shahi (qv)
    • Bhargavi Kumari Devi, married Rajkumar Har Bux Singh of Daiya near Allahabad, (step brother of Vishwanath Pratap Singh, Prime Minister of India 1990/1991).
    • Indira Kumari Devi, married Lal Suresh Bahadur Pal, Zamindar of Banpur near Basti in Uttar Pradesh.
    • Padma Kumari Devi, married Yadavendra Bikram Singh, Talukdar of Payagpur in Bahraich Distt., Uttar Pradesh.
    • Ajay Kumar Shahi, born , married 1968, Madhavi Devi, daughter of Akhilesh Kumar Singh of Kursela, and has issue.
      • Rananjay Shahi, born , businessman and agriculturist, married Radhika Singh of Kurri Sidhauli in Awadh, and has issue.
        • Bhavya Shahi, presently being educated at Welham Girls School, Dehradun.
      • Dhananjay Shahi, born , married in Maal in Awadh.
  • RAN VIJAYA SHAHI, Zamindar of Dumaria 1983/2009, born ,followed his father into politics, served as an M.L.A for two terms from 1990-2000, retiring from politics thereafter, married 1957, Maharajkumari Roop Shri Devi, third daughter of HH Maharaja Rajendra Narayan Singh Deo of Patna, and had issue. He died O ctober 2009.
    • Kirti Renu Singh, born , married Rajkumar Suraj Baksh Singh, son of the Raja of Bharawan in Uttar Pradesh, and has issue, two children.
      • Surya Kirti Singh, educated at the University of Essex, London, U.K., presently is working as Assistant Manager at the Tea Gardens of Tatas in Munnar, Kerala.
      • Arusha Singh, educated at the BISS International School, Beijing, China and is a graduate from the Parsons New School For Design, New York.
    • Arindam Shahi (qv)
    • Shattrundam Shahi, born , businessman and agriculturist, married to the daughter of Ravindra Singh, younger brother of the Raja of Basti in Uttar Pardesh, and has issue, two children.
      • Sreejamya Shahi, educated at Mayo Girls School, Ajmer and and is planing to pursue a course in Chartered Accountancy.
      • Samar Vijay Shahi, studying at Mayo Boys School, Ajmer.
    • Ripundam Shahi, born , lawyer, married to the daughter of retired Postmaster General of India, and has issue, one daughter.
      • Arkaja Shahi
  • ARINDAM SHAHI (see above)
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