Viramdevot-Baba Ranawat

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30th Mar, 2016

Present Head

Thakur Prithvi Singhji, present Thakur of Damawari.
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The Thakurs of this thikana are descendants of Maharana Udai Singh II of Mewar (founder of Udaipur) through his third son Baba Veeramdeo, the younger brother of Rana Sagat Singh (founder of the Shaktawat-Sisodia clan). This thikana is a Baba Ranawat thikana (that is, a thikana from which male children were adopted to the ruling house of Mewar, in the absence of a male heir). The descendents of Maharana Udai Singh II were the first branch of Sisodias to carry the patronym of Ranawat. They are a sub-branch of the jagir of Sanwar, and other Viramdevot Ranawats are found in Hamirgarh, Kherabad, Sanwar, Jaiwana, Pahuna, Ranawaton-ki-sadri and Ranawaton-ka bangla.
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  • Thakur Bhav Singhji, son of Maharaj Isri Das of Ghosunda, received the jagir of Damawari (Dalwadi) and had issues.
    • Kunwar Roop Singh
    • Kunwar Anand Singh, remained at Sanwar.
  • Thakur Roop Singhji
  • Thakur Jaswant Singhji
  • Thakur Surat Singhji
  • Thakur Rood Singhji
  • Thakur Suratmalji
  • Thakur Prithvi Singhji (see above)
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