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The Thakurs of this thikana, now spelt Khairabad, are descendants of Maharana Udai Singh II of Mewar (founder of Udaipur) through his third son Baba Veeramdeo, the younger brother of Rana Sagat Singh (founder of the Shaktawat-Sisodia clan). This thikana is a Baba Ranawat thikana (that is, a thikana from which male children were adopted to the ruling house of Mewar, in the absence of a male heir). The descendents of Maharana Udai Singh II were the first branch of Sisodias to carry the patronym of Ranawat. Other Veeramdevot Ranawats are found in Khairabad, Hamirgarh, Kankarwa, Sanwar, Jaiwana, Turkiya, Pahuna, Ranawaton-ki-sadri and Ranawaton-ka bangla.
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  • Maharaj VEERAM DEO (1551-1621 CE) 1st Baba Saheb of Gosunda, third son of Maharana Udai Singh II (from Solankiji Sehjabai) of Udaipur, married 4 wives: Tanwarji Poorna Kanwar, daughter of Bhairon Singh of Pahuna, Solankiji Prayagde Kanwar, daughter of Trilok Singh Solanki, Jadonji Sahib Kanwar, daughter of Prithviraj Jadon and Shyam Kanwar, daughter of Chatrasal. He was incharge of the security of his elder brother, Maharana Pratap Singhji I’s household during Mewar’s wars with the Mughals. He along with 500-1000 soldiers was able to evade various searches by Emperor Akbar, Abdul Rahim Khan-e-Khana and Jagannath Kachchwaha (son of Raja Bharmal of Amber) done to apprehend Pratap or members of his household. In 15 years, neither he nor any of his wards ever apprehended. Thus, Veeramdevot Ranawats had since unfettered access to the royal household being incharge of their security and were given the kiledari of Kumbalgarh, the prime residence of the Maharana during these years. This continued till the time of Maharana Bhupal Singhji in the 1950s. He had issues.
    • Maharaj Bhojraj Singh (son of Purna Kanwar), received jagir of Hameergarh and ancestor of Langach, Aachuda, Kediakheri, Mobatpura and Bhagwatpura families.
    • Maharaj Ugrasen (son of Purna Kanwar), ancestor of Bankli and Bavlas families.
    • Maharaj Isri Das (son of Shyam Kanwar), received jagir of Gosunda.
  • Maharaj ISRI DAS ( - 1652 CE) 2nd Baba Saheb of Gosunda. Built the palaces of Gosunda, a lake and a Laxminarayan Mandir there. He married 6 wives: 1stly Mertaniji Jeewanbai, daughter of Amar Singh, 2ndly a daughter of Chauhan Prayagdas, 3rdly a daughter of Panwar Sardul Singh, 4thly a daughter of Rathore Rai Singh, 5thly a Panwar lady from Jodhpur, and 6thly a Rathore lady from Jodhpur. He had 18 sons:
    • Sabal Singh (qv)
    • Man Singh
    • Vijayram
    • Sunderdas
    • Hariram
    • Bhav Singh
    • Girdharidas
    • Mohan Singh
    • Gopinath
    • Surat Singh
    • Jet Singh
    • Khem Singh
    • Balramji
    • Behari Singh
    • Manohardas
    • Bagh Singh
    • Hemant Singh
    • Kanhaji (Kishendas), received Chagatia as jagir but remained at Sanwar. Decendents (Zalim Singh) later received Khartana/Kankarwa as jagir.
  • Maharaj SABAL SINGH, 3rd Baba Saheb of Gosunda. Married 5 wives: 1stly Rathorji Rai Kanwar, daughter of Raghodas, 2ndly Chauhanji Kesar Kanwar, daughter of Bhagwandas, 3rdly Sankhlaji Kesar Kanwar, daughter of Raghodas, 4thly Jodhaniji Anop Kanwar daughter of Chaturbhuj, 5thly Sankhlaji Raj Kanwar, second daughter of Raghodas and had sons.
    • Gaj Singh, died in infancy.
    • Devi Singh, died in infancy
    • Sangram Singh, given the jagir of Sanwar.
    • Shyam Singh, given jagir of Saleria.
    • Ram Singh, given jagirs of Amba and Chandia.
    • Jogidas
    • Gopaldas (morganatic)
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