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INR 24,000




93 Square Kilometers km²


7,099 (1901)

Privy Purse

INR 7,000

Hindi Name

टोडी फतेहपुर

Last Updated

28th Jul, 2017

Present Head

Flag of Tori Fatehpur
The last ruling Raja of Tori Fatehpur State was Late Raja Saheb Brijendra Singh Ju Deo from 1964 to1996, born on , married 3rd July 1949 to Rani Sahiba Reoti Kumari (Rajkumari Sahiba of Haraha, dist Barabanki) died , and had issues, three sons and one daughter. He died on . Now there is no present ruler of Tori Fatehpur State and all the three sons got equal rights over the Fort and the property of Tori Fatehpur.
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Tori Fatehpur is situated on a hillock in Jhansi District (Bundelkhand Region) of Uttar Pradesh on the Jhansi - Khajuraho Road , 30 kms East of Mauranipur and 100 kms from Jhansi.This fort is more than 300 years old and was built before the coming of the Mughals in India, its structure is made in three parts – one part of the fort has Rajasthani art and the other two parts are from Mughal and British period.

The history goes that it was under the sovereignty of Gusain Sun Jogra. In 1731 the Bundela invasion took place under a powerful ruler Diwan Hindupath Singh Ju Deo who was great, great grandson of HH Maharaja Bir Singh Ju Deo of Orchha. After winning the battle against Gusain Sun Jogra, Kuwar Hindupath was proclaimed the Diwan of Tori by his father Diwan Rai Singh as he was the eldest son, and as the fort was built on a hillock (toriya) and named it Tori and he captured Fatehpur village and got victory (fateh) thus its name became " Tori Fatehpur."

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  • Raja Saheb Hindupath Singhji 1731 A.D to 1765 A.D
  • Raja Saheb Mednimal Singhji 1766 A.D to 1788 A.D
  • Raja Saheb Dhurmangal Singhji 1789 A.D to 1811 A.D, adopted from Bijna State.
  • Raja Saheb Harprasad Singhji 1816 A.D to 1858 A.D, adopted from Bijna State.
  • Raja Saheb Prithvi Singhji 1858 A.D to 1879 A.D, adopted from Bijna State.
  • Raja Saheb Arjun Singhji 1879 A.D to 1942 A.D adopted from Bijna State, married to Rani Sahiba Manek Ju Raja.
    • Raja Saheb Raghuraj Singh
  • Raja Saheb Raghuraj Singh Ju Deo (1942 to 1964 A.D), born A.D, married 1stly to Rani Saheba from Jharkuwa and 2ndly to Rani Sahiba Raghuvansh Kumari from Madhopur.
    • Raja Saheb Brijendra Singhji (qv)
    • Rajkumari Sahiba Kirti Kumari, married to Kuwar Saheb Sudhendra Narayan Singhji Deo of Seraikella.
    • Rajkumari Sahiba Brijend Kumari, married to Kuwar Saheb Hanumat Singhji of Sumel (Rajasthan).
  • Raja Saheb Brijendra Singh Ju Deo, born on , was the last ruling Raja, married Rani Sahiba Revati Kumari (Princesses of Haraha State, Dist-Barabanki) on 3rd July 1949. She died on . They had four issues, three sons and one daughter. He died on .
    • Raja Saheb Kaushlendra Singh Ju Deo, married Rani Sahiba Aruna Kumari, daughter of Shri Thakur Saheb Harpal Singhji Chauhan and has two issues
      • Rajkumari Sahiba Vijaya Kumari
      • Rajkumar Saheb Vikramaditya Singh Ju Deo
    • Rajkumari Sahiba Mandvi Raje, married on 7th March 1975 to Kuwar Saheb Krishan Narayan Singhji of Thikana Bhartholi, Gaya, Bihar and has two issues.
      • Kumari Preeti Raje, married to Yuvraj Saheb Shivendra Singh Ju Deo, son of HH Raja Saheb Surendra Singh Ju Deo of Beri, and has issues, two sons.
      • Kumari Priyanka Raje
    • Raja Saheb Pushpendra Singh Ju Deo, married on 12th Dec 1977 to Rani Sahiba Ambalika Devi, daughter of HH Thakur Saheb Shri Manohar Sinhji Praduyuman Sinhji of Rajkot, by his wife, the younger daughter of HH Shri Sawai Maharaja Sir Tej Singhji Dev Bahadur of Alwar, and has issue two sons.
      • Rajkumar Saheb Hemkaran Singh Ju Deo
      • Rajkumar Saheb Govind Singh Ju Deo
    • Raja Saheb Bhanupratap Singh Ju Deo, married on 7th July 1988 to Rani Sahiba Kiran Kumari, daughter of Kuwar Saheb Shri Ranjit Singhji of Bilkha State (Saurashtra, Gujarat) and his wife Kaurani Sahiba Ela Kumari, youngest daughter of HH Maharawat Sir Ram Singhji II Bahadur K.C.S.I of Pratapgarh State (Rajasthan) and Senior HH Maharani Sahiba Meghraj Kumari, daughter of Hon. Maharaja Bahadur Sir Keshav Prasad Singhji of Dumraon, and has issues.
      • Rajkumari Sahiba Hirneshwari Kumari
      • Rajkumar Saheb Manvendra Pratap Singh Ju Deo
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