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Gujarat States Agency


15th February 1948


9,632 Square Kilometers km²

Privy Purse

INR 1,000,000

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8th Dec, 2017

Present Head

Flag of Nawanagar
Wing Commander H.H. Maharaja Jam Shri Shatrushalyasinhji Digvijaysinhji Jadeja [Sataji Sahib], 21st Maharaja Jam Sahib of Nawanagar. Born at Jamnagar on 20th February 1939, educated at the Doon School, Dehra Dun. Succeeded on the death of his father, 3rd February 1966. The GOI amended the Indian Constitution to remove his position as a "ruler" and his right to receive privy-purse payments, 28th December 1971. Hon Wing Cdr IAF. Convenor of The Sir Peter Scott Inst. for Nature. Married November 1960 (div. 196x), Rani Bharati Rajya Lakshmi (married second, Mohinder Singh Chadha, a Delhi businessman), youngest daughter of General Supradipta- Manyabara-Nepal-Tara Jyotirmaya-Subikhyat-Tri-Shakti-Patta Suprasidha-Prasidha-Pravala-Gorkha Dakshina-Bahu Maharajkumar Sharada Shamsher Jang Bahadur Rana, sometime Minister for Education, of Nepal, by his second wife, Sri Rani Bina Rajya Lakshmi. No issue.
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Nawanagar (or Navanagar) was an Indian princely state in the Kathiawar region, situated on the south of the Gulf of Kutch. It was ruled by the Jadeja dynasty from its formation in c 1540 until 1948 when it became a part of newly formed India. The district is now known as Jamnagar. It had an area of 3,791 square miles. Its rulers, who used the title of "Jam Sahib" were Hindu Rajput of the same clan as the Rao of Cutch. They were entitled to a 13-gun salute. The state flag was a rectangular red flag with a white elephant, near and facing the hoist. During the British Raj, the state was part of the Kathiawar Agency, within the Gujarat Division of Bombay Presidency. The Maharaja Jam Sahib of Nawanagar maintains as his State Forces a regiment of Lancers consisting of two squadrons and a company of Infantry. Both of these units are composed almost entirely of Rajputs, to which race he himself belongs.

Jamnagar came into existence a long before 444 years. This was established on the banks of rivers “Nagmatti” and “Rangmatti” by Shri Jam Raval, the descendant of Jam Halla, who is one of the heirs of Lord Krishna, the creator of “Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta”. The city has seen many ups and downs during the period’s right from Moghals to the present time of independent India. Shri Jam Ranjisinhji gave a new and fresh outlook to the city during 1909 to 1932. And build broad roads, beautiful markets, and gardens, wide squares and many building. Because of this once in the past this city was known as “Jewel of Khathiyawad”Nawanagar was one of the two largest of the Kathiawar States in Western India. After Mumbai, Jamnagar is the only city in India having all three wings of Defense, i.e. Army, Navy and Air Force. It has witnessed the bravery of our Jawans during 1965 War against Pakistan.

Nawanagar was founded in 1540 by Jam Rawal, a descendant of the Jadeja ruler of Kutch, and was thereafter in an almost constant state of war with its neighbors and with the Mughal Empire. The "Walker Treaty of 1807" brought peace to the Kathiawar states for the first time in several generations. Nawanagar came under British protection on February 22, 1812.

K. S. Ranjitsinhji was one of the world’s greatest cricket players and, later, became Jam Sahib in 1907 until 1933. The inclusive circle of eight players promoted excellence in cricket,both in the county and domestic games. After his death, Ranji Trophy, a domestic first-class cricket championship played in India between different city and state sides, was started in 1934 by Board of Control for Cricket in India.Ranjitsinhji, remained the Chancellor of the Chamber of Princes (1931–1933); after his death in 1933, he was succeeded by his nephew K. S. Digvijaysinhji also remained its Chancellor (1937–1944) and continued to promote the octet circle in excellence in cricket,academics and welfare.

Nawanagar was one of the first princely states to sign the Instrument of Accession in 1948 after Indian independence. Afterwards, the former ruler Jam Shri Sir Digvijaysinhji served as the first Rajpramukh of Kathiawar, then represented his country at the United Nations.

In 1949 after the former princely states of Nawanagar and Dhrol, Dhrafa Thana and part of Jalia Dewani in Kathiawar merged into new the state of Saurashtra. On June 19, 1959, the boundaries of the district were enlarged by the inclusion of the adjoining Okhamandal, and the district was renamed Jamnagar. This district became part of the new State of Gujarat on the division of the State of Bombay on May 1, 1960.

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  • Jam Shri RAWALJI LAKHAJI, 1st Jam Sahib of Nawanagar 1540/1562, married and had issue. He died .
    • Jam Shri Vibhaji Rawalji (qv)
    • Kumar Jiyaji Rawalji
  • Jam Shri VIBHAJI RAWALJI, 2nd Jam Sahib of Nawanagar 1562/1569, married and had issue, four sons. He died .
    • Jam Shri Sataji Vibhaji (qv)
    • Thakore Saheb Bhanaji Vibhaji, founder of Kalavad, Virpur and Kharedi (see Virpur).
    • Kumari (name unknown), married the Rana Sahib of Porbandar, and had issue
  • Jam Shri SATAJI VIBHAJI, 3rd Jam Sahib of Nawanagar 1569/1608, married and had issue. He died .
    • Kumar Ajoji Sataji, married and had issue. He died in in the battle of Bhuchar Mori Medan near Dhrol in front of the Mughal Army of Akbar.
      • Jam Shri Lakhaji Ajoji (qv)
      • Jam Shri Ranmalji Ajoji (qv)
      • Thakur Saheb Vibhaji Ajoji, founder of Rajkot.
    • Jam Jasaji Sataji (qv)
    • Kumar Vibhaji Sataji, often confused with his nephew.
  • Jam Shri JASAJI SATAJI, 4th Jam Sahib of Nawanagar 1608/1624, married Rani Lakhamjiba Sahiba, daughter of Raj Sahib Raisinhji Mansinhji of Dhrangadhra. He died sp in 1624.
  • Jam Shri LAKHAJI I AJOJI, 5th Jam Sahib of Nawanagar 1624/1645, married and had issue.
    • Jam Shri Ranmalji Lakhaji (qv)
    • Jam Shri Raisinhji I Lakhaji (qv)
    • Kumar Shri Jashoji Lakhaji Jadeja, founder of Dhrafa.
  • Jam Shri RANMALJI LAKHAJI, 6th Jam Sahib of Nawanagar 1645/1661
  • Jam Shri RAISINHJI I LAKHAJI, 7th Jam Sahib of Nawanagar 1661/1664, married and had issue.
    • Jam Shri Tamachi Raisinhji (qv)
    • Kumar Shri Phoolji Raisinhji of Bhanwad, married and had issue.
      • Kumar Shri Jasaji Phoolji, married and had issue.
        • Kumar Shri Ranmalji Jasaji, married and had issue.
          • Kumar Shri Meghrajji Ranmalji, married and had issue.
            • Kumar Shri Dasalji Meghrajji, married and had issue.
              • Kumar Shri Jasaji Dasalji Jadeja [Bapuji Sahib] of Bhanwad and Sarodar.
                • Maharaja Rajkumar Shri Raydhansinhji Jasaji Jadeja (Radhubhi bapu) of Sarodar
                  • Maharaj Kumar Shri Jethiji Raydhansinhji Jadeja (Jethibhai Sahib) of Sarodar
                    • Maharaj Shri Narsinhji Jethaji Jadeja [Gaghubha Sahib] of Dabhasang
                      • Maharaj Shri Takhatsinhji Narsinhji
                        • Rajkumar Shri Chandravijaysinhji Takhatsinhji
                          • Kumar Shri Ambapratapsinhji Chandravijaysinhji Jadeja
                            • Kumar Shri Jayveersinhji Ambapratapsinhji Jadeja
                              • Kumar Sheri Krishnarajsinhji Jayveersinhji Jadeja
                            • Kumar Shri Shivcharansinhji Ambapratapsinhji Jadeja
                              • Kumar Sheri Harshvardhansinhji Shivcharansinhji Jadeja
                              • Kumar Shri Kashyaprajsinhji Shivcharansinhji Jadeja
                          • Kumar Shri Vijaysinhji Chandravijaysinhji Jadeja
                            • Kumar Shri Abhaysinhji Vijaysinhji Jadeja
                          • Kumar Shri Shaktisinhji Chandravijaysinhji Jadeja
                      • Maharaj Shri Bharatsinhji Narsinhji
                        • Rajkumar Shri Pravinsinhji Bharatsinhji Jadeja
                          • Kumar Shri Girirajsinhji Pravinsinhji Jadeja
                            • Kumar Shri Yahadeepsinhji Girirajsinhji Jadeja
                              • Kumar Shri Abhijitsinhji Yahadeepsinhji Jadeja
                            • Kumar Shri Ajitsinhji Girirajsinhji Jadeja
                              • Kumar Shri Diljitsinhji Ajitsinhji Jadeja
                          • Kumar Shri Sahdevsinhji Pravinsinhji Jadeja
                            • Kumar Shri Jaiveersinhji Sahdevsinhji Jadeja
                              • Kumar Shri Paramveersinhji Jaiveersinhji Jadeja
                          • Kumar Shri Baldevsinhji Pravinsinhji Jadeja
                            • Kumar Shri Hemendrasinhji Baldevsinhji Jadeja
                      • Maharaj Shri Govindsinhji Narsinhji
                        • Lt.Col Rajkumar Shri Jayendrasinhji Govindsinhji Jadeja (Indian Army)
                          • Kumar Shri Jaidevsinhji Jayendrasinhji Jadeja
                            • Kumar Shri Jaisinhji Jaidevsinhji Jadeja
                            • Kumar Shri Ghanshyamsinhji Jaidevsinhji Jadeja
                              • Kumar Shri Dheriavirsinhji Ghanshyamsinhji Jadeja
                          • Kumar Shri Rajvirsinhji Jayendrasinhji Jadeja
                            • Kumar Shri Vijayrajsinhji Rajvirsinhji Jadeja
                          • Kumar Shri Prithvirajsinhji Jayendrasinhji Jadeja
                  • Maharaj Kumar Shri Jalamsinhji Raydhanji Jadeja
                    • Maharaj Shri Jivansinhji Jalamsinhji Jadeja
                      • Rajkumar Shri Devisinhji (Devubha) Jivansinhji Jadeja
                        • Kumar Shri Sivaisinhji Devisinhji Jadeja
                          • Kumar Shri Vikramsinhji Sivaisinhji Jadeja
                            • Kumar Shri Manharsinhji Vikramsinhji Jadeja
                              • Kumar Shri Amarjeetsinhji Manharsinhji Jadeja
                                • Kumar Shri Jeetsinhji Amarjeetsinhji Jadeja
                            • Kumar Shri Mahipalsinhji Vikramsinhji Jadeja
                        • Kumar Shri Raisinhji Devisinhji Jadeja
                          • Major Kumar Shri Mahendrasinhji Raisinhji Jadeja (Indian Army)
                            • Kumar Shri Udaybhansinhji Mahendrasinhji Jadeja
                          • Kumar Shri Jaywantsinhji Raisinhji Jadeja
                            • Kumar Shri Durgeshsinhji Jaywantsinhji Jadeja
                              • Kumar Shri Tejpalsinhji Durgeshsinhji Jadeja
                        • General Kumar Shri Rajendrasinhji Devisinhji Jadeja (15 June 1899 – 1 January 1964), also known as Kumar Sri Rajendrasinhji and K.S. Rajendrasinhji, was the first Chief of Army Staff of the Indian army, and the second Indian, after Field Marshal K. M. Cariappa, to become Commander-in-Chief of the Indian armed forces and head the Indian Army. Married to Maya Kunwarba in 1928.
                          • Kumar Shri Sukhdevsinhji Rajendrasinhji Jadeja, married to Rajkumari Vijaylakshmi of Masuda.
                            • Kumar Shri Kushalpalsinhji Sukhdevsinhji Jadeja
                            • Kumar Shri Narendrasinhji Sukhdevsinhji Jadeja
                      • Lt.Col Jam Shri Ranjitsinhji Jivansinhji Jadeja, adopted to Throne by Jam Shri Vibhaji (British Army) (after whom Ranji Trophy is played in Indian Domestic Cricket)
                      • Rajkumar Shri Juvansinhji Jivansinhji Jadeja
                        • Kumar Shri Pratapsinhji Juvansinhji Jadeja
                          • Kumar Shri Daulatsinhji Pratapsinhji Jadeja (former M.P. from Jamnagar Constituency)
                          • Kumar Shri Chattrapalsinhji Pratapsinhji Jadeja
                            • Kumar Shri Devrajsinhji Chattrapalsinhji Jadeja
                          • Kumar Shri Dalpatsinhji Pratapsinhji Jadeja
                            • Kumar Shri Arjunsinhji Dalpatsinhji Jadeja
                              • Kumar Shri Utkarshsinhji Arjunsinhji Jadeja
                          • Kumar Shri Raghuvirsinhji Pratapsinhji Jadeja
                            • Kumar Shri Dharamveersinhji Raghuvirsinhji Jadeja, working with Jet Airways as Head cargo and logistic for Gujarat State.
                              • Kumar Shri Jyotiradityasinhji Dharmavirisinhji Jadeja
                            • Kumar Shri Rajvirsinhji Raghuvirsinhji Jadeja
                        • Lt.Gen (Hon) Jam Shri Digvijaysinhji Juvansinhji Jadeja, (Indian Army), Adopted by Jam Shri Ranjitsinhji
                          • Wing Commander (Hon) Jam Shri Shatrushalyasinhji Jadeja (Indian Air force)
                        • Maj.Gen Kumar Shri Himmatsinhji Juvansinhji Jadeja (Indian Army)
                        • Capt. Kumar Shri Duleepsinhji Juvansinhji Jadeja (Indian Army) (after whom Duleep Trophy is played in Indian Domestic Cricket)
                      • Rajkumar Shri Umeedsinhji Jivensinhji Jadeja
                      • Rajkumar Shri Dilawarsinhji Jivansinhji Jadeja
                        • Capt. Kumar Shri Samarsinhji Dilawarsinhji Jadeja
                        • Lt. Kumar Shri Indravijaysinhji Dilawarsinhji Jadeja
                          • Kumar Shri Adityasinhji Indravijayrsinhji Jadeja
                        • Lt.Col. Kumar Shri Ranvirsinhji Dilawarsinhji Jadeja
                          • Kumar Shri Randhirsinhji Ranvirsinhji Jadeja
                          • Kumar Shri Prahladsinhji Ranvirsinhji Jadeja
                      • Rajkumar Shri Mohansinhji (Manubha) Jivansinhji Jadeja
                        • Kumar Shri Madhosinhji Mohansinhji Jadeja
                          • Kumar Shri Inderjitsinhji Madhosinhji Jadeja
                  • Maharaj Kumar Shri Bhavsanghji Raydhanji Jadeja
                    • Maharaj Shri Kesarisinhji Bhavsanghji Jadeja
                      • Rajkumar Shri Chandrasinhji Kesarisinhji Jadeja
                        • Capt. Kumar Shri Dajirajji Chandrasinhji Jadeja (Jodhpur Imperial Service Lancers, Died in First World War)
                          • Capt. Kumar Shri Yadvendrasinhji Dajirajji Jadeja (Nawanagar State Forces)
                            • Kumar Shri Brijrajsinhji Yadvendrasinhji Jadeja
                        • Kumar Shri Kishoresinhji Chandrasinhji Jadeja
                          • Kumar Shri Mobatsinhji Kishoresinhji Jadeja
                            • Kumar Shri Pradeepsinhji Mobatsinhji Jadeja
                            • Kumar Shri Rajdeepsinhji Mobatsinhji Jadeja
                              • Kumar Shri Devratsinhji Rajdeepsinhji Jadeja
                              • Kumar Shri Vishalsinhji Rajdeepsinhji Jadeja
                        • Kumar Shri Madhavsinhji Chandrasinhji Jadeja
                          • Kumar Shri Anirudhsinhji Madhavsinhji Jadeja
                            • Kumar Shri Girirajsinhji Anirudhsinhji Jadeja
                            • Kumar Shri Laxmansinhji Anirudhsinhji Jadeja
                          • Kumar Shri Indrajitsinhji Madhavsinhji Jadeja (Test Cricketer)
                    • Maharaj Shri Phuljibha Bhavsanghji Jadeja
                      • Rajkumar Shri Jorawarsinhji Phuljibha Jadeja
                        • Kumar Shri Arjunsinhji Jorawarsinhji Jadeja
                        • Kumar Shri Ramsinhji Jorawarsinhji Jadeja
                          • Kumar Shri Bhupendrasinhji Ramsinhji Jadeja
                            • Kumar Shri Rohitsinhji Bhupendrasinhji Jadeja
                              • Kumar Shri Pratipalsinhji Rohitsinhji Jadeja
                          • Kumar Shri Krishnakumarsinhji Ramsinhji Jadeja
                            • Kumar Shri Puranjaysinhji Krishnakumarsinhji Jadeja
              • Maharaja Rajkumar Shri. Gajanji Jasaji Jadeja
                • Maharaj Kumar Shri Bhagwansanghji Gajanji Jadeja
                  • Maharaj Shri Jagvirsinhji Bhagwansanghji Jadeja
                    • Rajkumar Shri Pradumansinhji Jagvirsinhji Jadeja
                    • Rajkumar Shri Rajratansinhji Jagvirsinhji Jadeja
                      • Kumar Shri Vishwadeepsinhji Rajratansinhji Jadeja
                  • Maharaj Shri Virbhadrasinhji Bhagwansanghji Jadeja
              • Maharaja Rajkumar Shri Jehaji Jasaji Jadeja, later named as Jam Shri Ranmalji Jadeja as adopted by Jam Shri Jasaji, 16th Jam Sahib of Nawanagar (see further)
                  • Jam Shri Vibhaji Ranmalji Jadeja
              • Maharaja Rajkumar Shri Bhimji (Phulji) Jasaji Jadeja
  • Jam Shri TAMACHI RAISINHJI, 8th Jam Sahib of Nawanagar 1673/1690, married and had issue.
    • Jam Shri Raisinhji II Tamachiji (qv)
  • Jam Shri LAKHAJI II TAMACHI, 9th Jam Sahib of Nawanagar 1690/1710, married (amongst others), the daughter of Raj Sahib Jaswantsinhji Gajsinhji of Dhrangadhra, and had issue. He died .
    • Jam Shri Raisinhji II Lakhaji (qv)
    • Jam Shri Hardholji Lakhaji (qv)
  • Jam Shri RAISINHJI II LAKHAJI, 10th Jam Sahib of Nawanagar 1710/1718
  • Jam Shri HARDHOLJI LAKHAJI, 11th Jam Sahib of Nawanagar 1718/1727, married and had issue.
    • Jam Shri Tamachi Hardholji (qv)
  • Jam Shri TAMACHI HARDHOLJI, 12th Jam Sahib of Nawanagar 1727/1743, married and had issue.
    • Jam Shri Lakhaji III Tamachiji (qv)
  • Jam Shri LAKHAJI III TAMACHIJI, 13th Jam Sahib of Nawanagar 1743/1768, married Rani Naniba Sahiba, daughter of Raj Sahib Raisinhji Pratapsinhji of Dhrangadhra, and his ninth wife, Rani Suraj Kunwarba Sahiba, and had issue. He died .
    • Jam Shri Jasaji Lakhaji (qv)
    • Jam Shri Sataji Lakhaji (qv)
  • Jam Shri JASAJI LAKHAJI, 14th Jam Sahib of Nawanagar 1768/1814, married (amongst others), 1792, Rani Achuba Sahiba, daughter of Raj Sahib Gajsinhji Raisinhji of Dhrangadhra, and his second wife, Rani Phuljiba Sahiba; married Rani Majiba Sahiba, daughter of Raj Sahib Raisinhji III Jashwantsinhji of Dhrangadhra, and his fourth wife, Rani Pran Kunwarba Sahiba. He died sp in 1814.
  • Jam Shri SATAJI LAKHAJI, 15th Jam Sahib of Nawanagar 1814/1820, married (amongst others), Rani Baiba Sahiba, daughter of Raj Sahib Raisinhji Pratapsinhji of Dhrangadhra, and his seventh wife, Rani Samjiba Sahiba. He died sp in 1820.
  • Jam Shri RANMALJI II SATAJI, 16th Jam Sahib of Nawanagar 1820/1852, married (amongst others), 3rdly, Rani Bai Sahiba of Dhrangadhra, married 1822, Rani Karsan Kunwarba Sahiba, daughter of Raj Sahib Amarsinhji Raisinhji of Dhrangadhra, and his third wife, Rani Vakhat Kunwarba Sahiba, and had issue, 7 sons (six died in infancy). He died 1852.
    • HH Maharaja Jam Shri Vibhaji II Ranmalji (qv)
    • HH Rani Jan Kunwarba Sahiba, married (as his first wife), HH Raj Sahib Ranmalji Amarsinhji of Dhrangadhra.
  • HH Maharaja Jam Shri VIBHAJI II RANMALJI, 17th Maharaja Jam Sahib of Nawanagar 1852/1895, born , married 14 wives, including (a), Dhanbai and her sister (b), Janbai, married 2ndly, 1851, Maharani Tejiba Sahiba, daughter of Raj Sahib Amarsinhji Raisinhji of Dhrangadhra, and his seventh wife, Rani Ram Kunwarba Sahiba, and had issue. He died .
    • Maharajkumar Bhimsinhji Vibhaji Jadeja [Kalubha] (ex Dhanbai), born , married and had issue. He died after 1903.
      • Shri Lakubha Kalubha Jadeja, he died after 1930.
    • HH Maharaja Jam Shri Jashwantsinhji Vibhaji (ex Janbai) (qv)
  • HH Maharaja Jam Shri JASHWANTSINHJI VIBHAJI, 18th Maharaja Jam Sahib of Nawanagar 1895/1906, born , married five wives (including a Maharani from Varsoda), and had issue. He died spm in 1906.
  • Lt. Col. HH Maharaja Jam Shri Sir RANJITSINHJI VIBHAJI, 19th Maharaja Jam Sahib of Nawanagar 1906/1933, born as Kumar Shri Ranjitsinhji Jiwansinhji, son of Maharaj Shri Jiwansinhji Jalamsinhji of Sarodar, adopted by HH Maharaja Jam Sahib Vibhaji II Ranmalji as his successor, educated at Rajkumar College, Rajkot and at Trinity College, Cambridge, Pro-Chancellor of the Standing Committee of Indian Princes' Chamber, Hon. Lieutenant Colonel in the Army, G.C.S.I. [cr.1923], G.B.E.(mil) [cr.1919], K.C.S.I. [cr.1917]; he was granted a personal salute of 15 guns on 1st January 1918, which was made permanent on 1st January 1921; he was the outstanding cricketer of his time, popularly known as Ranji, he scored seventy-two first class centuries (including four in his fifteen tests for England) and he became the first man to score more than 3000 runs in one season (1899), and, in 1897, was the first non-Englishman to be included in the Wisden Cricketer's Almanack esteemed list of the top five cricketers of that year; a cricketing innovator, he has indeed been largely accredited as the first man to play the leg-glance shot; his name is preserved in the Ranji Trophy competition still played in India. He died sp on 2nd April 1933.
  • HH Maharaja Jam Shri DIGVIJAYSINHJI RANJITSINHJI, 20th Maharaja Jam Sahib of Nawanagar 1933/1966, born as Kumar Shri Digvijaysinhji Juwansinhji, son of Maharaj Shri Juwansinhji Jiwansinhji of Sarodar, adopted by his predecessor; married 7th March 1935, HH Maharani Gulab Kunwerba, daughter of HH Maharajadhiraj Maharao Shri Sir Sarup Ram Singhji Bahadur of Sirohi, and his wife, HH Maharani Krishna Kunwarba Sahiba, and had issue. He died .
    • HH Maharaja Jam Shri Shatrusalyasinhji Digvijaysinhji (qv)
    • Maharajkumari Ba Shri Harshad Kumari Sahiba [Mrs Harshad Kumari Sharma]. born at Jamnagar, 1936. Convenor Indian National Trust for Art & Cultural Heritage (INTACH) for Gujarat. Married 1stly 1958 (divorced) Kumar Shri Narhari Singh, son of Maharaj Shri Fatehsinhji Daulatsinhji Sahib, of Limbdi, by his wife, Raj Kumari Ba Shri Nirmal Kunverba Sahib, daughter of Colonel Raj Kumar Prithisinhji Ramsinhji Sahib, of Rajpipla.
    • Maharajkumari Ba Shri Mukund Kumari Sahiba [H.H. Jadeji Maharani Shri Mukund Kunverba Sahiba 1960-1964]. Married 1960 (div. 1964), H.H. Maharajadhiraj Maharawat Shri Ambika Pratap Singhji Bahadur, Maharawat of Pratapgarh, eldest surviving son of H.H. Maharajadhiraj Maharawat Shri Sir Ram Singhji II Bahadur, Maharawat of Pratapgarh, KCSI, by his third wife, H.H. Dhrangadhrawala Maharani Shri Mahendra Kunverba Sahiba, youngest daughter of Major Shri Shaktimant Jhaladap Mahamandleshwar Maharana Shri Raj Sir Ghanishamsinhji Ajitsinhji Sahib, Maharana Raj Sahib of Dhrangadhra, GCIE, KCSI.
    • Maharajkumari Ba Shri Himanshu Kumari Sahiba [H.H. Jadeji Maharani Shri Himanshu Kumari Sahiba, Maharani of Sirohi], born at Jamnagar, 1943. Married 1969, H.H. Raj Rajeshwar Maharajadhiraj Maharao Shri Raghubir Singhji Bahadur, Maharao of Sirohi, elder son of H.H. Raj Rajeshwar Maharajadhiraj Maharao Shri Abai Singhji Bahadur, Maharao of Sirohi, by his first wife, Thakuraniji Shri Ba Champa Kunverba Sahiba, daughter of Thakur Amar Singh, of Pawa, in Jodhpur state. She had issue, one son.
  • HH Maharaja Jam Shri SHATRUSALYASINHJI DIGVIJAYSINHJI, 21st Maharaja Jam Sahib of Nawanagar (see above)
  • Kumar Shri Jaywantsinhji Rajsinhji, educated at Rajkumar College, Rajkot (1945)
  • Kumar Shri Bhupendrasinhji Ramsinhji, educated at Rajkumar College, Rajkot (1956)
  • Kumar Shri Rohitsinhji Bhupendrasinhji, educated at Rajkumar College, Rajkot (1982)
  • Kumar Shri Krishnakumarsinhji Ramsinhji, educated at Rajkumar College, Rajkot (1960)
  • Kumar Shri Brijrajsinhji Yadvendrasinhji, educated at Rajkumar College, Rajkot (1970)
  • Kumar Shri Pradeepsinhji Mohabatsinhji, educated at Rajkumar College, Rajkot (1971)
  • Kumar Shri Rajdipsinhji Mohabatsintiji, educated at Rajkumar College, Rajkot (1979)
  • Kumar Shri Ajitsinhji Daulatsinhji, educated at Rajkumar College, Rajkot (1973)
  • Kumar Shri Kushalsinhji, married Kunwarani Shivani Kumari, daughter of Thakur Sahib Mahabir Singh of Ghanerao, and his wife, Rani Devendra Kumari, and has issue, two sons and one daughter.
  • HH Rani Birja Kunwarba Sahiba, married (as his third wife), HH Raj Sahib Ranmalji Amarsinhji of Dhrangadhra, and had issue.
  • Kanwarani Kusum Kumari, married (as his second wife), Kunwar Sangram Singh of Nawalgarh Pana 3.
  • Ranidhirani Bhawani Kumari, married Rajadhiraj Hemendra Singh of Banera, and has issue.
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