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Thakur Saheb KESHAV SINGH JI, present Thakur Saheb of Namli, born , resides in Lucknow (U.P.), retired after rendering his services to his alma mater ‘The Daly College’, Indore, married to Thakurani Saheb Shailendra Kumari of Mengni, daughter of Thakur Saheb Kishore Singhji of Megni and has 4 daughters.
  • Devyani Kumari, married to Kr. Saheb Waresh Singh ji of Singramau.
  • Neerja Kumari, married to Kr. Saheb Gyaneshwar Singh ji of Arra.
  • Chandrika Kumari, married to Kr. Saheb Diwakar Pratap Singh ji of Daiya.
  • Vindhyeshwari Kumari
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Namli is situated in the Malwa plateau region of Madhya Pradesh. The Namli Garh is built on an artificial mound, held together by fortified walls. Namli is said to get it’s name from a saint, Naamliya Baba. He had an ashram here. He preached the spirituality of “Naad – Braham” the Yoga of sound, mentioned in the Upanishads. This village’s name appears in the history of the Ratlam Rajas, when they came from Marwad. Namli was first given to the Sanchora Chauhans of Panched, later Raja Mansingh of Ratlam gave it to the Songara Chauhan – Bhopat Sinhji, who fought for him. The Songaras of Namli who fought and lost their family members in battle were given Jagirs and made Thakurs in 1783. Kishor Sinhji was given Kandarwasa and others were given Jhar, Sandala, Arjala, Umran, Nalkoi, Jarkhedi and Pipal Khunta, the village of Bajeda and Bhadwasa to Namli. They became the junior branches and Namli remained “Patvighar – Main Branch”.
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  • Thakur BHOPAT SINHJI 1726/1748, awarded the title of sena nayak by Raja Man Singh of Ratlam and received the jagirs of Namli, Dhanasuta, Kamed, Sakrauda and Kotdi, married 1stly, Thakurani Chaman Kunwar, daughter of Thakur Surajmalji Bagdi, married 2ndly, Thakurani Raaj Kunwar, daughter of Thakur Meghrajji Sevad-Udaipur, married 3rdly, Thakurani Maya Kunwar, daughter of Thakur Raj Sinhji of Raipur, married 4thly, Thakurani Bakhtawar Kunwar, daughter of Thakur Uday Sinhji of Chaldu, and had issue.
    • Thakur Tej Sinhji, fifth son, (qv)
    • Thakur Anop Singhji, married and had issue, the family of Sikhedi. He died at Hara Naru.
      • Kunwar Vaje Sinhji, died at Hara Naru.
  • Thakur TEJ SINHJI 1748/1801, married 1stly, Thakurani Suraj Kunwar, daughter of Kumar Shri Sahib Singhji Jhala of Dabia, married 2ndly, Thakurani Bane Kunwar, daughter of Thakur Kushal Sinhji of Bhopavar, married 3rdly, Thakurani Guman Kunwar, daughter of Thakur Sawant Sinhji of Datoda, married 4thly, Thakurani Amrit Kunwar, daughter of Thakur Lal Sinhji of Bhimsar, married 5thly, Thakurani Chain Kunwar, daughter of Kumar Shri Fateh Sinhji Jhala of Sadadi, married 6thly, Thakurani Maan Kunwar, daughter of Thakur Nahar Sinhji of Guda, married 7thly, Thakurani Ratan Kunwar, daughter of Thakur Dalpat Sinhji of Fatehgarh, married 8thly, Thakurani Bakhtawar Kunwar, daughter of Thakur Khuman Sinhji, and had issue. He died in battle in 1801 at Hara Naru.
    • Thakur Gaj Sinhji (qv)
    • Thakur Nahar Sinhji
    • Thakur Naval Sinhji
    • Thakur Kishore Sinhji, received Kandarwasa
    • Rani Swarup Kanwar, married Raja Padam Singh of Ratlam.
    • Maharani Gulab Kanwar, married Maharawat Sawant Singh of Pratpgarh in Rajasthan.
  • Thakur GAJ SINHJI 1801/1806, born , married 1stly, Thakurani Takhat Kunwar, daughter of Thakur Sultan Sinhji of Karwad, married 2ndly, Thakurani Kundan Kunwar, daughter of Thakur Guman Sinhji of Kalyanpura. He died
  • Thakur FATEH SINHJI 1806/1826, married Thakurani Saras Kunwar, daughter of Kumar Shri Bhuwan Sinhji of Vela, married 2ndly, Thakurani Takhat Kunwar, daughter of Kumar Shri Vad Sinhji of Isarthuni, and had issue.
    • Maharani Daulat Kunwar, married Maharawat Sawant Singh of Pratpgarh in Rajasthan.
    • Thakur Takhat Sinhji (qv)
    • Thakur Bakhtawar Sinhji, he was granted the estate of Dorana from Pratapgarh.
  • Thakur TAKHAT SINHJI 1826/1898, born , married 1stly, Thakurani Suraj Kunwar, daughter of Thakur Jorawar Sinhji of Bori, married 2ndly, Thakurani Lal Kunwar, daughter of Thakur Gambhir Sinhji of Mewasa, married 3rdly, Thakurani Gulab Kunwar, daughter of Thakur Mohabbat Sinhji of Sagthali, married 4thly, Thakurani Mehtab Kunwar, daughter of Thakur Pratap Sinhji of Sohanpur, and had issue. He died .
    • HH Maharani Tej Kunwar, married HH Maharawal Lakshman Singh of Banswara.
    • Maharani Swarup Kunwar, married Maharawat Udai Singh of Pratpgarh in Rajasthan.
    • Thakur Kishore Sinhji, married 1stly, Thakurani Deep Kunwar of Sarsi, married 2ndly, Thakurani Pratap Kunwar of Jamli.
    • Thakur Amar Sinhji (qv)
    • Thakur Himmat Sinhji
    • Rani Uday Kunwar, married HH Raja Rawat Balbhadra Singh of Rajgarh, and had issue.
  • Thakur AMAR SINHJI 1898/1916, married 1stly, 1883, Thakurani Gulab Kunwar of Selarpura, married 2ndly, Thakurani Swaroop Kunwar, daughter of Thakur Gulab Sinhji of Kalukheda, married 3rdly, 1893, Thakurani Jadhav Kunwar, daughter of Thakur Bhairu Sinhji of Daspan, married 4thly, 1898, Thakurani Jijiraj Ba, daughter of Thakur Ghagubha of Tera in Kutch, and had issue.
    • Thakur Manmahipal Sinhji (qv)
    • Col. Thakur Rajendra Sinhji, maried Thakurani Manhar Kunwarba, daughter of Thakur Nanubha of Tera in Kutch, and had issue. He died .
      • Thakur Saheb Surendra Sinhji, born , married Thakurani Jeetendra Kumari, daughter of Thakur Shri Jashwant Sinhji of Ranasan, and had issue. He died .
        • Thakur Saheb Surjit Sinhji, born , educated at Daly College, Indore and Symbiosis College, Pune; presently (2005) working in Dubai as a Projects Manager with the Al Futtaim group, specializing in Nero retail marketing (a very specialized retail designing field); married 26th October 2010, Thakurani Saheba Pearl Kunwar [née Pearl Rose Pacheco].
        • Thakur Saheb Ranjit Sinhji, born in Indore, educated at Daly College, Indore and College from Maharaja Sayaji Rao University of Baroda, Gujarat (Bachelor Of Arts), pursued a course study in History (Major) and English (Minor), passing the requisite examinations with Honours, worked as a Country Manager for Afghanistan, taking care of the Procurement and logistics for clients like the U.S. Army, NATO, UNO and Non-Government organisations, presently (2008) employed with the multi national company “Weiss-Rohlig” from Austria, Europe and is working as a Business development manager for their Dubai, UAE office; married 17th November 2005, Thakurani Saheba Poonam Kuwar Namli of Karol Thikana, Jodhpur and has issue, one son and one daughter.
          • Kuwar Sahib Jyotiraditya Singh Namli, born .
          • Kumari Arundhati Singh Namli, born .
      • Thakurani Bhanu Kumari, married Maj. Thakur Dr. Mohan Sinhji of Amleta.
      • Thakurani Krishna Kumari, married Thakur Himmat Sinhji of Sagthali, son of Maj. Thakur Parbat Sinhji.
    • Thakurani Lalit Kunwar, married Thakur Raj Sinhji of Shivgarh.
  • Thakur MANMAHIPAL SINHJI 1916/1948, married 1stly, Thakurani Uday Kunwar, daughter of Thakur Modh Sinhji of Nimbahera, married 2ndly, Thakurani Nand Kunwarba, daughter of Thakur Ravaji, and had issue.
    • Thakur Narendra Sinhji (qv)
    • Baisa Yashwant Kumari
    • Thakur Jitendra Singhji, married and has issue. (Namli Khoti, Namli, Madhya Pradesh, India)
      • Kunwar Devraj Singhji, married Kunwarani Omprabha Kunwar of Badlias, and has issue.
        • Kunwar Novjot Singh, he has completed his High School education.
        • Kumari Vishakha, she has completed her High School education, gaining 3rd rank overall in Madhya Pradesh.
      • Kunwar Mahiraj Singhji, married Kunwarani Meena Kuwar of Dungarpur, and has issue.
        • Nandni Kumari
        • Kunwar Mritunjay Singh
      • Kunwar Raghuraj Singhji, married Kunwarani Joyti Kunwar of Sarangi, and has issue, two daughters.
        • Kanupriya Kumari
        • Mandvi Kumari
      • Kunwar Prithviraj Singhji, married Kunwarani Kadambari Kunwar of Samlia, and has issue.
        • Kunwar Surya Pratap Singh, born in Namli; he has completed his High School education.
        • Kunwar Chandra Pratap Singh
  • Thakur NARENDRA SINHJI 1948/-, married Thakurani Mangala Kunwar, born , daughter of Shreeman Maharaj Bharat Singhji Sahib, Raja Sahib of Multhan, and his first wife, Rani Aman Kunwar.
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