Madhya Pradesh (Dist. Anuppur)


Central India Agency


1st January 1950


INR 37,000 (1891)




438 Square Kilometers km²


19,112 (1901)

Privy Purse

INR 15,400

Hindi Name


Last Updated

15th Nov, 2017

Present Head

Raja Bahadur GHANSHYAM SINGH JUDEO, present Raja of Kothi, married to Ranisaheba Savitri Singh of Thikana Ganshipur (Allahabad) and has issues, one son and 2 daughters.
  • Yuvraj Harshvardhan Singh, born , married on 18th January 2015 to Yuvrani Vinamrata Singh of Jagir Khargapur (Orchha, M.P.).
  • Harshita Singh, married to Yuvraj Jay Mardaraj of Nilgiri (Odisha).
  • Sanyogita Singh, born .
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Kothi was a small sanad state of about 169 square miles, now included in the Raghuraj Nagar tehsil. The state was formerly ruled by chiefs of the Bhar tribe but Jagat Rai Singh Baghel drove out the original Bhar chief and founded the jagir. On the establishment of British supremacy Kothi was held to be subordinate to Panna, because in the eighteenth century when Chhatrarao Bundela was in power in Panna, the Kothi chiefs were his tributary. Thereafter, however, during the domination of Alibahadur of Banda, and afterwards, the Kothi chiefs maintained their independence. In view of this the British granted in 1810 a sanad (No, XCI) to Rais Lal Duniyapati Singh, making him directly dependent on British Government. The Raja maintains a military force of 35 cavalry, 210 infantry, and 4 guns (as of 1892).
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  • Rais DUNIYAPATI SINGH, Rais of Kothi fl.1810, married and had issue.
    • Rais Abdhut Singh (qv)
  • Rais ABDHUT SINGH, Rais of Kothi, married and had issue.
    • Rao Ran Bahadur Singh (qv)
  • Rais RAN BAHADUR SINGH, Raja of Kothi 1862/1887, born , he was granted the title of Raja Bahadur as a hereditary distinction on 1st January 1878 in recognition of his loyalty, public spirit, and benevolence; married and had issue. He died .
    • Raja Bahadur Bhagwat Bahadur Singh (qv)
  • Raja Bahadur BHAGWAT BAHADUR SINGH, Raja of Kothi 1887/1895, born , he succeded to the gadi on 5th June 1887, married only daughter of the Kanhpuria Raja of Jamon in Sultanpur District. She had issue three sons out of which younger two were adopted to Jamon but died on e by one. Lastly the eldest son succeeded to Kothi and Jamon both.
  • Raja Bahadur AVADHENDRA SINGH, Raja of Kothi 1895/1914
    • Raja Bahadur Kaushalendra Pratap Singh (qv)
    • Umaraman Pratap Singh, born , succeeded to Jamon.
    • Tej Pratap Singh
  • Raja Bahadur KAUSHALENDRA PRATAP SINGH, Raja of Kothi 1934/-, born , married to a daughter of Raja Narendra Bahadur Pal of Mahson in Basti district of U.P., and had issue.
  • Raja Bahadur GOVIND PRATAP SINGH, Raja of Kothi fl.1970. He died on .
    • Raja Bahadur Ghanshyan Singh Judeo (qv)
    • Raja Bahadur Aditya Pratap Singh Judeo.
      • Rajvardhan Pratap Singh
      • Rajharshita Singh
  • Raja Bahadur GHANSHYAM SINGH JUDEO (see above)
  • Kumari Vanshika Singh, married Capt. Kunwar Hameer Singh of Banera.
  • Thakurani Kamlesh Kumari, married Thakur Shiv Mangal Singh, Zamindar of Jigirsar, Balia, U.P., and had issue.
    • Pattayet Rani Vijay Laxmi Kumari Devi, married Pattayet Anang Uday Singh Deo of Patna, and has issue, three sons.
  • Thakur Sanjeev Singh B.A. (Hons.), born in Lucknow, U.P., son of the late Thakur C. K. Singh, died , and his wife Thakurani Ibha Devi; married 14th November 1991 in New Delhi, Thakurani Sharika Singh, and has issue, one son.
    • Kunwar Abhimayu Singh, born .
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