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Thakur Bhawani Singh Champawat, married to Shashi Raj Kanwar, daughter of Rao Mohan Singh ji Chitlwana.
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Dhamli is a village located 35km south of Pali Rajasthan. Established in 17th century, was granted as jagir to Budhsinghji of Harsolav, Champawat clan of Rathores by Maharaja Abhay Singhji of Jodhpur for their heroic efforts in the battle of Ahmedabad in the year 1780. Name is derived from Dhamaji Charan an early inhabitant of the village. Dhamli is on bank of river, it has a long history. Well known heritage hotel Fort Dhamli is located here.
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  • Thakur Manohar singh ji, married 1stly to Madan kanwar of Syla and 2ndly to Maji Sahib Nand Kanwar from Bhragupur (Gujrat), and had 6 issues, 2 from 1st wife and 4 from 2nd wife.
    • Thakur Tej Singh Ji, married to Rajendra Kumari of Keria (Rajasthan) and had 3 issue.
      • Baisa Sunita kumari, married in 1998 to Siddhendra Pal Singh of Awagarh.
      • Baisa Veeneta Kumari, married to Dependra Singh Deora of Basai (Madhya Pradesh)
      • Thakur Bhawani Singh (qv)
    • Thakur Man Singh Ji, married to Puspa Kumari of Bada Guda and had 2 issue.
      • Thakur Ajay Singh Rathore married to Neetu Kumari of Khudi
      • Baisa Sangeeta Kumari
    • Thakur Pradeep Singh Ji, married to Lawa (Estate) and has issues, one son and a daughter.
      • Suryaveer Singh
      • Yaswant Kumari
    • Jaideep Singh Ji, married to Bada Guda and has issues, 2 sons.
      • Amardeep Singh
      • Prithviraj Singh
    • Pratibha Kumari, married to late Th. Narendra Singh Ji Ranawat of Bijapur (near Bali).
    • Divya Kumari, married to Shri Narpat Singh Ji Bhati of Lawarki.
  • Thakur Bhawani Singh Ji (see above)
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