Madhya Pradesh


1st Janauary 1950


INR 13,000


8 (1901)


41 Square Kilometers km²


3,984 (1901)

Privy Purse

INR 5,600

Hindi Name


Present Head

Rao Sahib VIRENDRA SINGH Ju Deo, present Rao Sahib of Bihat (H.No.CH-10, Sector-C, 74, Scheme, Vijay Nagar, Indore 452008, Madhya Pradesh, India), born , educated at Daly College, Indore, married 21st June 1961, Rani Kumud Kumari, daughter of HH Maharawat Sir Ram Singhji II Bahadur, Maharawat of Pratapgarh, and has issue.
  • Kumari Usha Singh, married to Mr. Prashant Tiwari, son of the late Sushil Kumar Tiwari (Ex. Officer Excise).
  • Kumari Nandani Singh, married to Mr. Raghavendra Pratap Singh, son of Mr. Jagdish Singh Judeo (Retd. Commissioner, Varanashi, U.P.).
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Founded in 1807 by Kunwar Aparbal Singh, son of Kunwar Khuman Singh and descendant of Kunwar Indrajit, a younger son of Raja Sohan Pal of Orchha (1251/1259). The Rao was allowed to maintain a military force of 5 cavalry, 75 infantry, and 1 gun (1893).
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  • Rao APARBAL SINGH, 1st Rao of Bihat 1807/-, he was granted seven villages by Raja Hirde Sah of Panna, and obtained a sanad from the British Government in 1807.
  • ......
  • Diwan CHHATRI SINGH, held the village of Lohargaon, which was confirmed by a sanad in 1862.
  • ......
  • Rao MAHUM SINGH, Rao of Bihat 1872/-, born , succeeded 9th April 1872, Jagirdar of Bihat, married and had issue.
    • Diwan Bijai Bahadur Singh
    • Diwan Raghuraj Singh
  • Rao (name unknown) SINGH, Rao of Bihat -/1908, married and had issue. He died .
    • Rao Bir Singh Ju Deo (qv)
  • Rao BIR SINGH Ju Deo, Rao of Bihat 1908/- , born , educated at Daly College, Indore and at Mayo College, Ajmer and at Agricultural College, Cawnpore. Invested with full ruling powers January 1925, married 1stly, Rani Nawal Kunwar, daughter of Diwan Shriman Kunwar Shoba Singh of Panna, a maternal uncle of Maharaja Yadvendra Singh of Panna; married 2ndly, Rani Pratap Kunwar, daughter of Thakur Shri Sursinhji Balsinhji of Khirasra, and had issue.
    • Rao Sahib Virendra Singh Ju Deo (by Rani Pratap Kunwar) (qv)
    • Rani Laxmi Kumari (by Rani Nawal Kunwar), married the late Rao Sahib Yadvendra Singh Ju Deo of Beri, and had issue.
  • Rao Sahib VIRENDRA SINGH Ju Deo, Rao of Bihat (see above)
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