Gujarat (Sabarkantha Dist.)


Gujarat States Agency


350 Square Kilometers km²

Privy Purse

INR 50,000

Hindi Name


Last Updated

13th Sep, 2013

Present Head

Rao Sahib Shri HARSHWARDHAN SINGHJI, 7th and present Rao Shri of Vijaynagar since 20th June 2000 born , Installed on the gaddi on 3rd July 2000, married Rani Sahib Gargi Devi of Datia.
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The founder of this Princely State was Rao Shri Hamirsinhji of Pol who transferred his capital to Vijaynagar. Rulers were....
  • Rao Shri HAMIRSINHJI I GULABSINHJI, 27th Rao Shri of Pol 1864/- and 1st Rao Shri of Vijaynagar -/1889, married and had issue.
    • Rao Shri Mohobatsinhji Hamirsinhji (qv)
    • Rao Shri Prithisinhji Hamirsinhji (qv)
    • Rao Shri Bhupatsinhji II Hamirsinhji (qv)
  • Rao Shri PRITHISINHJI HAMIRSINHJI, 2nd Rao Shri of Vijaynagar 1889/1905, born , he died sp in 1905.
  • REGENCY 1905/1906
  • Rao Shri BHUPATSINHJI II HAMIRSINHJI, 3rd Rao Shri of Vijaynagar 1906/1913, born , married and had adoptive issue. He died .
    • (A) Rao Shri Mohobatsinhji Bhupatsinhji (qv)
  • Rao Shri MOHOBATSINHJI BHUPATSINHJI, 4th Rao Shri of Vijaynagar 1913/1914, born , former Jagirdar of Verabar 1906/1914, succeeded by adoption, married and had adoptive issue. He died .
    • (A) Rao Shri Hamirsinhji Mohibatsinhji (qv)
  • REGENCY 1914/1924
  • Rao Shri HAMIRSINHJI II MOHOBATSINHJI, 5th Rao Shri of Vijaynagar 1914/1986, born as Kumar Shri Hamirsinhji Hindupatsinhji, he was installed 27th June 1916, married and had issue. He died .
    • Rao Sahib Shri Pratapsinhji Hamirsinhji (qv)
  • Rao Sahib Shri PRATAP SINGHJI, 6th Rao Shri of Vijaynagar 1986/2000, born , he was installed in April 1986, married 1954, Rani Sahib Sugankanwar Devi, daughter of HH Maharajadhiraj Maharawal Girdhar Singh Bahadur of Jaisalmer, and his first wife, HH Maharani Sahib Damayanti Devi, and had issue. He died .
    • Rao Sahib Shri Harshwardhan Singhji (qv)
    • Rajkumar Vijayvardhan Singh, born , married Kavrani Asha Kumari, daughter of Thakur Shri Karan Singhji of Khejarla in Rajasthan, and has issue, one son and two daughters.
      • Baijilal Chandrika Kumari Rathore, born , married 14th February 2009, Kanwar Sahib Shivarjun Singhji of Mandawa.
      • Baijilal Kritika Kumari Rathore, born , educated at Mayo College, Ajmer.
      • Bhawar Vishva Vardhan Singh Rathore, born .
    • Rajkumari Hitendra Kumari, married Maharaj Mahendra Singh Parmar of Santrampur in Panchmahal Distt., Gujarat, and has issue. (Veracruz, Mexico)
      • Sheila Parmar
      • Dr. Abhimanyu Singh (Kush) Parmar, MD-PhD student at Harvard University, Boston (Med. and M.I.T. combined program), engaged in 2010, to Rajkumari Padmaja Kumari, daughter of Maharaj Shri Arvind Singhji of Udaipur, and his wife, Rani Raj Vijayraj Kumari.
  • Rao Sahib Shri HARSHWARDHAN SINGHJI, 7th Rao Shri of Vijaynagar (see above)
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