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Rajpal Jwala Pratap Singh, 50th Chauhan, born , married and has issue, one daughter and twin sons.
  • Avantika Rajya Laxmi Singh
  • Adhirajya Vardhan Singh
  • Samrajya Vardhan Singh
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Around 1300 AD descendants of Hill-Chauhan Raja SINHraj Chauhan (725 AD) founded Tulsipur State in the Siwalikas near the foothills of Himalayas.
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  • Raja Meghraj Singh Chauhan, 24th Ruler, born AD.
  • ...
  • Raja Udat Singh Chauhan, 29th Ruler, born AD.
  • ...
  • Raja Dev Narayan Singh Chauhan, 33rd Ruler, born AD.
  • ...
  • Raja Ram Krishna Singh Chauhan, 38th Ruler, born AD.
  • ...
  • Raja Nawal Singh Chauhan, 40th Ruler, born AD.
  • Raja Dalel Singh Chauhan, 41st Ruler, born AD.
  • Raja Dan Bahadur Singh Chauhan, 42nd Ruler, born AD.
  • Raja Drigraj Singh Chauhan, 43rd Ruler, born AD.
  • Raja Drig Singh Chauhan, 44th Ruler, born AD.
  • 1857 AD to 1859 AD - First Indian War of Independence and End of Tulsipur State.

  • Rajkumar Tirtha Ram Singh, 45th Chauhan, born AD.
  • Sardar Saheb Har Dayal Singh, 46th Chauhan, born AD.
  • Sardar Saheb Jwala Singh, 47th Chauhan, born AD.
  • Gadhi ko Hakim and Mir Saheb Dilip Singh, 48th Chauhan, born AD.
  • End of hereditary "Jagir system" in Nepal and India.

  • Babusaheb Prachanda Singh Thakuri, 49th Chauhan, born AD.
  • Rajpal Jwala Pratap Singh, (see above)
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