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3rd Apr, 2015

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Thakur Om Prakash Parihar, the present thakur of Parihar family in Trithloo.
  • Rana Subash Parihar
    • Bhanwar Dev Parihar
    • Bhanwar Piyush Parihar
  • Rana Bharat Bhushan Parihar
  • Rana Parminder Singh Parihar
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Maharaja Nagbhatta a Parihar ruler (730-756) extended its rule from east to south from Mandor conquering Malwa as far as Gwalior. It was the time of 18th century when Parihar Rajputs settled here. It is said that they were the descendants of the branch of Jodhpur Partihars who migrated from Jodhpur Rajasthan to Jammu & Kashmir. They passed through the hills of H.P. and entering to Trithloo, Bhalessa. Later they became head of Parihars of Trithloo. After some years other Rajput tribes also settled there.
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  • Rao Ramchandra Parihar
  • Rao Bharatchandra Parihar
  • Rao Harsh Chandra Parihar
  • Rao Shiv Sarain Parihar
  • Thakur Nihal Chand Parihar
    • Om Prakash Parihar (qv)
    • Kashmir Singh Parihar
      • Rana Akshay Parihar
      • Rana Manish Singh Parihar
  • Thakur Om Prakash Parihar (see above)
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