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Raja Babu Prabhat Narayan Singh
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The Tirhoot is a Zamindari of Parmara Rajput of Gandhwariya Clan. It held in Bhagalpur district of Bihar, due to their rule over garh Gandhwar, they are locally known as Gandhwariya. The state was founded by Raja Prithiviraj Singh in 1359 A.D.
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  • Raja Prithiviraj Singh
    • Raja Lakesh Singh (qv)
    • Raja Pakesh Singh, went to north Bhagalpur and ruled over there.
  • Raja Lakesh Singh
    • Kesari Singh (qv)
  • Kesari Singh, married and had two sons and a daughter, he died in A.D.
    • Sardara Singh (1613A.D.)
    • Ram Kripal Singh
    • Kumari Urmila
  • Raja Sardara Singh
    • Raja Shakti Singh
      • Raja Prithiviraj Singh II (qv)
    • Raja (name unknown), went to Saharsa estate.
  • Raja PrithiviRaj Singh II
    • Kamal Singh
    • Rudra Narayan Singh
  • Raja Rudra Narayan Singh
    • Prabhat Pratap Narayan Singh
  • Raja Prabhat Pratap Narayan Singh (see above)
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