Hindi Name

सुजाजी का गढा

Last Updated

17th Oct, 2016

Present Head

Thakur Gajraj Singh, present head since 1949.
  • Kunwar Karan Singh
    • Vishwajeet Singh
    • Rajkumar Singh
  • Kunwar Krishnakant Singh
    • Vishwaraj Singh
    • Gitanjali kanwar
  • Late Kunwar Shakti Singh
    • Prithviraj Singh
    • Ahilya Kanwar
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Sujaji Ka Garha is a Thikana of Sanchora Chouhan. It is located in Banswara district of Rajasthan state. This thikana is named after its founder and first Thakur Late Surajmal Chauhan. Presently there are around 40 houses of Chouhans in the village.
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  • Late Thankur Hadmat Singh
    • Late Thakur Dalpat Singh (qv)
    • Late Thakur Gulab Singh, he was adopted by Thakur of Thikana Metwala (Banswara)
      • Thakur Rajendra Singh, thakur of Thikana Metwala (Banswara)
      • Thakur Ashok Singh
      • Thakur Narendra Singh
      • Thakur Surendra Singh
      • Thakur Mahipal Singh
    • Late Thakur Sajjan Singh
      • Late Thakur Gajendra Singh
      • Thakur Nathu Singh
      • Thakur Manohar Singh
      • Thakur Jagmal Singh
      • Thakur Ratan Singh
      • Thakur Dilip Singh
  • Late Thakur Dalpat Singh
    • Thakur Gajraj Singh (qv)
    • Thakur Jaswant Singh
      • Kunwar Pradeep Singh
    • Thakur Balwant Singh
      • Kunwar Surendra Singh
        • Kunwar Pithalraj Singh
        • Kunwar Pranayraj Singh
      • Kunwar Satyendra Singh
        • Baisa Nehalraj
        • Baisa Sehalraj
        • Kunwar Anshraj Singh
  • Thakur Gajraj Singh (see above)
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