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Thikana Sohari belongs to the Shekhawat (Ratnawat) clans of Rajput community. They are from Dayaldasot race of Ratnawat Shekhawat. Rao Akheraaj Ji who was second son of Rao Shekha Ji was allotted thikana of Rajnauta, Antela, Bhaabhru, Khelna and Bhonaas around 1570 Vikram Samvat covering two lacs beeghaa of land. Later on his son Rao Kaanhe Ji was granted 0.5 lakh beegha land of Antela around 1602 vikram samvat. Periodically, his generation migrated to Raghunathpura Torda and Dayaldas Ji came Nahaad (Rewari). Peoples of Nahaad were terrified by dacoit Chanderbhaan Tanwar so Dayaldas Ji fought and defeated him. Later on he migrated to Satnali (Mahendergarh). He attained martyrdom fighting against Tanwar Rajput of Torawati on an unknown issue. We are derived as Dayaldasot from his name. His issues Shyamdas ji, Manohardas Ji and Narayandas Ji established Satnali, Sohansara and Jadwa respectively as their thikana.

Rao Sawroop Singh ji, great grandson of Dayaldas Ji founded Sohari as his thikana around 1780 Vikram Samvat. Since long time generation of these Shekhawat are very prominent in Mahendergarh district of Haryana. These brave hearts covers seven villages namely Sohari, Satnali, Jadwa, Pathrawa, Dhana, Nangla and Shyampura.

At least one person from every house is in Indian Army (Rajputana Rifles). Shri Shimbhu Singh was elected as undisputed sarpanch two times. Captain Ratan Singh Shekhawat was a Nobel person of this race as he was one of the prominent politician of Indian National Lok Dal (INLD).

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  • Rao Ratnawat Ji (Ratna Ji)
    • Rao Akheraj Ji, he was allotted provinces namely Rajnotaa, Antela, Bhabhra and Bhonaas occupying 1,50,000 bighas of land. (qv)
  • Rao Akheraj Ji
    • Rao Kaanhe Ji, he was allotted Antela province occupying 52,000 bighas of land in 1602 (Vikaram Samvant). (qv)
    • Rao Kalla Ji, he was allotted Rajnotaa province occupying 52,000 bighas of land in 1602 (Vikaram Samvant).
    • Rao Pemsi, he was allotted Bhabhra, Khelna and Bhonaas provinces occupying 52,000 bighas of land in 1602 (Vikaram Samvant).
  • Rao Kaanhe Ji, of Antela
    • Rao Udaran Ji, he was allotted Khelna province.
    • Rao Puranmal Ji
    • Rao Jaitsi Ji
    • Rao Bagh Ji
    • Rao Chaturbhuj Ji
    • Rao Dayaldas Ji (qv)
  • Rao Dayaldas Ji, he was residing in Raghunathpura Torda earlier but later he migrated to Naahad (presently in Rewari district of Haryana) where he fought with Dasyu Chanderbhaan Tanwar and gave a befitting reply to him. After that he moved to Satnali near Mahendergarh district in Haryana. Rao Dayaldas Ji got martyrdom in fight with Tanwar Rajputs on an unknown issue.
    • Rao Shyamdaas Ji, occupied Satnali province (qv)
    • Rao Manohardas Ji, established Sohansara town near Satnali Province in present Haryana State.
    • Rao Narayandas Ji, established Jadwa thikana near Satnali.
    • Rao Narsingdas Ji, no issues.
  • Shyamdaas Ji, thakur of Satnali.
    • Rao Maha Singh Ji, got martyrdom in early age.
    • Rao Kishna Singh Ji, was allotted Kunoth thikana.
    • Rao Bhagwandas Ji, was allotted Satnali province. (qv)
    • Rao Balbhadradas Ji, occupied Dhaana thikana near Satnali.
    • Rao Kumuk Singh, martyred in early age.
    • Rao Kanak Singh Ji, returned to Nahaad.
  • Rao Bhagwandas Ji
    • Rao Jaswant Singh Ji, Thakur of Satnali.
    • Rao Sultan Singh Ji
    • Rao Sawroop Singh Ji, founded Sohari Thikana near Satnali (qv)
    • Rao Jait Singh Ji
    • Rao Nandram Singh Ji, was given partial ruling of Satnali.
    • Rao Jorawar Singh Ji
    • Rao Jaalim Singh Ji
  • Rao Sawroop Singh Ji, founder of Sohari Thikana.
    • Rao Madan Singh Ji, increased catchment area of Sohari Thikana (qv).
  • Rao Madan Singh Ji
    • Rao Naathu Singh Ji (qv)
  • Rao Naathu Singh Ji
    • Rao Hanut Singh Ji
    • Rao Thandu Singh Ji, Thakur of Sohari Thikana (qv)
    • Rao Salaidi Singh Ji
    • Rao Sheoji Singh Ji
  • Thandu Singh Ji
    • Rao Dalel Singh Ji, he was in British - Indian Army (qv)
    • Rao Lakshman Singh Ji, no issues.
  • Rao Dalel Singh Ji
    • Rao Sheodat Singh Ji, he was in British Indian Army posted in Luckhnow (U.P.) (qv)
  • Sheodat Singh Ji
    • Partap Singh Ji
      • Ramkumar Singh
      • Ramotaar Singh
      • Mukund Singh
      • Madan Singh Ji
    • Chittarshaal Singh Ji (qv)
    • Tejmaal Singh Ji
      • Vijay Singh
      • Ramnarayan Singh
      • Bhagirath Singh
      • Ompaal Singh
      • Ratipaal Singh
      • Hanuman Singh
  • Chittarshaal Singh Ji
    • Shimbhu Singh Ji, two times undisputed Sarpanch of Sohari thikana.
      • Rajpal Singh
      • Mahender Singh (Higher Secondary Head Master)
      • Santu Singh, got martyrdom in early age.
      • Sawant Singh Ji
    • Hav. Maktul Singh, served in Indian Army in Rajputana Rifles Regiment
      • Jaipal Singh, served in Indian Army.
    • Hajaari Singh
      • Sumer Singh Shekhawat, honorary SM in Rajputana Rifles Regiment. He was Adjutant and head recruiter in Raj Rifles, New Delhi)
      • Attar Singh
      • Narender Singh, Naib Subedar in Rajputana Rifles, Indian Army
    • Kishan Singh Ji
      • Subhash Singh, Assistant Commandant in CRPF
      • Ashok Singh
    • Sep. Raghuveer Singh
      • Deep Singh
      • Naib Subedar Singh, Rajputana Rifles, Indian Army
      • Rakesh Singh
    • Hav. Birju Singh
      • Rajkumar Singh, ASI in Indo Tibetaan Border Police (ITBP)
      • Mainpaal Singh (Aabkaari Vibhaag)
      • Deewan Singh (Vice Sarpanch)
      • Mintu Singh
    • Sep. Jagdish Singh
      • Ramveer Singh, Havaldaar in Rajputana Rifles Regiment
      • Shakti Singh. pursuing his education from MDU, Rohtak.
        • Silochana Kanwar, married in Anoopshahr Thikana.
        • Poonam Kanwar, married in Anoopshahr Thikana.
        • Mamta Kanwar, married in Togawas Thikana (Rathore) in Churu district.
    • Captain Ratan Singh Ji, served in 15 Battalion of Rajputana Rifles at the Rank of Captain. Earlier he was one of the eminent Indian National Lokdal(INLD) politician. He contested general assembly election of Haryana but lost with a small margin. He fought Indo-Pak war of 1971 and Operation Pawan (Shri Lanka against Tamilian Tigers 1991-1993).
      • Vikaram Singh, Forest Range Officer.
      • Ranjeet Singh, upper primary teacher.
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