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9th Jun, 2017

Present Head

Th. Rajendra Singh Khichi, present head of Sohangarh, presently in Jodhpur
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In 1760, Th. Hari Singh Ji of Indroka was made qiladar of Jalore fort which was under Jhodpur State. After his death his son Chain Singh Ji took his position as qiladar of Jalore by the order of Maharaja of Jhodpur. Th. Chain Singh Ji saved the life of Maharaja Man Singh Ji of Jhodpur and was wounded during his brave feat. For his bravery he was awarded the jagir of Gaangani, and was made qiledar of Jhodpur Fort but Th.Chain Singh Ji could not live longer and died in .

Th. Chain Singh Ji‘s son Jhujhar Singh Ji was made qiledar of Jalore, after his death but in 1838 Maharaja Man Singh Ji assigned Jalore forts to Naths, who were like guru to him. Th. Jhujhar Singh Ji did not allow Naths to enter the fort as he wanted Maharaja to keep this fort as it was very important post, for this act Jhujhar Singh Ji was imprisoned. Later on he was released but his jagir village was confiscated.

Th. Jhujhar Singh Ji had 3 sons; Lal Singh Ji, Kishan Singh Ji and Berisal Singh Ji. Lal Singh Ji stayed back and Kishan Singh Ji along with Berisal Singh Ji went to a place “Aamli ka bera” near village Indroka and from there they migrated to Punjab state of India, where they used to go in a cattle fair every year. With the help of a known government officials they purchased 3 villages Rattewala, Lohgarh and Kakuwala in Firozpur district of Punjab in an auction from British government. Kishan Singh Ji kept Rattewala, Lohgarh was given to Berisal Singh Ji and Kakuwalla was divided equally. After this they purchased 2 more villages Dudiawali and Budimedi in Sirsa [Haryana].

Later on Sohan Singh Ji, the eldest son of Kishan Singh Ji purchased 2 more villages Mirzawali near Tibbi (Hanumangarh, Rajasthan) and Naiwala in Sirsa [Haryana] in an auction from maharaja of Bikaner. He changed the name of Rattewala to Sohangarh and became the first Thakur of Sohangarh he constructed a fort and a Lord Krishna temple in village and donated land for the maintenance of temple after his death. In 1932, his eldest son, Madho Singh Ji became the Thakur. Madho Singh Ji was a well known personality in Haryana, Punjab and Rajasthan. He also purchased land in Haryana and Rajasthan. He was chief councelor to Maharaja Hanuwant Singh Ji of Jhodpur. Madho Singh Ji purchased a village in Kolayat Thehsil of Bikaner and named it Madhogarh. He died in .

After death of Madho Singh Ji his only son Balwant Singh Ji became the Thakur of Sohangarh. He stayed in Sirsa (Haryana) for most of his life. He had seven sons. His eldest son Dalpat Singh Ji died before him. Balwant Singh Ji died later in 1977. After his death Rajendra Singh Ji eldest son of Dalpat Singh Ji became the Thakur of Sohangarh.

  • Raja Achal Das ji (Garh Gagroan 1423 AC)
  • Th. Udai Singh ji
  • Th. Rawal Mella ji
  • Th. Dhanraj ji
  • Th. Kalyan Das ji
  • Th. Bhawni Das ji (Narwa)
  • Th. Sankhar Das ji
  • Th. Durga Das ji (Indroka)
  • Th. Panchun Das ji
  • Th. Vithal Das ji
  • Th. Tej Singh ji
  • Th. Harnath Singh ji
  • Th. Hari Singh ji
  • Th. Chain Singh ji (Gangani)
  • Th. Jhujhar Singh ji (Gangani), had 3 sons.
    • Lal Singh JI (Dudiawali)
    • Kishan Singh Ji (Sohangarh), see below.
    • Berisal Singh Ji (Lohgarh)
      • Ratan Singh
        • Bakhtawar Singh
        • Partab Singh
      • Ranjeet singh
        • Sagat Singh
          • Magh Singh
            • Umadh Singh
            • Anobha Singh
            • Dheerat Singh
            • Narayan Singh
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  • Kishan Singh Ji (Sohangarh)
    • Sohan Singh Ji (qv)
    • Sardar Singh ji
  • Sohan Singh Ji
    • Madho Singh Ji (qv)
    • Arjun Singh Ji
      • Sajan Singh ji, presently in Ootu
        • Anand Singh ji
        • Kaan Singh ji
        • Durga Singh ji
    • Mangal Singh Ji
      • Raghubir Singh ji, presently in Sirsa
        • Harender Singh ji
          • Divyabhan Singh ji
        • Ajeet Singh ji
    • Hamir Singh ji
      • Jasbeer Singh ji, presently in Bundi
        • Raghuraj Singh ji
        • Balraj Singh ji
        • Karan Singh ji
        • Prithvi Raj Singh ji
        • Vijendra Singh ji
        • Balwant Singh ji
      • Narpat Singh ji, presently in Bikaner
        • Narendra Singh ji
        • Shakti Singh ji
      • Ranveer Singh ji, presently in Bundi
        • Janardhan Singh ji
  • Madho Singh Ji
    • Balwant Singh Ji (qv)
  • Balwant Singh Ji
    • Dalpat Singh Ji (qv)
    • Raj Singh ji
    • Ranvijay Singh ji
      • Daljeet Singh ji, presently in Jodhpur
    • Jai Singh Ji
      • Dalveer Singh ji, presently in Chandigarh
    • Mukan Singh ji
      • Manvendra Singh ji, presently in Jaipur
    • Durga Singh ji
      • Jogendra Singh Ji, presently in Jaipur
    • Gajendra Singh Ji
      • Devendra Singh ji, presently in Bikaner
    • Surendra Singh ji
      • Shakti Singh ji, presently in Sirsa
  • Dalpat Singh Ji
    • Rajendra Singh ji (qv)
    • Mahendra Singh ji, presently in Jodhpur
    • Vikram Singh ji, presently in Jodhpur
    • Ashok Singh ji, presently in Jodhpur
    • Dolat Singh ji, presently in Jodhpur
    • Rewat Singh ji, presently in Jodhpur
  • Rajendra Singh ji (see above)
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