Hindi Name

सेमली रायसेन

Last Updated

20th Jan, 2016

Present Head

Thakur Shankar Singh Ji Rajawat, preset Thakur of Semli Raisen, married and has issues.
  • Kunwar Harshwardhan Singh
  • Kunwar Shailendra Singh
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The Thikana was funded around 1860. The name "Semli Raisen" is combination of an Ancient Semla tree (situated at that place) and founder's name (Rai Singh Ji). The roots of the family are in Mohanpura (now part of Jaipur City) followed by JaiSinghpur (near Ujjain, MP).
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  • Thakur Rai Singh Ji
  • Thakur Pratap Singh Ji
  • Thakur Jawani Singh Ji
    • Raghuveer Singh Ji (qv)
    • Mod Singh Ji
      • Surendra Singh Ji
        • Rajendra Singh Ji
        • Gajendra Singh Ji
      • Umesh Singh Ji
        • Shubhrant Singh Ji
    • Mohan Singh Ji
      • Laxman Singh Ji
        • Kuldeep Singh Ji
        • Rajveer Singh Ji
      • Vikram Singh Ji
        • Pushpraj Singh ji
        • Abhijeet Singh Ji
    • Hari Singh Ji
    • Randheer Singh Ji
      • Jitendra Singh Ji
        • Rajvardhan Singh
      • Yogendra Singh Ji
  • Thakur Raghuveer Singh Ji
    • Shankar Singh Ji (qv)
    • Bheru Singh Ji
      • Mahendra Singh Ji
  • Thakur Shankar Singh Ji (see above)
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