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8th Jul, 2017

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Thakur Chitranjan Singh, present thakur of Sawantsar.
  • Yagyapravin Singh
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Thakur Sultan Singh was granted Likhmadesar Jagir in 1883 by Maharaja Dungar Singh of Bikaner and in 1899 he was granted Sawantsar Jagir by Maharaja Ganga Singh of Bikaner and also granted Jhanjheu Thikana in 1925 by Maharaja Ganga Singh of Bikaner.
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  • Thakur Abhay Singh, son of Thakur Bakhtawar Singh of Khetasar.
  • Thakur Tej Singh, was granted Bhawad Jagir.
    • Thakur Shivnath Singh (Bhawad)
    • Rao Bahadur Raja Jeevraj Singh (Jhanjheu)
    • Thakur Sultan Singh, Sawantsar (qv)
  • Thakur Sultan Singh, 1st Thakur Saheb of Likhmadesar 1883/- and of Sawantsar 1899, and 5th Thakur Saheb of Jhanjheu, son of Thakur Tej Singh of Bhawad (see Khetasar); married and had issue
    • Thakur Malam Singh (qv)
    • Thakur Amar Singh
      • Bag Singh
      • Govardhan Singh
        • Ganesh Singh
      • Dhane Singh
        • Narayan Singh
      • Bhur Singh
      • Mool Singh
      • Udai Singh
        • Prem Singh
      • Bhawani Singh
    • Thakur Raghunath Singh
      • Colonel Mohan Singh
        • Thakur Bhawani Singh
          • Lokendra Singh
          • Bhupendra Singh
      • Major Chand Singh
        • Bhawani Singh
        • Narendra Singh
          • Dushyant Singh
          • Navin Singh
        • Gajendra Singh
          • Harshvardhan Singh
    • Thakur Ram Singh, Thakur of Likhmadesar, born on , married Rathorin Thakurani Pushpa Kanwar of Thikana Boo (BoonRanwta) in Nagaur, in 1926 and had issues, died in , he was a good player of Tennis, Swimmer, Wrestler and also a Good musician; he was a teacher in Benaras College and also became the Principle of Udaipur BN Collage.
      • Thakur Abhimanyu Singh, Thakur of Likhmadesar, married to Man Kanwar, daughter of thakur of Salpur in Alwar.
        • Thakur Sher Singh, present Thakur of Likhmadesar.
        • Thakur Kesar Singh
        • Baisa Raj laxmi kanwar, married to Thakur Hadman Singh Shekhawat of Khuri (Khudi).
        • Baisa Meenakshi kanwar, married to Thakur Vikram Singh Shekhawat of Khuri (Khudi).
      • Thakur Padam Singh, married to Gyan Kanwar, daughter of Thakur of Mori and had issue.
        • Thakur Someshwar Singh
        • Thakur Dhaneshwar Singh
      • Thakur Mahesh Singh, married and had issue.
        • Thakur Digvijay Singh
        • Baisa Kushajli Kanwar
        • Baisa Pooja Kanwar
      • Thakurani Shiv Kanwar, married to Thakur Ranjit Singh of Sarthal, and has issue.
      • Thakurani Shakuntla Kanwar, married to Thakur Bheem Singh of Lakhansar.
      • Thakurani Usha Kanwar, married to Thakur Jai Singh of Minda.
      • Thakurani Kamal Kanwar, married to Thakur Narayan Singh of Diggi.
      • Thakurani Vimla Kanwar, married to Maharaj Bharat Singh of Raoti in Jodhpur.
      • Baisa Uma Kanwar
      • Baisa Sushila Kanwar
  • Thakur Malam Singh
    • Anand Singh (qv)
    • Jai Singh
      • Narendra Singh
      • Laxminarayan Singh
      • Mahavir Singh
        • Sanjay Pratap Singh Tanwar
        • Nalin Deo Singh Tanwar
      • Mahendra Singh
      • Keshar Singh
  • Thakur Anand Singh
  • Thakur Chitranjan Singh (see above)
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