1954 AD


INR 7,500/-



Hindi Name


Last Updated

29th Apr, 2017

Present Head

Thakur Saheb Surajmal, 13th and present Thakur of Meghana.
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Rulers of Meghana are descendants of Rajkumar Thakursiji, son of Rao Jetsiji of Bikaner. The Chief is among the nobles of Bikaner State and enjoys Ikladi Tazim and Banho Pasanv in Bikaner Darbar, the estate was granted to Thakur Saheb Raghunath Singhji, son of Thakur Saheb Bagh Singhji of Nohar by Raja Rai Singhji of Bikaner in 1580 AD and consisted of five villages. Previously the descendants were granted Bhatner (constituting of 52 villages) and later Nohar, but both estates were declared ‘Khalasa’. Thikana was provided Rekh and Chakari Asvar of 5 and were seated at right hand side to the Throne of Bikaner Darbar.
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  • Rao Jetsiji, 4th Ruler of Bikaner.
    • Rajkumar Thakursi
  • Rao Saheb Thakursiji, granted Thikana Bhatner, married and had issue.
    • Kunwar Bagh Singh (qv)
  • Thakur Saheb Bagh Singhji, 2nd Thakur of Bhatner, married and had issue.
    • Kunwar Raghunath Singh (qv)
  • Thakur Saheb Raghunath Singhji, 1st Thakur of Nohar and Meghana (which was later granted on Khalasa declaration of Bhatner and Nohar by Bikaner State).
    • Kunwar Madho Singh (qv)
  • Thakur Saheb Madho Singhji, 2nd Thakur of Meghana.
    • KunwarJivraj Singh (qv)
  • Thakur Saheb Jivraj Singhji, 3rd Thakur of Meghana.
    • Kunwar Uday Singh (qv)
  • Thakur Saheb Uday Singhji, 4th Thakur of Meghana.
    • Kunwar Jagmal Singh (qv)
  • Thakur Saheb Jagmal Singhji, 5th Thakur of Meghana.
    • Kunwar Prithvi Singh (qv)
  • Thakur Saheb Prithvi Singhji, 5th Thakur of Meghana.
    • Kunwar Bhawani Singh (qv)
  • Thakur Saheb Bhawani Singhji, 6th Thakur of Meghana.
    • Kunwar Bhairon Singh (qv)
  • Thakur Saheb Bhairon Singhji, 7th Thakur of Meghana.
    • Kunwar Sher Singhji (qv)
  • Thakur Saheb Sher Singhji, 8th Thakur of Meghana.
    • Kunwar Khet Singh (qv)
  • Thakur Sheb Khet Singhji, 9th Thakur of Meghana.
    • Kunwar Mohabbat Singh (qv)
  • Thakur Saheb Mohabbat Singhji, 10th Thakur of Meghana, had a adoptive issue.
    • (A) Kunwar Kesri Singh (qv)
  • Thakur Saheb Kesri Singhji, 11th Thakur of Meghana.
    • Kunwar Surajmal (qv)
  • Thakur Saheb Surajmal (see above)
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