A Kathi Rajput state also known as Mandav Gadh, the giras (ownership) of this estate at one time extended to more then 150 villages. During the minority of Wala Harsur Bapu, a neighboring Girasia, Bawa Wala, laid a forcible hand on his Giras and dispossessed him. Ten years later, Harsur Bapu murdered Bawa Wala and regained his old Giras. But Bawa’s descendants would not quietly submit to the deed and were out to seek revenge. The Junagadh state interfered and sequestered the Giras of Harsur Bapu for this act of violence. Thereupon left with nothing, Harsur Bapu became an outlaw. Later his grievance was carried to the British government and because of the harassment to Junagadh state through his outlawry, an agreement was reached between Junagadh and Harsur Bapu. By this Parwana (agrrement), the Girasia, in lieu of his old giras, received 6 specified villages and certain privileges in Gir forest (certain rights of cutting wood, grazing, collecting grass etc.). Later these rights, because of certain disagreements relating to duties, were converted into a cash amount of 3,500Rs and 2 lakh bundles of grass in a famine year. The amount was given under Sudhara Varad, this payment (Vadtar or reimbursement) was stopped some years ago, but it was successfully challenged in the supreme court by the late Darbar Shri, and is still being payed yearly of the amount of 3,500Rs. Around 175 years ago, when the new state was formed comprising the 6 villages mentioned above, the capital was shifted to Nani Visavadar, which was renamed some years later to Mandawad, though "Nava Visavadar urfe (meaning alias) Mandavad" remained in all official records till 1947. This was because of the presence of a deity (or an angelic demon or a Gin) in a Banyan tree which is called Vadlo in Gujarati. This Vadlo is still present and hordes of people still come to pray (or for Mannat) to the deity. Also, inside the Darbar Gadh at Mandawad, there is a dargah of a Muslim Pir called Davalsha Pir. Many people come to worship at this dargah every Thursday.
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  • Darbar Shri HARSUR WALA -/1856, born , died .
  • Darbar Shri KALA WALA 1856/1860, born , died .
  • Darbar Shri HARSUR WALA 1860/1912, born , died .
  • Darbar Shri JIVA WALA 1912/1936, born , married and had issue. He died .
    • Darbar Shri BABBHAI JIVA WALA (qv)
    • Darbar Shri KALA JIVA WALA (qv)
  • Darbar Shri BABBHAI JIVA WALA 1936/-, died young.
  • Darbar Shri KALA JIVA WALA -/1963, born , married and had issue. He died .
    • Darbar Shri JASSA KALA WALA 1963/2001, born , educated at Rajkumar College of Rajkot; married and had issue. He died .
      • Darbar Shri HARPALSINH JASSA WALA, born , married February 2007, present joint Darbar Shri of Mandawad since 2001.
      • Darbar Shri YASHPAL JASSA WALA, born , present joint Darbar Shri of Mandawad since 2001. (Mumbai, India)
    • Darbar Shri PUNJA KALA WALA, born in Mandavad, present joint Darbar Shri of Mandawad since 1963, educated at Rajkumar College of Rajkot (Senior Cambridge with a First Class), Head Boy of the Seniors, awarded the Wynter-Blyth Gold Medal and the Prefect's Cup, besides many prizes for Recitations, Dramatics, Sports and Art-Drawing and Metal Work, and at the Wilson College, Bombay (B.A. with History and Political Science), elected the Social Secretary and the Secretary for the History Department; together with his wife, they established the Sunshine School in 1985, Member of the Committee of the Ahmedabad Kennel Club, Member of the Committee of the Young Riders' Club (Gujarat Equestrian Club), Life Member of WWF (World Wildlife Fund), the the Animal Help Foundation and the Ka-Ma Ashwa Society (for Kathiawadi and Marwari breed horses), former Charter President of the Lions Club of Ahmedabd Midtown and currently a member of the prestigious Rotary Club - Ahmdabad Main; associated with the Blind People's Association and is a regular participant in Car Rallies held in their aid and also as a Trophy Sponsor, Proprietor of Sungrace Enterprise (real-estate business), Treasurer of the Heritage Hotels Association; married Rani Nirmalkunvarba from Paliyad in Bhavnagar Dist., and has issue, two daughters. (Ahmedabad, India)
      • Kumari Devkunvarba (Deviba) Wala
      • Kumari Gayatri Devi (Gayatriba) Wala
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