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12th Jul, 2017

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Raja Arvind Kumar Singh Bankawat
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Kachhawa Rulers of Surya Kul (Sun Dynasty) trace their descendence from Raghukul. Dulhe Rai (Tejkaranj of Dhola Maru fame) son of Sodh Dev (Narwar) received Devnagari (Dausa) part of Dhundhar (Dausa) as dowry and near by area was conquered by him.

Raja Bhagwan Das (alias Madho Kachhawa) was son of Maharaja Bharmal (Ruler of Amber presently known as Jaipur) and younger brother of Raja Bhagwantdas of Amber, born to same mother, Rani Badna. He was bestowed Jagir of Lawan, near Dausa (Dhoondhar). Title "Banka Raja" (Brave King) / "Banka Bahadur" was bestowed upon him by Emperor Akbar for his great valor in battle & his descendants are known as ‘Bankawats’.

Legend has it that the earlier capital, “Nyee” (famous Shiva Temple - Nyee ka Nath) was deserted after 3 years of sandstorms and the capital was shifted from Nyee to Lawan.

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  • Maharaja Bharmal of Amer (later Jaipur)
  • Raja Bhagwandas (Bankey Raja)
  • Raja Akheraj (a.k.a Akheram)
  • Raja Hirderam (Jagir of Lawan)
  • Raja Jagram
  • Raja Udairam
  • Raja Anadram (a.k.a Manandram)
  • Raja Mamarakhram
  • Raja Govindram
  • Raja Pratapram
  • Raja Lichmanram
  • Raja Hardevram
  • Raja Jagdishram
  • Raja Pirthiram
  • Raja Achalram
  • Raja Hanwantram
  • Raja Anandram (a.k.a Anantram)
  • Raja Govindram II
  • Raja Arvindram (a.k.a Arvind Kumar) (see above)
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