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From around 7th century BC till around the advent of British rule, Bishnupur was ruled by various clans. Before the advent of the kshatriya kings, the area around Bishnupur was called Mallabhum The core area would cover present day Bankura police station area, Onda, Bishnupur, Kotulpur, Kuchiakol, Jamkundi and Indas. In the north it stretched from Damin-i-koh in Santhal Parganas to Midnapore in the south. It included the eastern part of Bardhaman and parts of Chota Nagpur in the west. Raja Raghunath Singh Dev was the first khastriya king of Bishnupur and was succeed by Bir Singh Dev, Bir Singh Dev II, Durjan Singh, Raghunath Singh Dev II, Gopal Singh Dev and Chaitanya Singh. Raja Nimai Singh Dev, the second son of Raja Chaitanya Singh Dev of Bishnupur Raj Zamindari was the founder of the zamindari of Kuchiakol. Finances of Bishnupur estate suffered on account of ravages of Maratha invasion and by the famine of 1771. Upon the death of Raja Chaitanya Singh Dev, his second son Rajkumar Nimai Singh Dev separated from the members of the family after being deprived of the gaddi and in 1806 purchased 22 mauza of from his fathers zamindari estate, when in 1806 due to tax arrears Bishnupur Raj estate was auctioned off to the Maharaja of Burdwan.

Raja Nimai Singh Dev was well versed in Sanskrit, Medicine, Music and Fine arts.

Rai Bahadur Radhaballabh Singh Dev was the most illustrious member of the family and took the charge of the estate when he was just 16 years old. In 1862 he established an English school, he also constructed a Vernacular School and a Girl's School in Kuchiakol. On 1st January 1877 granted title of Rai Bahadur at the first Delhi Durbar, for his contribution during the great famine, and was also honoured by the Magistrate of Bankura District.

Raja Narshingha Singh Dev of Jamkuni branch died without any heir and his wife dowager rani of Jamkundi adopted Rajkumar Surendranath Singh Dev , the third son of Rai Bahadur Radha Ballav Singh Dev of Kuchiakol. Rajkumar Surendranath Singh Dev died in 1888, on attaining majority and Jamkundi estate reverted back to dowager ranisaheb. In 1885, Raja Ram Krishna Singh Dev, the last titular raja of Bishnupur died without heir and his estate was passed to Rajkumar Nilmoni Singh Dev of Kuchiakol branch, through a deed of gift executed by dowager rani of Raja Ram Krishna Singh Dev.

The zamindars were philanthropic in nature and donated Kuchiakol Radhaballav Instituition is named in honour of Rai Bahadur Rdhaballav Singh Dev. (recorded in Bankura Dist Gazeteer), Industrial Technical School, Jogendranath Charitable Dispensary, Banga Balika Vidyalaya, Jogendranath Sanskrit Chatuspathi School and Basanta Library in Kuchiakol. After death of the last Raja Basanta Kumar Singh Dev, his son in law Raja Khetra Mohan Singh Thakur of Purakonda Estate, was appointed chief executor of the estates of Kuchiakol Zamindari.

Thakur Kumar Dr. Debabrata Singh Thakur (Grandson of the last Raja Basanta Kumar Singh) is a renowned musician and is the last exponent of Bishnupur Gharana of Music.

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  • Raja Nimai Singh Dev, 1st zamindar of Kuchiakol (Born , Accession 1806, Died in AD) married and had issue, one son.
    • Yuvraj Bir Singh Dev (qv)
  • Raja Bir Singh Dev (Born , Accession 1832, Died ) married and had issues, 2 sons.
    • Yuvraj Radhaballabh Singh Dev (qv)
    • Kumar Ramjiban Singh Dev, married and had issue.
  • Rai Bahadur Radhaballabh Singh Dev (Born ) married and had 3 sons 2 daughters.
    • Yuvraj Jogendranath Singh Dev (qv)
    • Kumar Upendra Nath Singh Dev
      • Raja Nilmani Singh Dev, married thrice and had issue, 1 son. Inherited the estate of Raja Ram Krishna Singh Dev of Bishnupur Raj.
        • Yuvraj Ram Chandra Singh Dev of Bishnupur Raj, died at the age of 19.
      • Kumar Rajani Nath Singh Dev, married and had 3 sons.
        • Kumar Kartick Singh Dev
        • Kumar Ajit Singh Dev
        • Kumar Ranjit Singh Dev
    • Kumar Surendra Nath Singh Dev (died in 1888) adopted by dowager Rani of Jamkundi (wife of Raja Nar Singh Dev of Jamkundi) estate and died unmarried.
    • Kumari Amod Kumari Devi, married in Harikrishnapur Estate, Bankura WB.
  • Raja Jogendranath Singh Dev, married and had issue, 1 son.
    • Yuvraj Basant Kumar Singh Dev (qv)
  • Raja Basant Kumar Singh Dev, married Rani Sashi Kumari Devi daughter of Raja Ishwar Chandra Dhabal Deb of Dhalbum-Jamboni estate and had issues, 3 daughters.
    • Kumari Birangana Devi, married Kumar Bhubneshwar Narayan Singh of Panchgachia Estate, Distt Saharsa, Bihar, had issues, 3 sons and 2 daughters.
      • Kumar Mrityunjoy Narayan Singh, married and has issues, 3 sons and 2 daughters.
        • Ranvir Pratap Singh
        • Abhay Kumar Singh
        • Ajit Kumar Singh
        • Sangeeta Singh
        • Ragini Singh
      • Kumar Dhananjoy Narayan Singh
      • Kumar Punanjoy Narayan Singh
      • Kishori Singh
      • Purnima Singh
    • Kumari Brajaganga Devi, married to Kumar Khetra Mohan Singh Thakur of Purakonda estate, Bankura Dist. WB. and had issue 2 daughters and 4 sons.
    • Kumari Debangana Devi, married Kumar Kameshwar Narayan Singh of Alamanagar Estate, Distt Madhepura, Bihar.
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