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Rao Pawan Kumar Singh, present Rao of Khimsepur since 9 May 2014, married and has issues, two sons.
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In 1194, Raja Jajpal eldest son of Raja jaichand of Kannauj founded a Khor kingdom after fall of Kannauj, his younger brother ruled from Mahoi. Raja Jajpal and total 19th Raja ruled from Khor. Raja Pratap Rudra was 19th Raja of Khor, and Khor was captured by Delhi sultanate, Raja Pratap Rudra founded new kingdom Bilsarh (Bilsalgarh) in 1555, his elder son Veer Singh ruled from Bilsarh and his younger son Rao Udaychand founded a new kingdom Modha (Moja) in 1580, and built a fort in Modha, after some time he captured 5 villages (Salimpur, Allahganj, Jyoto, Bhitara and Khimsepur), he built a fort in Khimsepur and shifted his capital to Khimsepur.
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  • Rao Udaychand (1590-1600)
  • Rao Karmsen (1600-1622)
  • Rao Krishn Rai (1622-1646)
  • Rao Deep Singh (1646-1666)
  • Rao Bhupati Rai (1666-1699)
  • Rao Dan Rai (1699-1712)
  • Rao Laxmi Narayan (1712-1720)
  • Rao Udit Singh (1720-1734)
  • Rao Ratan Singh (1734-1751)
  • Rao Badan Singh (1751-1780)
  • Rao Indrajeet Singh (1780-1830)
  • Rao Pratap Narayan Singh (1899-1907)
  • Rao Udit Narayan Singh (1907-1934)
  • Rao Shailesh Narayan Singh (1934-2014)
  • Rao Pawan Kumar Singh, present Rao of Khimsepur (see above).
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