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Raja RAVINDER SINGH, 4th and present Raja Sahib of Kayasthpada since 1992 (Kayasthpada Palace, Dholpur District, Rajasthan), born , educated at Mayo College, Ajmer, Saint Pauls, Kota, M.Sc., Govt. College, Kota; he is a well known Conservationist awarded for his efforts by the WWF, Rajasthan Government, Honorary Wildlife Warden for the Hadoti and Dholpur Region. Known for raising Kota in Rajasthan as a tourist destination; married 1984, Kunwarani Maya Devi, daughter of Thakur Badan Singh of Rowai Rajakhera, and his wife Rani Ramkumari Kunti Devi, and has issue one son.
  • Rajkunwar Shri Mayankraj Singh, born , educated at Saint Paul's Sr. Sec. School; Modi Public School, Kota (2004); Faculty of Fine Arts, Vadodara (2009); M S University, Baroda; and University of Delhi. Employers: The Ummaid Bagh Resort, Bundi; Co-owner at Cygnus adventure Tours.
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The rulers of Kayasthpada are direct descendants of the Tomar rulers of the Kingdom of Dhawalpuri (now Dholpur) which was established in 700 AD by Raja Dholan Dev Tomar. Raja Dhawal Deo built the new town of Dholpur in 1050 AD. A descendant of Raja Salivahan Dev II was granted Thakurayat (Jagir) of Musepur.
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  • Raja Dhawal Dev
  • Raja Dhrisht Dev
  • Raja Chandra Dev
  • Raja Bhim Dev
  • Raja Dhruv Chandra
  • Dev Raja Kripal Chandra Dev
  • Raja Vish Chandra Dev I
  • Raja Sobhagya Chandra Dev
  • Raja Vish Chandra Dev II
  • Raja Giri Chndra Dev
  • Raja Kaal Chandra Dev
  • Raja Dusht Dev
  • Raja Vaman Dev
  • Raja Adhan Dev, married Rani Shivba Saheb, daughter of Jam Bheenji, Jam Saheb 1429/1472 of Kutch and had issue.
    • Raja Vinayak Dev, born -1502, In the year 1489 AD Bahawal Lodhi before fighting with the Tomar Kings of Gwalior faced the forces of the Tomar Rulers of Dholpur as anyone who wished to capture Gwalior had to pass through Dholpur and During the year 1502 Sikandar Lodhi had to fight with Dholpur King Vinayak Dev for about a year and with great difficulties were successful in defeating him and capturing Dholpur. The first Johar of Dholpur was performed and the surviving infant prince Salivahan Dev was taken to Oousait (M.P).
      • Raja Salivahan Dev I, married daughter of Maharaja Veer Singh Deo, Maharaja of Bandhogarh 1500/1540, and had issue, a son.
        • Raja Salivahan Dev II, Raja of Dholpur, AD 1567 fought at Haldighati for Maharana Pratap along with his cousins from Patan and Gwalior. His expecting wife was taken to Oousait, and had issue.
          • Raja Kalajay Dev, born in , he was granted the Thakurayat of Musepur from Oousait, where he defeated Musae Khan (a man of doubted Mughal descent) in 1594; married 1stly, Mrignayni of Kuldhara in 1595; married 2ndly, Sugana Kanwar of Kharathiya (Thakurayat in U.P) and had issue, one son and two daughters.
            • Thakur Kripal Dev, (1654-1677), born .
              • Thakur Chamund Dev (continued below)

Thakurayat of Musepur

  • Thakur Sahib CHAMUND DEV, 1677-1747
  • Thakur Sahib VIRAM DEV, 1747-1762
  • Thakur Sahib MADHVENDRA SINGH, 1767-1791
  • Thakur Sahib JWALA SINGH, 1791-1831
  • Thakur Sahib MARTAND SINGH, 1831-1843
  • Thakur Sahib SHYAMAL SINGH, 1843-1875, married 1stly, Thakuranisa Siddheshwari Kumari of Salampur-Bhukhadi; married 2ndly, Thakuranisa Rohini Kumari of Bhidrai (U.P.) she had issue. In 1873, Rana Nihal Singh of Dholpur invited Shyamal Singh to conduct the rites of Tilak, and he sent his son Karan Singh to conduct the rites of the Tilak, and for the same he was awarded the Padvi (title) of the Raja of Kayasthpada and lands near Badi-Basedi with the honour of Bhaipa.


  • Raja KARAN SINGH, 1st Raja of Kayasthpada, (1860-1954), studied medicine under the British and was appointed as an honourary Personal Physician to HH Dholpur. He married Rani Mehandwarni of Pokhariya (U.P.), and had issue, five sons and a daughter.
    • Yuvraj Kunwar Pratap Arjun Singh (qv)
    • Thakur Sardar Singh (1903-1963)
    • Thakur Vijender Singh, (1906-1979), married daughter of Thakur Lacchman Singh, Thakur of Devkhera, and his wife Vindeshwari Devi.
    • Thakur Narayan Singh, (1908-1922)
    • Thakur Lakshman Singh
    • Rajkumari Ramshree Kumari, married Kunwar Lokendra Singh, son of the Junior Chaudhery of Narauli (Zamindari, UP).
  • Raja PRATAP ARJUN SINGH, 2nd Raja of Kayasthpada, (1901-1981), served under the Throne of Dholpur as the head of Police Department and the honorary ADC to His Majesty. Married 1stly to Rani Sahiba Son Kanwar of Dev-khera; married 2ndly to Rani Sahiba Draupadi Kanwar of Murena; married 3rdly to Rani Baikunthi Devi of Pahuna (Thikana of Udaipur); married 4thly to Rani Krishna Kanwar Bai of Nimbaj; and had issue, from 1st wife.
    • Yuvraj Kunwar Badam Singh
    • Rajkumari Vibhuti Devi
    • Rajkumari Sonalakshi Devi
    • Rajkumari Mrinalni Devi
    • Rajkunwar Rajinder Singh, born , married Parvati Devi of Shamsabad.
  • Raja BADAM SINGH, 3rd Raja of Kayasthpada, (1932-1992), educated at Mayo College, Ajmer, and Maharani College, Gwalior; headed the Dholpur Cricket and Horse riding Academy till 1962; served in the Rajasthan Police as Deputy Superintendent. Married 1stly to Thakurani Sahiba Urmila Rajey, (1937-2010), daughter of Thakur Viraj Pal Jadon of Fatehabad and his wife Ketkunwar Bai Sahib of Kotla, she had issue; Married 2ndly to Nandini Kumari, (1971-1992), and had issue.
    • Yuvraj Kunwar Shri Ravindar Singh (qv)
    • Rajkunwar Shri Virendra Singh, married Kunwarani Girjesh Rajey of Majhara (U.P.), and has issue.
      • Bai Sahiba Shubhangini Kumari, born
      • Kunwar Sahib Vidhayraj Singh, born
    • Bada Rajkumari Shrimati Renuka Kumari, married Lal Sahib Mregendra Pratap Singhji of Mandou Rewa, and has issue, a daughter and a son.
      • Baiji Lal Akshara Kumari
      • Lalraj Yogya Pratap Singh
    • Rajkunwar Shri Raghvendra Singh, married Kunwarani Rajrani Devi.
    • Chhota Rajkumari Shrimati Ayesha Kumari, born , married Major Edward Cotwell, and has issue, a daughter and a son. She died .
      • Nandini Cotwell, born
      • Armand Cotwell, (2002-2011)
    • Rajkunwar Shri Jagatraj Singh, born , he died sp. 1992.
  • Raja RAVINDER SINGH, 4th Raja of Kayasthpada (see above)
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