INR 32,000




11,249 (1901)

Hindi Name


Last Updated

26th Jun, 2017

Present Head

Rawat YOGESHWAR SINGH, 20th Rawat Saheb of Kanore since 2011.
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The founder of the family was Kunwar Ajja, son of Maharana Lakhaji of Mewar.
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  • Rawat AJJA SINGH, 1st Thakur of Kanore, married and had issue.
    • Rawat Sarang Deo I (qv)
  • Rawat SARANG DEO I, 2nd Thakur of Kanore, married and had issue, the Sarangdevot clan.
    • Rawat Joga Singh (qv)
  • Rawat JOGA SINGH, 3rd Thakur of Kanore -/1527, married and had issue. He died at the battle of Khanwa.
    • Rawat Net (or Nen) Singh (qv)
  • Rawat NARBAD SINGH, 4th Thakur of Kanore 1527/-
  • Rawat NET SINGH, 5th Thakur of Kanore -/1576, died at the battle of Haldighati.
  • Rawat BHAN SINGH, 6th Thakur of Kanore 1576/-
  • Rawat JAGNATH SINGH, 7th Thakur of Kanore
  • Rawat MAN SINGH, 8th Thakur of Kanore, married and had issue.
    • Rawat Maha Singh (qv)
    • Rawat Surat Singh, Rawat [cr.1707], he was granted the Jagir of Batherda in 1711.
  • Rawat MAHA SINGH, 9th Thakur of Kanore, died
  • Rawat SARANG DEO II, 10th Rawat of Kanore 1711/- , he was granted the Jagir of Kanore in 1711; married and had issue.
  • Rawat PRITHVI SINGH, 11th Rawat of Kanore
  • Rawat JAGAT SINGH, 12th Rawat of Kanore
  • Rawat JALAM SINGH [Zalim Singh], 13th Rawat of Kanore
  • Rawat AJIT SINGH, 14th Rawat of Kanore, married and had issue.
    • Rani Roop Kanwar, married (as his second wife), 1843, Raj Rana Shiv Singh of Bari Sadri. She died sp.
  • Rawat UMMED SINGH, 15th Rawat of Kanore -/1884, married 1852, Roop Kanwar, daughter of Raj Rana Kirti Singhji II of Bari Sadri, and his first wife, Rani Sringar Kanwar, and had issue.
    • Rawat Nahar Singh (qv)
    • Kunwar Lakshman Singh, married and had issue.
      • Kunwar Kesri Singh, adopted by his uncle and succeeded as Rawat Kesri Singh (qv)
      • Kunwar Chhatar Singh, married into Gidhaur.
      • Kunwar Raghuvir Singh
      • Thakurani Deep Kunwar, married 1915, Thakur Nahar Singh of Kuchaman.
  • Rawat NAHAR SINGH, 16th Rawat of Kanore 1884/- , born , married and had adoptive issue. He died sp.
    • (A) Rawat Kesri Singh (qv)
  • Rawat KESRI SINGH, 17th Rawat of Kanore, born , he succeeded by adoption, member of the Apellate Court of Mewar, married the daughter of Maharaja Bahadur Ravneshwar Prasad Singh of Gidhaur, and had issue. He died at Kanore.
    • Rawat Karan Singh (qv)
    • Rani Jas Kanwar, married 1926, Kunwar Girdhar Singh of Tana in Udaipur, and had issue.
  • Rawat KARAN SINGH, 18th Rawat of Kanore, born , succeeded his father in 1932, educated at Mayo College, Ajmer; married Rani Mohan Kanwar, daughter of Rawat Harnath Singhji of Dunlod, and his wife, Rani Sireh Kanwar, and had issue.
  • Rawat PRATAP SINGH, 19th Rawat of Kanore, married to Indra Kanwar Kama, daugter of Col. Shiv Singh of Kama, Jaipur. He died in .
    • Rawat Yogeshwar Singh (qv)
    • Thakurani Rajni Singh, married in 1994 to Thakur Shaktik Singh of Shyamgarh, and has issues, two sons.
      • Kunwar Shauryavardhan Rathore
      • Kunwar Jayanjai Rathore
    • Kunwar Rishiraj Singh
  • Rawat YOGESHWAR SINGH, 20th Rawat of Kanore (see above)
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