Present Head

Raj Gunwat Singh Ji, present head of Jhadol.
  • Kunwar Vishwavijay Singh Jhala
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Jhadol was granted by Maharana Amar Singh Ji Mewar to his bhanej (sister's son) Raj Shyam Singh Ji. He was the grandson of famous Jhala warrior who fought with Mughal forces and saved Mahrana Pratap.
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  • Raj Shyam Singh Ji, of Bichawara.
  • Raj Dolat Singh Ji
  • Raj Chandrasen Singh Ji
  • Raj Maha Singh Ji 1st
  • Raj Amar Singh Ji 1st
  • Raj Agar Singh Ji
  • Raj Vag Ji
    • Raj Samant Singh Ji (qv)
    • Thakur Nahar Singh Ji, granted Baghpura.
  • Raj Samant Singh Ji
  • Raj Mokam Singh Ji
  • Raj Maha Singh Ji 2nd
  • Raj Amar Singh Ji 2nd
  • Raj DurjanSal Ji
  • Raj Nahar Singh Ji
  • Raj Salam Singh Ji
  • Raj Badan Singh Ji
  • Raj Jorawar Singh Ji
  • Raj Devi Singh Ji
  • Raj Sardar Singh Ji
    • Raj Kuber Singh Ji (qv)
    • Raj Karan Singh Ji
      • Amar Singh Ji
        • Laxman Singh
        • Jorawar Singh
        • Kulbhusan Singh
  • Raj Kuber Singh Ji
    • Raj Gunwat Singh Ji (qv)
    • Thakur Yuvraj Singh Ji
      • Kunwar Tejveer Singh Ji, a famous Polo player and working in movies.
      • Kunwar Rajveer Singh Ji, a Polo player and studying in Delhi University.
  • Raj Gunwat Singh Ji (see above)
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