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Kunwar Yash Raj Singh, Block Pramukh-Jalilpur Block, Honorary Wildlife Warden-Hastinapur Sanctuary, Life member UP State Rifle Association and District Rifle Association Bijnor. Married Kunwarani Sharda Devi of Bhiraoti Raj (Badaun).
  • Kunwar Pawan Raj Singh, studied in Wynberg Allen School, Mussoorie and Lucknow University.
  • Kunwar Prashant Raj Singh, studied in Wynberg Allen School, Mussoorie.
  • Lt. Col. Kunwar Atul Raj Singh, studied in Wynberg Allen School, Mussoorie, Delhi University, presently serving in the Indian Army, married Kunwarani Nirmala Rawat of Ratanpur, and has issues, one daughter and a son.
    • Bai Sahiba Shrut Kirti Raj, born .
    • Kunwar Mrityunjay Raj Singh, born .
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The family traces its history to one Rao Gopal Krishan of Badli village near Delhi. His son Rao Tara Chand served in the Mughal Court (1750). The Mughal Court was in its twilight and on the verge of bankruptcy during this curtail period large number of high ranking officials of the Mughal Court started seeking employment elsewhere. Rao Tara Chand happened to be one of them he quit and joined the service of Landhoura Riyasat. His grand son Diwan Bhola Singh further expanded the estate and shifted his seat to Jalilpur, from Mahu which he brought for sum of Rs 80,000 from Nawab of Bachraon.
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  • Rao Tarachand, of Badli village (Delhi) served in the Mughal Court, he quit & joined the service of Landhoura Riyasat. Made in-charge of the Revenue Department by Raja Ramdayal in the year 1759. Over a period of time he gained tremendous importance in the court. He had 2 issues.
    • Rao Rattan Singh, a brave chivalrous personality appointed in the prime ranks of the troops, in recognition of his dedicated chequered service was designated by the title of Rawal, married to Rao Rani Jas Kunwar, had no issues.
    • Kunwar Pratap Singh, appointed Diwan of Landhoura Riyasat, married to Ganesh Kanwar from Nawada family. Granted 11 Villages in Bijnor district for the service rendered during 1857 Mutiny. He had issues, two sons.
      • Kunwar Shri Kundan Singh (qv)
      • Kunwar Shri Bhola Singh (qv)
  • Kunwar Kundan Singh (1858), studied in Roorkee, married Kunwarani Bilasi Devi of Asmoli Zamindari and had issues, three sons.
    • Kunwar Guru Sahay, married at Dekwada, and had two issues.
      • Kunwar Jyoti Prasad
      • Bai Sahiba Manu Kunwar
    • Kunwar Hori Singh, studied at St John's School Agra, married into Saidpur family, had no issues.
    • Kunwar Harsaroop Singh (1884), studied at St'Georges School Mussoorie, married Kunwarani Jaddhav Kanwar, daughter of Kunwar Ganeshwari Singh, Alwar.
  • Diwan Bhola Singh (1860), entrusted the hereditary responsibility of Diwan by Rani Dhan Kunwar. He later quit the appointment & started sharing the responsibility of estate management at Mahu, further expanded the estate & shifted his headquarter to Jalilpur, he had issues, a daughter and two sons.
    • Bai Sahiba Ishwar Devi
    • Kunwar Jagdish Singh (qv)
    • Kunwar Balbir Singh (died young)
  • Ch. Kunwar Jagdish Singh, (1894) he was a man who could foresee future far beyond his time, realized the importance of industrialization he started the first sugar mill (1930), implemented the latest technique & reforms to improve the output of the estate. He was a great Philanthropist, contributed tremendously to upliftment of his subject, built large number of buildings including schools, temples, hospital and panchayat ghar; a great patron of education, funded several scholarship for the distressed people. He was awarded numerous Sanads and Certificates for meritorious service rendered. He married 1stly to Kanwarani Chand Kunwar, daughter of Ch. Raghuveer Singh of Delhi, she had two issue, he married 2ndly to Kunwarani Sartaj Kanwar of Dharouli Zaildari in Mahendaragrah, and had issue.
    • Bai Sahiba Shakuntala Kunwar (1927), married Kunwar Ishwar Prasad of Akka Dillari Estates (by Chand Kunwar).
    • Kunwar Gajraj Singh (1930) (by Chand Kanwar)
    • Kunwar Yash Raj Singh (by Sartaj Kanwar) (qv)
    • Kunwar Raghu Raj Singh (by Sartaj Kanwar)
  • Kunwar Yash Raj Singh (see above)
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