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Shrimant Raje Vijaysinh Thorat, born on in Gwalior. Studied at The Scindia School, Gwalior and Brihan Maharashtra College of Commerce, Pune. Married Shrimant Akhand Soubhagyavati Rani Sharmilaraje Thorat, daughter of Shri Puspachandra Jagdale (Ex-mayor of Kolhapur) and Sou. Pushpamaladevi Jagdale in May 1985. They have issue, one daughter.
  • Shrimant Rajkumari Shwetanjali Raje Thorat, born , presently pursuing her degree in Electronics Engineering (since 2012).
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This jagir was founded by Shrimant Raje Yashwantrao Thorat, known to be the largest Jagir in state of Maharashtra, it was later converted into an independent State by Maharaja of Satara with the Throne given to Thorats for their unmatched bravery & wit while settling 'The Treaty of Warna'. Therafter Bhoom became a Saunsthan (State). After acquiring the Jagir of Walwa, they were conferred the title of Dinkarrao for a huge contribution in establishing an earnest rule in the state.
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  • Shrimant Raje Yashwantrao Thorat, Dinkarrao Walwekar, founder of State.
    • Shrimant Raje Narayanrao Thorat (qv)
  • Shrimant Raje Narayanrao Thorat, Dinkarrao Walwekar, married Shrimant Akhand Soubhagyawati Rani Gajradevi Raje Thorat.
    • Shrimant Raje Dattajirao Thorat (qv)
  • Shrimant Raje Dattajirao Thorat, Dinkarrao Walwekar, married Shrimant Akhand Soubhagyawati Rani Anusuyadevi Raje Thorat.
    • Shrimant Raje Vijaysinh Thorat (qv)
  • Shrimant Raje Vijaysinh Thorat, Dinkarrao Walwekar, married Shrimant Akhand Soubhagyawati Rani Vanmaladevi Raje Thorat of Ghosarwad and has issues one son and two daughters.
    • Shrimant Raje Amarsinh Thorat (qv)
    • Shrimant Rajkumari Mangala Raje Bhonsale, married to Shrimant Maharaj Fattesinh Raje Bhonsle of Nagpur.
    • Shrimant Rajkumari Rajkuvar Raje Nimbhalkar, married into Nimbhalkar family of Nagpur.
  • Shrimant Raje Amarsinh Thorat, Dinkarrao Walwekar, married Shrimant Akhand Soubhagyawati Rani Pushpamaladevi Raje Thorat, daughter of Sardar Shrimant Anandrao Phalke of Gwalior and have issues, two sons and a daughter.
    • Shrimant Raje Vijaysinh Amarsinh Thorat (qv)
    • Shrimant Rajkumari Archana Raje Ghorpade, married to Shrimant Udyasinh Ghorpade of Bedak House.
    • Shrimant Sardar Dhanajiroa Thorat, Dinkarrao, married Shrimant Akhand Soubhagyawati Satvashilaraje, daughter of Shrimant More Patil, Ex-MLA of Ketur and have issues, one son and a daughter.
      • Shrimant Yashwant Raje Thorat, born .
      • Shrimant Yashodhararaje, born .
  • Shrimant Raje Vijaysinh Thorat, Dinkarrao Walwekar (see above)
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