1.5 Square Kilometers km²

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1st Jun, 2017

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Rao (name unknown) Bahadur, Rao of Barhpura
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Also known as Barh ke pura, Barhpura was a thikana of the Bhadawar State and was granted to Kunwar Raghunath Singh, the youngest son of the Bhadauria Maharaja Udot Singh of Bhadawar, who became the first Rao Bahadur of Barhpura. Originally the jagir covered a fair area of about 50 square kilometres, but during the cession of Etawah district to the British after the Anglo-Maratha war, the Rao of Barhpura at that time, Rao Padam Singh Bahadur, was expelled for open hostilty against the British government in 1803. A small portion of the property was left to his sucessor, Rao Narendra Singh Bahadur, who continued to recieve 10Rs per month as pension from the Bhadawar state. The title was recognised by the Government in 1801.
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  • Rao RAGHUNATH SINGH Bahadur, 1st Rao of Barhpura, youngest son of Maharaja Mahendra Udot Singh of Bhadawar who bestowed this title and jagir on him in 1690, married and had issue.
  • Rao AGAR SINGH Bahadur, 2nd Rao of Barhpura
  • Rao SUJAN SINGH Bahadur, 3rd Rao of Barhpura
  • Rao JAGAT SINGH Bahadur, 4th Rao of Barhpura
  • Rao HARI SINGH Bahadur, 5th Rao of Barhpura
  • Rao UGAR SINGH Bahadur, 6th Rao of Barhpura
  • Rao PADAM SINGH Bahadur, 7th Rao of Barhpura
  • Rao NARENDRA SINGH Bahadur, 8th Rao of Barhpura
  • Rao JAWAHAR SINGH Bahadur, 9th Rao of Barhpura 1845/1860. One of his daughter was married as his second wife to Parihar Raja Vijay Singh of Malhajini in Etawah District, adopted son of Raja Mahipat Singh of Malhajini. She died sp.
  • Rao UMRAO SINGH Bahadur, 10th Rao of Barhpura 1860/1889
  • Rao HIMANCHAL SINGH Bahadur, 11th Rao of Barhpura 1889/1914, married and had issue. He died .
    • Rao Karan Singh Bahadur (qv)
  • Rao KARAN SINGH Bahadur, 12th Rao of Barhpura 1914/-, born , succeeded his father on 4th July 1914.
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