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Thakur Saheb YASHWARDHAN SINGH, present Thakur Saheb of Umarkot (Umarkot House, D-130 Sudama Nagar, Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India) born , presently (2006) studying in Indore.
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The ancestor of this family was Maharaj Dalpat Singh, younger brother of Maharaja Ratan Singh of Ratlam and younger son of Kunwar Mahesh Das of Pisangan in Jodhpur.
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  • Thakur Saheb MODH SINGHJI, Thakur of Umarkot, he adopted his nephew as his successor; married three wives. He died sp.
  • Thakur Saheb MOTI SINGHJI, Thakur of Umarkot, son of Thakur Saheb Hathe Singh, younger brother of Thakur Saheb Modh Singhji, Umrao of Jhabua, a man of learning, he was President of the Jagirdar Association of Madhya Pradesh; he married Thakurani Kanchan Kuwar of Barwah, and had issue, a son and a daughter.
    • Thakur Saheb Krishnapal Singhji (qv)
    • Baisa La Praveen Kuwar, married Kuwar Dr. Yogendra Singhji Saktawat of Thikana Jikrakheda.
  • Thakur Saheb KRISHNAPAL SINGHJI, Thakur of Umarkot, married Thakurani Sahiba Bhartendra Kumari Chandrawat of Thikana Barkhedi, died 2nd February 2007 of a heart attack, and had issue.
    • Kuwar Saheb Mahavir Singhji, B.J.P. leader, married Kuwarani Urmila Singh of Thikana Piplia (Bakhatgarh), and had issue. He was assasinated 25th June 1995.
      • Baisal Lal Karnika Singh
      • Baisa Lal Rajeshwari Singh
      • Thakur Yashwardhan Singh (qv)
    • Kuwar Vijay Bahadur Singhji, married Kuwrani Manorama Kuwar, and has issue.
    • Kuwar Laxman Singhji, married Kuwarani Vibha Kuwar, and has issue.
    • Kuwar Kirti Singhji, died sp aged 24 years.
    • Kuwar Virbhadra Singhji, married Kuwarani Praveen Kuwar, and has issue.
    • Kuwar Chitranjan Singhji, married Kuwarani Durgesh Kuwar, and has issue.
    • Kuwar Yagyapal Singhji, presently working as engineer in the MNC; married Kuwrani Mital Singh of Piplaj, and has issue.
      • Kuwar Yug Pratap Singh, born .
  • Thakur Saheb YASHWARDHAN SINGH, Thakur of Umarkot (see above)
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