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26th Nov, 2017

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Maharaj Shri Prahladsinhji Saheb, present Thakur Saheb of Soor.
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This estate was granted to Maharaj Shri Indarsinhji Shivsinhji, fifth son of Maharajadhiraja Maharaja Shri Shivsinhji Anandsinhji Sahib Bahadur, Maharaja of Idar in about 1792. The estate was resumed by Idar at an unknown date.
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  • Maharaj Shri INDAR SINGH, 1st Maharaj Saheb of Soor ca 1792/before 1833; born about 1765, he received Soor and three other villages for maintenance around 1792; married and had issue. He died before 1833.
    • Maharaj Shri Hamir Singh (qv)
    • Maharaj Shri Nahar Singh, born , he was granted the estate of Verawara, married and had issue. He died after 1855.
      • Kumar Shri Daulat Singh, born .
    • Maharaj Bhim Singh
    • Maharaj Shri Sirdar Singh, he was granted the states of Narode and later Davad.
  • Maharaj Shri HAMIR SINGH, 2nd Maharaj Saheb of Soor before 1833/after 1855, born , married and had issue. He died after 1855.
    • Maharaj Shri Jagat Singh (qv)
  • Maharaj Shri JAGAT SINGH, 3rd Maharaj Saheb of Soor after 1855/1xxx; born , married and had issue.
    • Maharaj Chattra Singh, died young.
    • Maharaj Shri Samat Singh (qv)
    • Maharaj Balwant Singh
    • Maharaj Bhopal Singh
  • Maharaj Shri SAMAT SINGH, 4th Maharaj Saheb of Soor 1xxx/19xx; married and had issue. He died after 1906.
    • Maharaj Shri Surya Singh (qv)
    • Maharaj Shri Uday Singh (qv)
    • Maharaj Raghuvir Singh
      • Maharaj Harichandra Singh
        • Kunwar Kimendra Singh
          • Kunwar Digvijaysinh Kimendrasinh
          • Baisa Dinkikumari Kimendrasinh
        • Kunwar Mahipal Singh
        • Kunwar Ravindrapratap Singh
      • Mahraj Kirit Singh
        • Kunwar Rajpal Singh
        • Kunwar Chandrapal Singh
    • Maharaj Madan Singh
      • Maharaj Manhar Singh
        • Kunwar Devendra Singh
          • Kunwar Bhanupratapsinh
          • Baisa Anisha Kumari
        • Kunwar Rituraj Singh
      • Maharaj Rajendra Singh
        • Kunwar Hitendra Singh
        • Kunwar Nagendra Singh
      • Maharaj Pushpendra Singh
        • Kunwar Harshraj Singh
        • Kunwar Shaktiraj Singh
    • Maharaj Setan Singh
      • Maharaj Mahavir Singh
        • Kunwar Madhusudan Singh
          • Kunwar Jaydatt Singh
      • Maharaj Dharmendra Singh
        • Kunwar Rajkamal Singh
        • Kunwar Sahdev Singh
  • Maharaj Shri SURYA SINGH, 5th Maharaj Saheb of Soor 19xx/1928, born about 1905, he died sp in 1928.
  • Maharaj Shri UDAY SINGH, 6th Maharaj Saheb of Soor 1928/19xx, born , educated at Gujrat College, Ahmedabad; Judge of the Sardar Court of Idar, married and had issue.
    • Kumar Shri Prahbhat Singh, born .
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