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Thakur Govind Singh Bhati, educated at Mayo College, married to Man Kanwar of Nimaj and has issues, one son and a daughter.
  • Bhanwar Chandrashekhar Singh Bhati, married to Bhimeshwari Kumari of Satna.
  • Bhanwar Baisa Yogeshwari Kumari, married to Kunwar Kapendra Singh Rathore of Gunawati
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A mere 70 kms from Jodhpur, Satheen is one of many villages of the desert that can boast of its own fort. Over 350 years old, this fort and its history has special mention in the history of the Bhati clan of Marwar, with a special reference to Jodh Singh Bhati, one of the most powerful, fearless and ferocious warrior ever. He was one of the strongest pillars of the Bhati Clan. Satheen was one of the most strongest and important thikana of the Marwar state.

The Thikana of Satheen was equally distributed among Kunwar Govind Singh Bhati and Kunwar Bheem Singh Bhati, sons of Thakur Kalu Singh Bhati. Kunwar Govind Singh Bhati was given the jagirdari of Thikana Satheen and Kunwar Bheem Singh Bhati was was given the jagirdari of Thikana Binawas.

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  • Thakur Jodh Singh Bhati
  • Thakur Shaktidan Singh Bhati
  • Thakur Mohan Singh Bhati
  • Thakur Kalu Singh Bhati, married to Anand Kanwar of Shivrati and had issues, two sons and a daughter.
    • Kunwar Govind Singh (qv)
    • Kunwar Bheem Singh Bhati, married to Sire Kumari of Manana.
      • Bhanwar Raghuvendra Singh Bhati, married to Niranjan Kumari of Guriya.
      • Bhanwar Manvendra Singh Bhati, married to Pushpa kumari of Garniya.
      • Bhanwar Pratap Singh Bhati, married to Pushpa Kumari of Chotila-Bandai.
    • Krishna Kumari, married to Rana Bhawani Singh Rathore of Gurha Rardhara.
  • Thakur Govind Singh Bhati (see above)
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