Sanderao is the Thikana exist in Gorwar region of Rajasthan. Sanderao was the biggest Jagir of Godwar and also known as Capital of Godwar. Sanderao is the town of 13th Century. First Sanderao was the Thikana of Chauhan's till 16th Century but in 16th century Sanderao was attacked by Udaipur. Present Sanderao’s royal family was of Ranawat who migrated from Udaipur. They defeated the Chauhans of Sanderao in sixteenth century and establish the Rule of Ranawats in Gorwar Region. Maharajah Sardul Singhji was the first Ranawat King of Sanderao. Maharaj Sardul Singhji was the son of Maharana Udai Singh of Mewar and he was the younger brother of Maharana Pratap. Maharana Sardul Singhji sacrified his life in the battle of Haldighati just 3 months after his coronation as a ruler of Sanderao for the honour and pride of Mewar.

In Twentieth century Sanderao progressed on its Peak under the Rule of Thakur Sahab Sajjan Singhji. Thakur Sahab Sajjan Singhji had three sons and one daughter. The Last Ruler of Sanderao was Thakur Sahab Takhat Singhji (B.A, L.L.B). Thakur Sahab Takhat Singhji had four sons and four daughters.

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  • Maharaj Sardul SinghJi, younger son of Maharana of Mewar Udai SinghJi and younger brother of Maharana Pratap of Udaipur, got the Jagir of Sanderao (84 Villages and Rupees 84000 Patta) in 1576, but just after three months of that, he sacrificed his life in the battle of Haldighati in 1576.
  • Sur SinghJi Sanderao (1576)
  • Sujan SinghJi (1635)
  • Dalpat SinghJi (1681), built the famous Temple of Gorwar Region Nimbeshwar Mahadev.
  • Ghuman SinghJi (1708)
  • Prithvi SinghJi (1720)
  • Takhat SinghJi (1752)
  • Sawai SinghJi (1768)
  • Shyam SinghJi (1781)
  • Khusal SinghJi (1804)
  • Sabal SinghJi (1833)
  • Shivnath SinghJi (1858)
  • Prithviraj SinghJi (1881)
  • Ummed SinghJi (Adopted) (1905)
  • Sajjan SinghJi (Adopted) (1907), married and had issues, 3 sons and a daughter.
    • Bhem Singh Ranawat
    • Takhat Singh Ranawat
      • Shivshakti Singhji
      • Yogendra Singhji
      • Shivdarshan Singhji
        • Narendra Singh
        • Pradhyuman Singh
        • Yuvraj Singh
      • Raghuveer Singhji
      • Kaushlya Kanwar, married to Thakur Pushpendra Singhji of Kurki.
      • Girija Kunwar, married to Thakur Harendra Singhji of Kurki.
    • Jalam Singh Ranawat, was ADC to Maharana Bhupal Singh ji of Mewar. He had three sons and two daughters.
    • Baisa Ram Kanwar Ranawat
  • Bheem SinghJi (1956), married and had issues, two daughters. No male heirs apparent.
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