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Rao Sagat Singh, 23rd Rao of Pugal, born in .
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Rawal Keher, Rawal of Jaisalmer, married and had issue. Rao Kelan, elder son, married into Rathore family of Mahecha subclan (see Jasol and Barmer) against the wishes of his father, due to which he was expelled/banished and his second son Laxman was made the successor to the throne of Jaisalmer. Thereafter, by virtue of his strength, Kelan established a new thikana Bikampur. His son Chacha became the lord of Pugal. Son of Chacha, was Bairisal, and his son was Shaikha.

Langhe (Muslims of Sindh) had animosity with Sheikha, hence, they colluded with his brothers Tiloksi and Jagmal and arrested Sheikha with their assistance and captured Poogal. In those days, Rao Bika had established himself at Jangal Desh. He attacked Muslims and enemy Bhatis and reestablished Sheikha on Pugal. After a few days, Rao Bika of Bikaner went to Pugal and married Rangkunwari, daughter of Sheikha, and she gave birth to Lunkaran.

In B.S. 1535 (1478 A.D.) when Rao Bika decided to constructed a Garh (Fort) on the tank (lake) of Kodamdesar, then the Bhatis of Jaisalmer opposed the same. They also tried to have Rao Sheikha on their side, but he refused.

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  • Rao Chacha, 1st Rao of Pugal.
  • Rao Bairsal, 2nd Rao of Pugal.
  • Rao Sheikha, 3rd Rao of Pugal.
  • Rao Haraa, 4th Rao of Pugal.
  • Rao Barsingh, 5th Rao of Pugal.
  • Rao Jaisa, 6th Rao of Pugal.
  • Rao Kanhsingh, 7th Rao of Pugal.
  • Rao Askarn, 8th Rao of Pugal.
  • Rao Jagdev, 9th Rao of Pugal.
  • Rao Sudarshan, 10th Rao of Pugal, as per records, Sudarshan, the Rao of Pugal, rebelled and after a siege lasting a month, Pugal was taken by Karan Singh. It had been a place of note and importance as it lay between the city of Bikaner and Multan. The Bhatis had acquired it from the Panwars. At that time it had 200 villages and in Karan Singh's time this number had increased to 561. Now, the descendants of Shekha, Bikas father-in-law, claimed division of the estate. It was accordingly divided amongst the descendants of the three sons of Shekha. The eldest son's descendant, obtained Pugal and 252 villages. The two descendants of the second son obtained Bikampur with 84 villages and the other Varsalpur with 41 villages respectively. The descendant of the third son received Raimalwali with 184 villages.
  • Rao Ganeshdas, 11th Rao of Pugal.
  • Rao Vijaysingh, 12th Rao of Pugal.
  • Rao Dalkarn, 13th Rao of Pugal.
  • Rao Amarsingh, 14th Rao of Pugal.
  • Rao Abhaysingh (Anoopsingh), 15th Rao of Pugal.
  • Rao Ram Singh, 16th Rao of Pugal.
  • Rao Ranjit Singh, 17th Rao of Pugal.
  • Rao Karnisingh, 18th Rao of Pugal. In the struggle for succession among the sons of Shahjahan for the imperial throne, Karan Singh sided with Aurangzeb and two of his gallant sons, Kesari Singh and Padam Singh, participated in the principal battles. It is said that they led the imperial van in more than one fight. In the last desperate fight with Dara, they particularly distinguished themselves, in appreciation of which the Emperor Aurangzeb with his own handkerchief, brushed off the dust from their persons as they stood before him hot from the battle. An incident occurred in Raja Karan Singh's time which is well known. The Rajput chiefs had joined the imperial army, ostensibly for a campaign beyond the Indus, but by the time they had reached Attock, Karan Singh discovered, with the assistance of friendly saiyads in his service, that the emperor Aurangzeb intended to convert all the Hindus by force after they had crossed the river. They, therefore, took counsel regarding the course to be pursued and it was agreed to adopt a course of action in which the Musalmans (Muslims) would insist on their right of precedence as regards crossing of the river, which would result in their reaching the other bank first, leaving the Rajputs on this side of the river. Accordingly the Rajas sent their harkaras (messengers) to take possession of the boats, and as had been foreseen, the Musalmans resented this move, as an impertinent act. They drove s away the harkaras and declared that they would use the boats first. When the boats containing the Muslim portion of the army had crossed the river, news arrived of the death of the mother of the ruler of Amber. On this pretext all the Rajas delayed their crossing for twelve days, during which period the next step to be taken was anxiously discussed. It was evident to them that, if they were to leave the means of recrossing the river in the hands of the Emperor, the section of the Muslim army would immediately attack them. Rajput chiefs in their rear in the event of their turning homewards, and consequently they would not escape without severe loss.
  • Rao Raghunathsingh, 19th Rao of Pugal.
  • Rao Mahtavsingh, 20th Rao of Pugal.
  • Rao Jivrajsingh, 21st Rao of Pugal.
  • Rao Devisingh, 22nd Rao of Pugal, married a daughter of the Rawat of Piploda and had issues.
    • Rao Sagat Singh (qv)
    • Kumari (name unknown), married and had issue.
  • Rao Sagat Singh, 23rd Rao of Pugal (see above)
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