INR 6,405


9 Square Kilometers km²


889 (1891)

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23rd Jul, 2014

Present Head

Dewan ANIRUDDHA SINGH BHADAURIA, present Dewan Saheb of Parna since June 1976. (Chhoti Haveli, 23/296 Wazir Pura Agra - 282003, India) born in Agra, educated at Agra University (B.Sc.); married 20th November 2000, Rani Jayeshree Singh Baghela of Bhikampur Thikana in Rewa, and has issue, one son and two daughters.
  • Kunwar Chandrash Singh Bhadauria
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The Dewans of Parna are the head of the Athbhaiya section of the Bhadauriya Rajputs. Kunwar Hriday Narayan, son of Maharaj Pratap Rudra of Bhadawar, was the first dewan of Parna. The title and the estate was bestowed on him by his brother, Raja Mukutman of Bhadawar, sometime in the latter part of the 16th century and was recognised as hereditary by the British Government in 1910. The dewans of Parna were also hereditary dewans of the Bhadawar state.
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  • Dewan HRIDAY NARAYAN, Dewan Saheb of Parna, eldest son of Raja Pratap Rudra of Bhadawar, and his wife, a daughter of Raja Shyam Singh Chandel of Shivrajpur, he was overlooked in the succession, but was compensated by his brother, with the estate of Parna and the title of Dewan, sometime after 1550.
  • .......
  • Dewan DIRG SINGH, Dewan Saheb of Parna
  • Dewan NARAYAN SINGH, Dewan Saheb of Parna
  • Rai Bahadur Dewan MAHENDRA SINGH, Dewan Saheb of Parna, he was granted the title of Rai Bahadur as a personal distinction in 1860 for his valuable service to the government during the mutiny in 1857.
  • Dewan ARJUN SINGH, Dewan Saheb of Parna, died sp and was suceeded by his grandnephew.
  • Dewan BHUP SINGH, Dewan Saheb of Parna, married and had issue.
    • Rai Bahadur Dewan Chet Singh (qv)
    • Thakur Thamman Singh, member of the Provincial Services and rose to the position of Collector and Magistrate; married Thakurain Roop Kanwar, died sp before 1941. He died sp 29th September 1934.
  • Rai Bahadur Dewan CHET SINGH O.B.E., Dewan Saheb of Parna -/1920, served as an honourary magistrate within Parna; co- founder of the Central Cooperative Bank (Parna) along with Raja Mahendra Maan Singh of Bhadawar; honourary Managing Director of the Central Cooperative Bank (Parna); member of the Agra district board; he was awarded the Order of the British Empire for providing recruits during the first world war; married Rani Ranjani Devi, and had issue, two sons. He died .
    • Dewan Gokhran Singh [Gokarna Singh] (qv)
    • Thakur Yatendra Singh
  • Dewan GOKHRAN SINGH, Dewan Saheb of Parna 1920/-, born , succeeded 1st September 1920,
  • Dewan PRADHUMAN SINGH BHADAURIA, Dewan Saheb of Parna -/1976, married Rani Rajesh Singh Chauhan of Bhadan, and had issue. He died .
    • Dewan Aniruddha Singh Bhadauria (qv)
  • Dewan ANIRUDDHA SINGH BHADAURIA, Dewan Saheb of Parna (qv)
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