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Thakur AJIT SINGH, 8th and present Thakur Saheb of Mukangarh since 1978. Son of Thakur Nahar Singh of Baloda, he was adopted by the widow of his predecessor on 15th January 1978.
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The estate was founded in 1859 by Thakur Mukand Singh, only son of Thakur Nathu Singh of Nawalgarh (Pana 4).
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  • Thakur MUKAND SINGH, 1st Thakur of Mukangarh 1859/1876, married and had issue, as well as adoptive issue. He died spm 1876.
    • Rani Ugam Kanwar, married Rao Saheb Bahadur Singh of Masuda.
    • (A) Thakur Berisal Singh (qv)
  • Thakur BERISAL SINGH, 2nd Thakur of Mukangarh 1876/1895, born as Kunwar Berisal Singh, son of Thakur Durjan Sal of Nawalgarh, adopted by Thakur Mukand Singh as his successor; married 1882, the daughter of the Thakur of Babira, and had issue, one daughter. He died spm in 1895.
  • INTERREGNUM 1895/1903
  • Thakur BAHADUR SINGH, 3rd Thakur of Mukangarh 1903/1910, son of Thakur Jait Singh of Mandawa, married Thakurani Dhap Kanwar, daughter of Thakur Gambhir Singh of Kanota, and had issue. He died .
    • Thakur Randhir Singh (qv)
    • Baisa (name unknown), married the Thakur of Kharwa.
  • Thakur RANDHIR SINGH, 4th Thakur of Mukangarh 1910/1911 (16 months), died sp in 1911.
  • INTERREGNUM 1911/1915
  • Thakur BAGH SINGH, 5th Thakur of Mukangarh 1915/1953, born , son of Thakur Phul Singh of Mahansar, married 1stly, daughter of the Thakur of Bagot, married 2ndly, a daughter of Thakur of Rajpura in Bikaner, and had issue. He died .
    • Kunwar Prabhakar Singh (by 1st wife), died vpsp.
    • Kunwar Kishor Singh (by 1st wife), died vpsp.
    • Kunwar Devi Singh (by 1st wife), died vpsp.
    • Thakur Lal Singh (by 1st wife) (qv)
    • Thakurani (name unknown) Kunwar (by 1st wife), married the Thakur of Meenda in Jodhpur.
    • Thakur Kuber Singh (by 1st wife)
    • Thakur Jeetendra Singh (by 2nd wife) (qv)
    • Rani Somwati Kunwar (by 2nd wife), married RajaAmbikeshwar Bux Rai of Bishrampur in Bihar, and has issue.
  • Thakur LAL SINGH, 6th Thakur of Mukangarh 1953/1961, married 1stly, Thakurani from Neema in Bikaner, married 2ndly, Thakurani from Ras in Jodhpur and married 3rdly Bhatiyanisa from Prempura in Dausa. He died s.p. on 2nd December 1961.
  • Thakur JEETENDRA SINGH, 7th Thakur of Mukangarh 1961/1975, he succeeded by adoption, married the daughter of Maj. Thakur Kishore Singh of Karnisar in Bikaner, died sp on 16th November 1975.
  • Thakur AJIT SINGH, 8th Thakur of Mukangarh (see above)
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