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2000 (1893)

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31st Aug, 2017

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Rawat RAMPRATAP SINGH DODIA, present Rawat of Mandawal and (one third share) of Panth Piploda since June 1943. born in Sunkhera, educated at Daly College, Indore (1957), Cambridge, U.K. (Senior) and Mayo College, Ajmer (1959), has been active in politics at Village and Tehsil representation; married June 1960 in Lalgarh, Rani Annapurna Devi Chauhan of Lalgarh (Malwa) in Madhya Pradesh, and has issue.
  • Kunwar Devendra Pratap Singh, married Kuwrani Neeru Nathawat of Doongri in Jaipur, and has issue.
    • Bhanwar Kartikay Singh
  • Kumari Vijayshree Girnar, married Kunwar Pradeep Singh Jethwa of Gosa in Porbander, Gujarat, and has issue, two sons and one daughter.
    • Kumari Nipurna Jethwa
    • Kumar Amar Jethwa
    • Kumar Ayush Jethwa
  • Kumari Rajshree Girnar, married Kunwar Harpal Singh Gohil of Lakhanka in Bhavnagar, Gujarat, and has issue, one son.
    • Bhanwar Yashraj Singh Gohil
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The present Head of the family is the Tikai or Senior Representative of the Chandravanshi Dodia Rajputs, one of the 36 rajput clans. Early historical documents state that the Dodias were based in and around Multan in Sindh (now in Pakistan) during 12th and 13th centuries, when they built a fort near Multan by the name of Rohtashgarh. In the 14th century the Dodia Rajputs migrated to Gujarat and established their kingdom around Girnar (Junagarh) by Raja Phul Singh Dodia, and from there they were ruled by Rawat Soorsinghji, Rawat Chandrabhansinghji, Rawat Krishnaji, Rawat Chalotji and Rawat Arjundasji. From this place, one of the Dodia brothers of the Rawat migrated to Mewar Chittorgarh accompanying the Rajmata of Mewar as an escort. The Dodias proved their valour in various battles in the service of Mewar, including the Battle of Haldighati, and were rewarded with the jagir of Lava (later called Sardargarh). Rawat Singhraoji migrated from Gujarat and established his rule in Sewana Jagir in Malwa. He was followed by Rawat Kalusinghji, Rawat Dulehsinghji, Rawat Pachoji, Rawat Sawganji, Rawat Ramsinghji, Rawat Akhaybhanji and Rawat Puraji, whose elder son, Rawat Jagatsinghji, established Mandawal, Rawat Chatrasalsinghji, established Naveli Jagir, Rawat Sawalsinghji, established Piploda Jagir and Rawat Pharasramji, established Chandrawta Jagir all in Malwa. Rawat Amarsinghji, the elder son of Rawat Jagatsinghji succeeded to Mandawal and the younger son, Pratapsinghji established Sunkhera in Malwa, which was a guaranteed jagir of Gwalior.
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  • Rawat GAJSINGHJI, Rawat of Mandawal
  • Rawat AJABSINGHJI, Rawat of Mandawal
  • Rawat KIRTISINGHJI, Rawat of Mandawal
  • Rawat GUMANSINGHJI, Rawat of Mandawal
  • Rawat NATHUSINGHJI, Rawat of Mandawal
  • Rawat BHIMSINGHJI, Rawat of Mandawal
  • Rawat SHIVSINGHJI, Rawat of Mandawal
  • Rawat SHIVSINGHJI, Rawat of Mandawal
  • Rawat FATEHSINGHJI, Rawat of Mandawal
  • Rawat KESRISINGHJI, Rawat of Mandawal 1861/-, born , married and had issue.
  • Rawat RATAN SINGHJI, Rawat of Mandawal 1916/-, born , succeeded 2nd November 1916; married a daughter of the Thakur Saheb of Daulatpur Jagir in Bhopal, and had issue. He died .
    • Kunwar Daulat Singh educated at Daly College Indore, adopted to Sunkhera and succeeded there as Rawat Daulat Singhji of Sunkhera, he married 1stly, a Princess of Khijadia, a Thikana in Dhrol, married 2ndly, Rani Pramila Devi of Khijadia in Dhrol, and had issue.
      • Kunwar Ghanshyam Singhji of Sunkheda educated at Daly College Indore and Scindia School Gawalior. (by 1st wife)
      • Kunwar Ram Pratap Singh of Sunkhera (by Rani Pramila Devi), he was adopted by his grandfather, Rawat Ratan Singhji of Mandawal, and succeded there as Rawat Rampratap Singh Dodia (qv)
  • Rawat RAMPRATAP SINGH DODIA, Rawat of Mandawal (see above)
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