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महार कलां

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18th Jan, 2018

Present Head

Rawat Sudarshan Singh, an advocate by profession. Married and has two children, a son residing in Canada and a daughter married in M. P.
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Elder son of Raja Chandersen, Kumbha ji was fond of hunting and a devotee of Lord Shiva, just like his mother. Once he was out for a hunt when he strolled towards an ancient region of Mahishmati and was mesmerised by the beauty of the place. There was an ancient temple of Lord Shiva by the name of Maleshwarnath ji, amidst the forest on mountains. The temple was surrounded by mountains on three sides covered with lush green forest and a river used to flow beside temple and there were two ponds, out of which only one remains.

Seeing this beauty and it's fertility Kumbha ji decided to settle down there and thus sent a message to his father asking his permission. As he was Crowned Prince, and was willing to settle out of the main ruling seat, his younger Brother Prithaviraj Singh was crowned Prince and the then province of Amber was divided into two equal parts.

Thus ancient Mahishmati came to be known as Mahar Kalan was established and the descendants of Kumbhaji came to known as Kumbhawats. One of the 12 Kotaris of Jaipur state.

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  • Rawat Madhav Singh ji
  • Rawat Anand Singh ji
    • Man Singh ji
    • Kalyan Singh ji
      • Satyendra Singh
      • Raghvendra Singh
  • Rawat Man Singh ji
  • Rawat Sudarshan Singh ji
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