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28th Jul, 2017

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Darbar Saheb Shaktisinhji Harishchandrasinhji Gohil, MLA from Abdasa, three times MLA from Bhavnagar south, former Leader of opposition, former minister of state, Gujarat assembly.
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Shri Lakhajiraj Gohil Thakore Saheb of Lathi married twice, his second wife bore him three sons, Kunwar Hanubha, Kunwar Fatehsinh and Kunwar Ajabha. Hanubha and his brother's were given giras of one village after death of Lakhajiraj. Hanubha along with his brother was able to wrestle control of neighboring four villages from their Kathi rulers, thus expanding his rule over to total five villages.
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  • Thakore Saheb Shri LAKHAJI JIJIBAWA, Thakore Saheb of Lathi 1750-, during his reign, he suppressed the Kathis who had harassed the people of the region around Lathi; married twice and had issue.
    • Darbar Saheb Hanubha Lakhaji (from second wife)
    • Kunwar Fatehsinh Lakhaji (from second wife)
    • Darbar Saheb Ajabha Lakhaji (from second wife)
  • Darbar Saheb Shri Hanubha Lakhaji Gohil, 1st Darbar of Limda, known as protector of brahmin’s and cow’s, worshiped as local deity by villager’s of Limda and neighboring villages. Village till date is known as Limda (Hanubha na), literally Hanubha’s Limda; married and had issue.
    • Kumari (name unknown)
  • Darbar Saheb Ajabha Lakhaji Gohil, 2nd Darbar of Limda, married had an issue.
    • Darbar Saheb Bhagwatsinhji Ajabha
  • Darbar Saheb Bhagwatsinhji Ajabha Gohil, 3rd Darbar of Limda; married and had issue.
    • Darbar Saheb Bhavsinhji Bhagwatsinhji
  • Darbar Saheb Bhavsinhji Bhagwatsinhji Gohil, 4th Darbar of Limda, married hand had issue.
    • Darbar Saheb Ranjitsinhji Bhavsinhji
  • Darbar Saheb Ranjitsinhji Bhavsinhji Gohil, 5th Darbar of Limda, freedom fighter, MLA (1967) from Gadhda constituency representing Swatantra party, married daughter of Thakor Saheb of Satudad Vavdi, taluq of Nawanagar and had issue.
    • Darbar Saheb Harishchandrasinhji Ranjitsinhji
  • Darbar Saheb Harishchandrasinh Ranjitsinh Gohil, 6th Darbar of Limda, married eldest daughter of Thakor Saheb Lagdhirsinhji Jadeja of Gadhka and had issue.
    • Darbar Saheb Shaktisinhji Harishchandrasinhji
    • Kumar Durgeshsinhji Harshchandrasinhji
      • Kumar Yashkumarsinhji Durgeshsinhji
    • Kumar Shivrajsinhji Harishchandrasinhji
      • Kumar Chintankumarsinhji Shivrajsinhji
      • Kumar Yajuvendrasinh Shivrajsinhji
    • Kumar Harvijaysinhji Harishchandrasinhji
      • Kumar Yudhishthirsinhji Harvijaysinhji
    • Kumari Jaylakshmu Ba, married Raghuveersinhji Majbutsinhji Jadeja of Veerpur, son of Shri Majbutsinhji Jadeja, first DIG of Gujarat.
    • Kumari Ashadevi, married Mayurdhwajsinhji Jhala
  • Darbar Saheb Shaktisinhji Harishchandrasinhji Gohil (see above)
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