Present Head

There are two claims for the family head of Korna.

1st Claim:

Col. Thakur Manohar Singhji Rathore, married to Thakurani from Sohangarh, has issue, one son. After the death of his elder brother Thakur Surender Singhji, he was installed on the Gaddi of Korna by other Thakur Sahibs falling under the Patwi Thikana of Korna with a Paag Dastur ceremony held on 27th December 2007.

  • Kr. Akshay Raj Korna

2nd Claim:

After the death of Thakur Surender Singh ji, his wife Thakurani Krishna Kumari ji did not officially adopt anyone and claims the throne to be vacant.

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  • Thakur Saroop Singhji Rathore
  • Thakur Balwant Singhji Rathore, married twice, 1stly to a Thakurani from Kaniwara and 2ndly to a Thakurani from Dodiyali.
    • Thakur Amar Singhji Rathore [from Kaniwara Thakurani] (qv)
    • Thakur Hanwant Singhji Rathore [from Dodhiyali Thakurani]
      • Thakur Guman Singh ji Rathore [Adopted from 3rd Wife of Amar Singhji (Jinjhawadar)], has issue. one son.
        • Kr. Kuldeep Singh Rathore.
  • Thakur Amar Singhji Rathore, married 4 times with ladies from Sankhawas, Piploda, Jinjhawadar and Piplad.
    • Thakur Surender Singhji Rathore [from Sankhawas Thakurani], married to Thakurani Krishna Kumari of Thikana Kurabar and have issues, two daughters.
      • Ambika Kumari
      • Deepshikha Kumari
    • Thakur Vikram Singhji Rathore [from Piploda Thakurani], died at young age.
    • Thakur Guman Singhji Rathore [from Jinjhawadar Thakurani], adopted by his uncle Thakur Hanwant Singhji Rathore.
    • Col. Thakur Manohar Singhji Rathore [from Jinjhawadar Thakurani], married to Thakurani from Sohangarh, has issue, one son.
      • Kr. Akshay Raj Korna
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