Rajgarh (Madhya Pradesh)


INR 10,876 (1901)




18814 Bighas


Osiyan Mataji

Hindi Name

किला अमरगढ़

Last Updated

20th Aug, 2017

Present Head

Thakur Narayan Singh (retd.IAS), born , studied from Daly College, Indore, L.L.B. from University College London, Barrister-at-Law, called to the bar, Middle Temple London, was a member of council of administration Rajgarh State, Collector in different districts of Madhya Pradesh and finally retired as Commissioner, Jabalpur. Married to Late Thakurani Hemant Kumari of Dhargaon (Indore State) in 1946 and have two issues.
  • Kanwar Nitranjan Singh, educated at The Daly College Indore, married to Poornima Singh of Kothi
    • Bhanwar Aditya Singh, educated at The Daly College Indore.
    • Bhanwar Vijayditya Singh, born on , deceased 29 October 1998. He was a young acclaimed artist and has 'Vijayditya Singh Kila Amargarh Trophy' for the Best artist in Daly College in his memory.
  • Kunwar Ajay Singh, studied from Scindia School, Gwalior, B.E. (electrical) from SGITS, Indore, worked in Iran and Pune before, now has a LPG distributorship in Rajgarh. He is also a life member of Bombay Natural. Married to Amita Singh of Ransigaon (Rajasthan), educated at Sophia College, Ajmer.
    • Bhanwar Baisa Radhika Singh, educated at The Daly College Indore, St Bede's College, Shimla and Sophia College Mumbai.
    • Bhanwar Baisa Ambika Singh, educated at The Daly College Indore, Pearl Academy of Fashion, Delhi.
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Kila Amargarh is Jagir of Parmar rulers in princely state of Rajgarh. Parmars are agnivanshi Rajputs. Their kuldevi is Osiyan Mataji. Kila Amargarh is a beautiful fortress on a hill on the banks of Ghodapachad river which later joins Chambal river.

This Jagir is closest to the ruling family as it was the first estate (fiefdom) upon creation of Rajgarh state. It came into existence since the time of bifurcation of Umathwar principality into the kingdoms of Rajgarh and Narsinghgarh. This jagir was allotted to the younger brother of Rawat Mohan Singh the first ruler of Rajgarh.

Having been granted by Rawat Chhatar Singh the last ruler of undivided Umathwar the descendants of this Jagir are referred to as belonging to the ‘Chhtatarsinghot’ sub division within the family for purposes of heraldry.

Since beginning till the turn of the 19th century the Jagir was called and mentioned in all records as jagir Killa Borkhandi. It was so named after distinguishing features in an otherwise less populated landscape of a fort ‘Kila’ situated on the banks of the Ghodapachad river and village Borkhandi located across the river and now in district Guna.

The Jagir has 27 villages with the biggest and most fertile village Kaned located near the Parvati river falling under Biaora Tehsil, while the remaining 26 villages fall under Rajgarh Tehsil.

In 1910 the last Jagirdar of Killa Thakur Ram Singh constructed a residence for himself atop a hillock in the valley of Killa and naming it Amargarh shifted his capital there leaving the old Killa, which is now in ruins and almost disappeared but remembered in active lore as ‘Juna Killa’ literally ‘old fort’.

Presently the area on government records is known as Kila Amargarh with Kila being the name of the village and Amargarh denoting the citadel of the erstwhile nobleman’s family.


(1) Kila, (2) Bhawanipura, (3) Patna, (4) Fentapura, (5) Mawdipura, (6) Rankliya, (7) Pempura, (8) Patri, (9) Bankpura, (10) Kanway, (11) Kana Ka Pura, (12) Tidoniya, (13) Tholvey, (14) Bawdipura, (15) Bhagotipur, (16) Sobhapura, (17) Rampura Pati, (18) Ratanpura, (19) Dhendiya, (20) Kishanpura, (21) Banskhoh, (22) Dheergarh, (23) Dehri, (24) Amargarh, (25) Dongarpur , (26) Maniyapura, (27) Kaned.
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  • Rawat Chhattar Singh, VIII ruler of Umathwad, Rawat of Rajgarh 1621/1638.
    • Rawat Mohan Singh (1st Raja of Rajgarh upon division of Umathwar into Rajgarh & Narsinghgarh states).
    • Jagannath Singh (granted jagir of Killa Borkhandi including 27 villages).
    • Prem Singh (granted Jagir Odhpur).
  • Thakur Jagannath Singh (granted jagir of Killa Borkhandi including 27 villages).
  • Thakur Harnath Singh
  • Thakur Dheerat Singh
    • Jaswant Singh (qv)
    • Godad Singh (qv)
    • Moti Singh (qv)
  • Thakur Jaswant Singh
  • Thakur Godad Singh
  • Thakur Moti Singh
  • Thakur Sher Singh
  • Thakur Ram Singh
    • Thakur Narayan Singh (qv)
    • Kunwar Ram Pratap Singh ji (retd. IFS), married to Rajkumari Amba Kumari of Kuthar (Himachal Pradesh) and have issues.
      • Kunwar Abhay Singh, married to Anu Singh and have an issue.
        • Baisa Anushka Singh
      • Prabhibha Kumari, married Jagat Singh Sisodia of Banswara.
      • Vivek Singh, working in UN Vienna, married Martina Singh and have an issue.
        • Jai Jacob Singh
      • Ira Kumari, married to Jaidev Singh Bhati of Bhanwari (Osiyan)
    • Rajkumari Singh, first lady teacher of Daly College, trained under Lady Montessori, died unmarried.
    • Krishna Kumari, studied at lady Irwin College, married and have issues.
    • Virendra Singh, married Urmila Kumari and have issues.
      • Kr. Shalivahan Singh, married to Rajkumari Maheshwari Rajya Devi of Idar and have an issue.
        • Rudraveer Singh
      • Nivedita Singh, married to Harvardhan Singh of Galthani.
    • Virendra Singh, married Urmila Kumari and have issues.
      • Ravindra Singh, married to Meera Singh and have two daughters.
      • Devendra Singh
    • Lt. Jayendra Singh, martyred in 1962 war.
    • Sudha Kumari, married in Sanawad.
    • Prakash Kumari, married in Raoti.
    • Manu Kumari, married in Sarwaniya.
    • Chandra Kumari, married.
    • Indu Kumari
  • Thakur Narayan Singh (see above)
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