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28th Jul, 2017

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Thakur Saheb Indrapalsinhji Parakramsinhji Rana, present Thakore Saheb of Janiyadra (residence is based in Bharuch), married to Thakurani Saheba Devyani Kumari Rana.
  • Bhanwar Vikramaditya Indrapalsinhji Rana
  • Baisa Artheshwari Kumari Indrapalsinhji Rana
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In 13th century Janiyadra became an independent Thikana after getting separated from the Dahej State. In 1945 H.H.Thakore Saheb Bhadrasinhji Jeetsinhji Rana was crowned to the throne of Janiyadra by a very grand coronation ceremony, at the age of18. The ceremony was conducted by the then British governor and the occasion witnessed the presence of thousands of people of Bharuch district.
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  • Thakur Saheb Prithvisinhji Rana
  • Thakur Saheb Gamelsinhji Prithvisinhji Rana
  • Thakur Saheb Takhatsinhji Gamelsinhji Rana
  • Thakur Saheb Chatrasinhji Takhatsinhji Rana
  • Thakur Saheb Somsinhji Chatrasinhji Rana
  • Thakur Saheb Jeetsinhji Somsinhji Rana
  • Thakur Saheb Bhadrasinhji Jeetsinhji Rana
    • Thakur Saheb Parakramsinhji Bhadrasinhji Rana (qv)
    • Kunwar Saheb Kishorsinhji Bhadrasinhji Rana
      • Kunwar Saheb Mayurdwajsinhji Kishorsinh Rana
        • Bhanwar Adityarajsinhji Mayurdhwajsinhji Rana
        • Baisa Hemangini Kumari Mayurdhwajsinhji Rana
      • Kunwar Saheb Dhairyapalsinhji Kishorsinh Rana, married to Baijilal Devyani Kumari, daughter of Thakur Saheb Devendrasinhji of Thikana Limdi in 2005.
        • Baisa Siddhi Kumari Dhairyapalsinhji Rana
        • Baisa Rakshita Kumari Dhairyapalsinhji Rana
      • Kunwar Saheb Harshvardhansinhji Kishorsinh Rana
        • Bhanwar Rudrapalsinhji Harshvardhansinhji Rana
        • Bhanwar Mahaduttsinhji Harshvardhansinhji Rana
    • Kunwar Saheb Yogendrasinhji Bhadrasinhji Rana
      • Kunwar Saheb Shivrajsinhji Rana
        • Bhanwar Reyaansh Shivrajsinhji Rana
      • Kunwar Saheb Shaktirajsinhji Rana
    • Baisa Laxmikunwar Chauhan, married to Bhupendrasinh Chauhan of Thikana Aeral.
    • Baisa Ratnaprabha Solanki, married to Harishchandrasinh Solanki.
  • Thakur Saheb Parakramsinhji Bhadrasinhji Rana
    • Thakur Saheb Indrapalsinhji Parakramsinhji Rana
    • Kunwar Saheb Hardeepsinhji Parakramsinhji Rana
      • Kunwar Saheb Jayaditya Hardeepsinhji Rana
    • Late Kumari Kamleshwari Raol (1974-2015), married to Dharamveersinh Raol of Mandsa and had issue, one son.
      • Bhanwar Paramveersinh Raol
  • Thakur Saheb Indrapalsinhji Parakramsinhji Rana (see above)
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