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Ghill Bhallesa

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20th Aug, 2017

Present Head

Maharai Baldev Singh Jarral, the present head of Jarral family and Bhallesa. He is also a leader of RSS.
  • Kunwar Amarjit Singh
  • Kunwar Sanjit Singh
  • Kunwar Anmol Singh
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Jarral Rajputs is a Hindu Rajput tribe of Chandravanshi lineage. Jarral are the descendants of Pandavas of Mahabharat. It is a sub clan of Tanwar clan. They also ruled Kalanoor, Rajouri and Azad Kashmir. Bhallesa was first rulled by Nagpals and their descendants are still alive.
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  • Maharai Shiv Sarain (1900 - 1935), moved from ancestral place Chanti to Ghill and the Jarral Rajput family of Ghill was started.
    • Rai Amarnath (qv)
    • Rai Tej Ram (qv)
    • Rai Chuni Lal
      • Rai Om Prakash
        • Rai Davinder Singh
        • Rai Satinder Singh
        • Rai Sunil Singh
    • Rai Ladha Ram
      • Rai Kulbeer Singh
        • Kunwar Avinash Singh
      • Rai Naresh Singh
        • Kunwar Ashutosh Singh
  • Maharai Amarnath (1935 - 1959)
  • Maharai Tej Ram (1959 - 1976)
    • Rai Baldev Singh (qv)
    • Rai Lekh Raj Jaral, married to daughter of Rai Nihal Chand of Trithloo.
      • Kunwar Aahan Singh
    • Kunwari (name unknown), married to Rai of Budhi.
  • Maharai Baldev Singh (1976 - present) (see above)
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