INR 4000


9 Square Kilometers km² (approx)


1000 (approx)

Hindi Name


Last Updated

28th Jul, 2017

Present Head

Thakor Saheb Maharawal Gopalsinhji Pravinsinhji, 8th Thakor Saheb (since 1985) for the Jagirs of Ghelpur & Timbi married to Yoginidevi Gopalsinhji and has a son.
  • Kunwar Maharawal Dashrathsinhji Gopalsinhji (aka Zailsinhji Gopalsinhji) educated at Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan, Vadodara, Maharaja Sayajirao University, Vadodara - B.E (Electrical), Institute of Rural Management at Anand (IRMA) - PGDRM, currently working with Canadian Multi-national BOMBARDIER
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Ghelpur is a jagir of the princely state of Chorangala.
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  • Thakor Saheb Gambhirsinhji Prithvirajsinhji (1st Thakor Saheb of Ghelpur), installed on Jagir of Ghelpur married and had one son.
    • Kunwar Saheb Vaktubava Gambhirsinhji (qv)
  • Thakor Saheb Vaktubava Gambhirsinhji (2nd Thakor Saheb of Ghelpur & Timbi) married and had 2 sons.
    • Kunwar Saheb Tejubava Vaktubava (qv)
    • Kunwar Saheb Gumaanbava Vaktubava - had no issue.
  • Thakor Saheb Tejubava Vaktubava (3rd Thakor Saheb) (AKA Bhikjibava Vaktubava), married and had a son.
    • Kunwar Saheb Sultansinhji Tejubava (qv)
  • Thakor Saheb Sultansinhji Tejubava (4th Thakor Saheb) married and had a son.
    • Kunwar Saheb Daajibava Sultansinhji (qv)
  • Thakor Saheb Daajibava Sultansinhji (5th Thakor Saheb) married and had a son.
    • Kunwar Saheb Bahadurbava Daajibava (qv)
  • Thakor Saheb Bahadurbava Daajibava (6th Thakor Saheb) married and had 2 sons.
    • Kunwar Saheb Pravinsinhji Bahadurbava (qv)
    • Kunwar Saheb Vikramsinhji Bahadurbava
  • Thakor Saheb Pravinsinhji Bahadursinhji (7th Thakor Saheb), married to Dharmendra Kunvar Baa Saheb daughter of Chattrasinhji Hamirsinhji Rana of Dahej (Gujarat) and had 2 sons and 3 daughters.
    • Thakor Saheb Gopalsinhji Pravinsinhji (qv)
    • Kunwar Saheb Jaydevsinhji Pravinsinhji, died in unmarried.
    • Baisa Bhanukunvarba married to Motisinhji Solanki of Mogar (Gujarat)
    • Baisa Krishnakumari married to Karmendra Sinhji Rathod of Jobat (Madhya Pradesh)
    • Baisa Kiritba married to Capt. Ashok Jung Rana of Nepal
  • Thakor Saheb Gopalsinhji Pravinsinhji (see above)
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